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lacks and inflections
English entirely lacks gender inflections on finite verbs, and in order to express aspect and voice, auxiliary verbs must be added.
The musicologist Adrian Thomas notes that the symphony lacks dissonance outside of modal inflections ( that is, occasional use of pitches that fall outside the mode ), and that it does not require nonstandard techniques or virtuosic playing.

lacks and English
Modern English, which almost entirely lacks declension in its nouns, does not have an explicitly marked accusative case even in the pronouns.
There is no such tort in English common law ; thus, any jurisdiction that lacks a wrongful death statute will not allow a lawsuit for the wrongful death of a loved one.
Newfoundland English lacks Canadian raising.
As the modern English alphabet lacks the eth ( ð ) character, Iðunn is sometimes anglicized as Idun, Idunn or Ithun.
# ( This was a short film produced in 1996 ; it lacks the English language dubbing of the main series.
Standard English lacks negative concord, but it was normal in Old English and Middle English, and some modern dialects do have it ( e. g. African American Vernacular English and Cockney ), although its usage in English is often stigmatized.
* Since Hungarian lacks the phoneme, many Hungarian speakers substitute for when speaking in English.
In the English language, " potato-head " is a slang term used to describe either a person with a potato-like shape to their head, or someone who lacks intelligence.
Due to evolution of English grammar, modern English lacks the Germanic grammatical features that Anglo-Saxon English was filled with.
The play, in spite of its felicity of diction, lacks dramatic interest, and the criticism of Richard Flecknoe ( Short Discourse of the English Stage ), that it seemed " full of flowers, but rather stuck in than growing there ," is not altogether unjustified.
He lacks higher education, and dropped out of high school after failing both Maths and English.
The derivation from the town of Sedan, Ardennes in France, where it was said to have been made or first used, lacks historical evidence, according to Oxford English Dictionary.
Note that the term lacks a medical definition, but it is in common usage and found in most standard English dictionaries.
:" Omichund, his confidential servant, as he thought, told his master of an agreement made between the English and Monsieur Duprée be a mistranscription of Joseph François Dupleix | Dupleix to attack him, and received for that advice a sum of not less than four lacks of rupees.
The term soke (; in Old English: soc, connected ultimately with secan ( to seek )), at the time of the Norman conquest of England generally denoted " jurisdiction ", but due to vague usage probably lacks a single precise definition.
Most of mainland Europe lacks the sound ; however, some " periphery " languages as Gascon, Welsh, English, Danish, Icelandic, Elfdalian, Northern Sami, Mari, Greek, Albanian, Sardinian, some dialects of Basque, and most speakers of the Iberian Romance languages have this sound in their consonant inventories, as phonemes or allophones.
This version features a different English dub and also lacks the English-language song, Save the Earth.

lacks and such
Compared to other grains, amaranth is unusually rich in the essential amino acid lysine Common grains such as wheat and corn are comparatively rich in amino acids that amaranth lacks ; thus, amaranth and other grains can complement each other.
They had access to sources that the prehistory of Europe lacks such as ethnographies and the historical records of the early colonizers.
People may find such law acceptable, but the use of State power to coerce citizens to comply with that law lacks moral justification.
This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, such as dinosaurs ; animals whose existence lacks physical evidence but which appear in myths, legends, or are reported, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra ; and wild animals dramatically outside their normal geographic ranges, such as phantom cats or " ABCs " ( an initialism commonly used by cryptozoologists that stands for Alien Big Cats ).
However, cable often lacks " interactive " features ( e. g. text services, and extra video-screens ), especially on BSkyB owned channels, and the satellite platform lacks services requiring high degrees of two-way communication, such as true video on demand.
Critics, such as psychiatrist Niall McLaren, argue that the DSM lacks validity because it has no relation to an agreed scientific model of mental disorder and therefore the decisions taken about its categories ( or even the question of categories versus dimensions ) were not scientific ones ; and that it lacks reliability partly because different diagnoses share many criteria, and what appear to be different criteria are often just rewordings of the same idea, meaning that the decision to allocate one diagnosis or another to a patient is to some extent a matter of personal prejudice.
How could a worse choice be made for your honour than in such haste to marry such a subject, who besides other and notorious lacks, public fame has charged with the murder of your late husband, besides the touching of yourself also in some part, though we trust in that behalf falsely.
In addition, an open bolt indicator, such as the yellow safety flag distributed by CMP may be inserted in the barrel ( needed if the firearm design lacks a mechanical hold-open device ).
As a colony or other dependent state or territory lacks the authority to vest in a true head of state of its own, it either has no comparable office, simply receiving those roles exercised by the paramount powers ( in person or, most of the time, through an appointed representative, often styled governor or lieutenant-governor, but also various other titles, on the Cook Islands even simply King / Queen's Representative ) or has one, such as a formerly sovereign dynasty, but under a form of metropolitan guardianship, such as protection, vassal or tributary status.
Under the MPC standard, which represents the modern trend, a defendant is not responsible for criminal conduct " if at the time of such conduct as a result of mental disease or defect he lacks substantial capacity either to appreciate the criminality of his conduct or to conform his conduct to the requirements of the law.
The text lacks modern features such as pagination, indentations, and paragraph breaks.
In general, mitochondrial DNA lacks introns, as is the case in the human mitochondrial genome ; however, introns have been observed in some eukaryotic mitochondrial DNA, such as that of yeast and protists, including Dictyostelium discoideum.
Mercury is a purely declarative language, unlike Prolog, since it lacks " extra-logical " Prolog statements such as " cut " and imperative I / O.
The inaccuracy of most machine pistols occurs because it is hard to control a fully automatic weapon that has such a low weight and in many cases, lacks a proper shoulder stock.
Not only can such an undertaking be an exercise in futility, but this approach lacks even a minimal amount of precision such that parties might be able to predict outcomes and results during litigation.

lacks and tense
The verbal system lacks a distinctive future tense ( the present tense serves here ) and features special forms to express an action performed by an undetermined subject ( the " impersonal ").
For instance, Arabic lacks a verb form of " to be " in the present tense.
The verb stinga ( sting ) lacks the past tense, but the synonym sticka can be used in stead.
Copula is lacks a future tense, imperative mood and conditional mood.
The verb coepī, coepisse, which means " to have begun " or " began ", is another verb that lacks a present tense system, but it does not have present meaning.

lacks and number
It lacks pollen baskets and possesses only a large number of long, branched hairs on its legs, on which the pollen grains will collect.
This system though is not very reliable and lacks discipline, the high number of public cars that transit the roads, and the fact that they do not lend itself to regulation or central control, which causes frequent transit problems among city roads.
In Lebanon, the right-wing Guardians of the Cedars, a fiercely nationalistic ( mainly Christian ) political party which opposes the country's ties to the Arab world, is agitating for " Lebanese " to be recognized as a distinct language from Arabic and not merely a dialect, and has even advocated replacing the Arabic alphabet with a revival of the ancient Phoenician alphabet, which lacks a number of characters to write typical Arabic phonemes present in Lebanese, and lost by Phoenician ( and Hebrew ) in the second millennium BC.
While the jaguar closely resembles the leopard, it is sturdier and heavier, and the two animals can be distinguished by their rosettes: the rosettes on a jaguar's coat are larger, fewer in number, usually darker, and have thicker lines and small spots in the middle that the leopard lacks.
The navy, which currently lacks the suitable amount of equipment, has a number of approximately 50 vessels of various sizes and roles ; however, the navy is trying to modernize itself, and increase its size.
Petroleos de Venezuela and PetroVietnam also announced a number of joint projects following the 2006 visit, including PetroVietnam being given a concession in the Orinoco basin and an agreement to transport Venezuelan oil to Vietnam, where the two would together build an oil refinery that Vietnam lacks.
It therefore lacks a Messier number, unlike many other, more distant open clusters – e. g., M44 ( Praesepe ), M45 ( Pleiades ), and M67.
The Thai language lacks grammatical number.
An increasing number of researchers have moved towards more process-oriented experiments, and personality factors give the potential for directional, falsifiable hypotheses, a part of the scientific process that critics have argued that parapsychology lacks.
Apart from the historical sites, the town centre lacks urban ambience in relation to the number of inhabitants.
As a result, Dumbo lacks the lavish detail of the previous three Disney animated features ( Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ): character designs are simpler, background paintings are less detailed, and a number of held cels ( or frames ) were used in the character animation.
A cripple, who lacks the spiritual greatness of Cervantes, hopes to find relief by adding to the number of cripples around him.
Brain lacks code for dealing with hard disk partitioning, and avoids infecting hard disks by checking the most significant bit of the BIOS drive number being accessed.
A web browser will give no warning to the user if a web site suddenly presents a different certificate, even if that certificate has a lower number of key bits, even if it lacks Extended Validation, even if it has a different provider, and even if the previous certificate had an expiry date far into the future.
Clijsters also poses a strong second serve that is not easily attackable ; however, she sometimes lacks confidence on serve and loses concentration and timing, resulting in a high number of double faults in some matches.
However, applying the same event in reverse, it is difficult to explain how the various pieces of the cup come to possess exactly the nature and number of a cup before assembling, how they could assemble ( as neither floors nor hands can create china cups unaided ), why they should assemble precisely into the shape of a cup and fly up into the human hand ( as immobile floors cannot throw and, without contact, the human hand lacks the capacity to move objects unaided ) and why the water should position itself entirely within the cup.
Despite the name, the Superfund trust fund lacks sufficient funds to clean up even a small number of the sites on the NPL.
Oddly Taste also lacks a number of features of MindWrite, although it appears to have been written by an entirely different programming team.
Tony Feldman considers digital satellite television as an example of a new media technology that uses digital compression to dramatically increase the number of television channels that can be delivered, and which changes the nature of what can be offered through the service, but does not transform the experience of television from the user's point of view, and thus lacks a more fully interactive dimension.
While this system lacks the versatility of other miniatures games, mainly because players cannot customize their figures, it makes up for this by facilitating rapid gameplay and by having a large number of distinctive figures.
Like other U. S. Postal Service vehicles before it, the Grumman LLV lacks license plates, however, it uses a U. S. Postal Service serial number instead.
But Stroud noted, " PIRCH is relatively slow in listing channels for servers and also lacks the capability to filter the number of channels based on the number of users or the ability to sort based on the name of a channel.
* 11826 – smallest number whose square ( algebra ) is pandigital but lacks zeros.

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