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Page "adventure" ¶ 11
from Brown Corpus
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must and have
It must have got there when you fell against me ''.
Somebody in this town must still have some backbone ''.
`` We know Penny spent some -- and Carmer must have dropped a few dollars getting that load on ''.
The man must have leaped to his death from the topmost rung of the tultul.
I must have a powerful representative here, a firm with a national distribution and ten, twenty thousand dollars to advertise my products.
Drunk on sake, he must have wandered off from his bivouac.
He must have saturated himself in the drink, for the bullet not to shock him out of his drunken haze.
He must have fallen in with evil companions, for he was a simple youth and quite trusting and inexperienced.
Ruffians must have robbed and beaten him before bringing him back to our house to die.
Travelers entering from the desert were confounded by what must have seemed an illusion: a great garden filled with nightingales and roses, cut by canals and terraced promenades, studded with water tanks of turquoise tile in which were reflected the glistening blue curves of a hundred domes.
`` You must have some security '', said a young clerk.
He must construct transitions so that a dancer who is told to lie prone one second and to leap wildly the next will have some physical preparation for the leap.
The new fact the initiates of this cult have to learn is that they must move toward simplicity.
Being a teacher of American literature, I remembered Whittier's `` Massachusetts To Virginia '', where he said: `` But that one dark loathsome burden ye must stagger with alone, And reap the bitter harvest which ye yourselves have sown ''.
A man must be able to say, `` Father, I have sinned '', or there is no hope for him.
It may, however, be noted that his gift for color and imagery must have been greatly stimulated by his stay in Paris.
We must believe we have the ability to affect our own destinies: otherwise why try anything??
Strikes should be declared illegal against corporations because disagreements would have to be settled by government representatives acting as controllers of the corporation whose responsibility to the state would now be defined against proprietorship because employees and proprietors must be completely interdependent, as they are each a part of the whole.
Ideas we must have, and we seek them everywhere.
We must not forget, to be sure, that free discussion and debate have produced beneficial results.
The novelist who has been badly baptized in psychoanalysis often gives us the impression that since all men must have an Oedipus complex all men must have the same faces.

must and hurt
But we must know if this is in accordance with your customs, and must have your agreement they will not misuse the power we put in their hands, to our hurt ''.
Therefore, the male must fully restrain the female during coitus to avoid being hurt.
Some Darknuts also have capes, which must be destroyed before they can be hurt.
Being Joe-jobbed is usually taken as a sign that the victim must have really hurt some spammer.
# must obey the jail rules unless they are specially devised to hurt his self respect
Generally, those tragedies are misunderstandings that end up badly: characters who go mad, who kill their own friends by mistake or because they believe them to be traitors, who attempt to get killed in a specific way to avoid a more gruesome death, or who must mercy-kill badly hurt comrades, to cite several examples.
The beach must be sandy because otherwise players could easily get hurt.
Dennis ’ forensic skills as a critic enabled him to critique the flaws in the far younger poet ’ s observations, intended to show " that as there is a great deal of venom in this little gentleman ’ s temper, nature has very wisely corrected it with a great deal of dullness … as there is no creature in nature so venomous, there is nothing so stupid and so impotent as a hunch-back ’ d toad ; and a man must be very quiet and very passive, and stand still to let him fasten his teeth and his claws, or to be supriz ’ d sleeping by him, before that animal can have any power to hurt him.
That really must have hurt as he's doubled over in pain.
The park should not be placed in environmentally sensitive areas, and it must be free of poisonous plants that might hurt the dogs and dangerous topography such as steep cliffs that might present a danger to their owners.
However, she must not hurt any of the neutral characters who operate under free will in this area, otherwise the game is over.
Noted Rowand on the subject, " When they misbehave I will tell them of it without fearing to hurt their feelings – they must do their duty as I was made to do mine.
It was said that on one occasion, he told Empress Xiao, " There must be many people who want to hurt me.
Hlod cried that they should seize Gizur, but Humli said that lone heralds must not be hurt.
By all contemporary accounts, it is probably fair to say that Wagner must have been vain, easily hurt, and extremely choleric.
That must have hurt.
* ” It sounds fine that one must not hurt other people ’ s feelings — but perhaps this world would be a better place to live if it were the reason that must not be hurt .”
A woman ( Cheryl " Pepsii " Riley ) hurt by years of torment must give up prostituting herself with her abusive husband ( D ' Wayne Gardner ), and reconcile with her tired elderly mother ( Chandra Currelly-Young ) who was fired by the evil manager of the Pandora ( Chantel Christopher ), who is having an affair with her son's father ( Anselmo Gordon ) who is married to Cora's friend Diana ( Judy Peterson ), who is too reliant on her man.
It said he got his nickname from street football games in which he would lower his head into the stomach of the tackler ; one opponent said it hurt so much that Heyward's head must be made of iron.
Vanina wonders why the woman is hurt and must stay hidden ; perhaps she has rejected a powerful man, or killed her lover.

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