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realized and 37
In musical tuning, Jing Fang ( 78 – 37 BCE ) realized that 53 perfect fifths was approximate to 31 octaves while creating a musical scale of 60 tones, calculating the difference at < sup > 177147 </ sup >⁄< sub > 176776 </ sub > ( the same value of 53 equal temperament discovered by the German mathematician Nicholas Mercator, i. e. 3 < sup > 53 </ sup >/ 2 < sup > 84 </ sup >).

realized and 600
When Peggy Guggenheim realized that her gallery, although well received, had made a loss of £ 600 in the first year, she decided to spend her money in a more practical way.
Without their 2, 600 men, Washington realized he did not have the forces to attack Princeton and New Brunswick.
By 1997, the company realized its full potential as a leading manufacturer in the emerging market of DMX intelligent stage lighting products with the launch of the MAC 500 and 600.
Achieving an anti-aliasing filter with 0 Hz transition band is unrealistic whereas an anti-aliasing filter with a transition band of 600 Hz can be readily realized.

realized and US
Based on his industry experience on Air Force missile projects, Mueller realized some skilled managers could be found among high-ranking officers in the US Air Force, so he got Webb's permission to recruit General Samuel C. Phillips, who gained a reputation for his effective management of the Minuteman program, as OMSF program controller.
As result, savings of about US $ 50 million, € 35 million a year were realized.
The US realized that its bombs used against the stone buildings of Europe would be ineffective against Japanese cities, mostly constructed from wood and paper ; Pei was assigned to work on incendiary bombs.
* The song is performed on an episode of the US sitcom Newhart, leading the dim-witted character of George Utley ( Tom Poston ) to say, " I never realized what that song was really about!
In February 2007, Jerry Yang and his wife gave US $ 75 million to Stanford University, their alma mater, the bulk of which went to building the " Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building ", a multi-disciplinary research, teaching and lab building, the first to be realized on Stanford's new Science and Engineering Quad.
Mr. Rifai said he had not realized this and that he was very pleased to learn that the US did in fact recognize the union.
After he returned to the US, Byrd wrote an article for the August 1927 edition of Popular Science Monthly in which he predicted that while specially modified aircraft with one to three crewmen would fly the Atlantic non-stop, it would be another 20 year before it would be realized on a commercial scale.
The US was slow to present any authority over Prairie du Chien, but late in the War of 1812 when the government realized the importance of holding the site to prevent British attacks from Canada, it began construction of Fort Shelby in 1814.
When SDS realized the value of the time sharing system, and that the software was in the public domain ( funded by the US federal government ), they came back to Berkeley and collected enough information to begin manufacturing.
Relations between the US and its former ally had so deteriorated that this event inspired alarm throughout the government, and people in the military realized that computers would be essential in the defense of the country now that the USSR had the capacity to attack from afar.
A 1990 sale realized over one million US dollars, then in 1996 it sold again for 2, 500, 000 Swiss francs.
As sales increased in 1984, Whitehall Labs, the US distributor of Advil, quickly realized Boots ( the original manufacturer ) could not keep up with demand.
The 367 covers salvaged from the Hindenburg disaster are especially desirable, with prices ranging from US $ 10, 000 and up ; a cover at the Corinphila auction in May 2001 realized 85, 000 Swiss francs ( US $ 75, 000 ).
George R. Stewart, author of U. S. 40: Cross Section of the United States of America, initially considered US 6, but realized that " Route 6 runs uncertainly from nowhere to nowhere, scarcely to be followed from one end to the other, except by some devoted eccentric ".
The increase was related to the sale in 2007 of 5 Times Square and 280 Park Avenue in New York, which together realized US $ 2. 5 billion for his company, Boston Properties, Inc.
Both Manteuffel and Blaskowitz realized the futility of such an action, but obeyed their orders, and their attack caught the US forces in disarray and pushed them back to near Lunéville on 18 – 20 September 1944, at which point resistance stiffened and the attack was suspended.
The writers also realized that they could not kill off the character, and so chose to send her to the US Senate, creating a parallel to Clark where Martha fights injustice on the political stage.
By 1789, US officials realized that, in the words of Secretary of War Henry Knox, " the Indians are especially tenacious of their lands, and generally do not relinquish their right, excepting on the principle of a specific consideration, expressly given for the purchase of the same.
Arc is a composition of feedback, guitar noise, and vocal fragments that was realized from various shows on the 1991 Neil Young and Crazy Horse US tour, which was originally released with Weld in a special-edition 3-CD set called Arc-Weld.
Thereafter, based on the timing of subsequent transcripts and Basulto's known position, they chased his airplane across the 24th parallel and into US airspace before the mission was aborted when Cuban authorities apparently realized that they were running great risks flying that far north.
Air National Guard estimates of the savings to be realized by consolidating the operation in the hands of the 109th Airlift Wing ranged from US $ 5 million to US $ 15 million a year.

realized and $
Spending $ 478. 28 of that on purchasing the second-hand Bolex camera " of dreams ," Lynch produced a new animated short, but upon getting the film developed, realized that the result was simply a blurred, frameless print.
When they were offered $ 400 to play at a dance, Orbison realized that he could make a living in music.
Almost immediately, Peckinpah realized he was working on a low-budget production, as he had to sink $ 90, 000 of his own money to hire experienced crew members.
After two years of this life, he realized he would be earning $ 70 per week if he were on a commission.
Thompson of the firm added $ 150, 000 to the contract for Forbes, who also received a percentage of the profits realized.
Blogger Jeff Jarvis studied the complaints and realized that all but 2 were virtually identical to each other, meaning that the $ 1. 2 million judgment was based on original complaints written by a total of only three people.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce ( CIBC ) realized an estimated gain of $ 2 billion from its relatively small equity investment in Global Crossing, making it one of the most profitable investments by a financial institution in the 1990s.
When he realized that Marge Simpson was initially unenthusiastic about having a third child, he implied that a healthy baby could bring in as much as $ 60, 000 on the black market.
It estimates weatherization returns $ 2. 69 for each dollar spent on the program, realized in energy and non-energy benefits.
As a child, Chasez was extremely shy, but when a friend bet him $ 20 to enter a talent show, he won the contest and soon realized he had a knack for performing and that he really enjoyed singing.
Napoleon, having realized that his plans could not come to fruition, offered to sell the United States the entire territory of Louisiana, including Craighead County, for $ 23, 213, 568.
He also realized that the limestone would be a good source of nutrition for raising strong horses, so he took a gamble in 1943 and bought acreage along State Highway 200 at $ 10 per acre, which became Rosemere Farm.
Some lessees realized up to $ 80, 000 profits, paid their labor nothing, and then boasted of their ability to swindle the Negro.
Tower asked for and received $ 3 million from Gowen, for which Tower realized a profit of $ 1. 5 million as per the original contract with the Munson family.
B. Brogdon, J. J. Conyers, and William A. Burgess, were named for erecting the courthouse and jail from a state appropriation of $ 18, 000. 00, plus whatever funds might be realized from the sale of lots.
Although no money was appropriated for the land, $ 8, 250 was easily raised by the local residents, who realized the economic benefit to the area .< ref >
They realized the investment potential and bought the claims of and the sawmill from Downing and Scranton for a total of $ 4, 000.
Hargous purchased the rights to the route for $ 25, 000 ($ today ), but realized that the grant had little value unless it was supported by the Mexican and American governments.
According to Burke, the project fizzled when the power structure realized these guys, requested an advance of $ 1 million to invest in the Black communities in the South, and wanted to do more than make a record.
An urban legend says that art director T. M. Clelland mocked up the cover of the first issue with the $ 1 price because nobody had yet decided how much to charge ; the magazine was printed before anyone realized it, and when people saw it for sale, they thought that the magazine must really have worthwhile content.
Herriman realized his $ 750-per-week salary from Hearst's King Features Syndicate was far more than the revenue the strip could be generating, but Hearst refused Herriman's offer to take a pay cut.
Using digital prototyping software to build the company ’ s bike, it realized one of the frame components could be cut by a half-inch, saving Pi Mobility more than $ 300, 000 in production costs.

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