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runs and several
Players on the batting team take turns hitting against the pitcher of the fielding team, which tries to stop them from scoring runs by getting hitters out in any of several ways.
She has also appeared in several comic book series, including the Sláine, which featured two runs, titled " Demon Killer " and " Queen of Witches " giving a free interpretation of Boudica's story.
The present status, in which it runs one-way southbound south of Columbus Circle ( 59th Street ), came about in several stages.
; CLISP: A bytecode-compiling implementation, portable and runs on a number of Unix and Unix-like systems ( including Mac OS X ), as well as Microsoft Windows and several other systems.
The Gröbenbach, which has its source south of Puchheim, runs through town coming from the south and merges into the Amper river at several locations near the festival grounds.
The Central Coast Highway runs past Gosford's waterfront area, while its predecessor the Pacific Highway takes on several names through the CBD itself.
* 1964 – World War II veteran Walter Seifert runs amok in an elementary school in Cologne, Germany, killing at least eight children and two teachers and seriously injuring several more with a home-made flamethrower and a lance.
In 2003, several companies started offering a karaoke service on mobile phones, using a Java MIDlet that runs with a text file containing the words and a MIDI file with the music.
It has 8 full congregations and several mission groups, and runs a range of charitable organizations: hostels and soup kitchens for the homeless, a non-denominational theological college, a dozen schools of various kinds, and four old people's homes.
As a bit of a shocker for Brewers fans, who were used to the team sporting several power hitters, the Brewers in 1992 instead led the American League with 256 stolen bases, while hitting only 82 home runs, with only two players ( Greg Vaughn and Paul Molitor ) hitting more than 12 for the year.
From 1936 to 1968, Mobil sponsored an economy run each year ( except during World War II ) in which domestic automobiles of various manufacturers in several price and size classes were driven by light-footed drivers on cross-country runs.
The Nez Perce tribe runs the Nez Perce Tribal Hatchery on the Clearwater River as well as several satellite hatchery programs.
From west to east the Northwest Passage runs through the Bering Strait ( separating Russia and Alaska ), Chukchi Sea, Beaufort Sea, and then through several waterways that go through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.
As the team moved to Shea under new ownership, they were, in most years, required to open the season with several road games, a problem made worse in 1969 and 1973 when the Mets had long playoff runs.
Pneumatic post systems were used in several large cities starting in the second half of the 19th century ( including an 1866 London system powerful and large enough to transport humans during trial runs – though not intended for the purpose ), but were largely abandoned during the 20th century.
After several days in the basement, Denise, distraught over the situation and the unknown whereabouts of her fiance, Bruce, leaves the basement and runs outside.
The Utah Transit Authority ( UTA ) runs several buses through the university area as well as the TRAX Red Line ( light rail ), which runs to South Jordan.
Other examples include the Parrot virtual machine, which serves as an abstraction layer for several interpreted languages, and the. NET Framework, which runs on a VM called the Common Language Runtime.
After several runs of the strip, Viz agreed to change her name to " Tasha Slappa ".
In a match against Surrey at Clifton, the ball lodged in Grace's shirt after he had played it and he seized the opportunity to complete several runs before the fielders forced him to stop.
Although the submarine was repaired and eventually carried out several trial runs in lower New York Harbor, by the end of 1886 the Nautilus Submarine Boat Company was no more, and the salvageable remnants of the Zalinski Boat were sold to reimburse the disappointed investors.
The Minuteman Bikeway ( which runs though several suburbs of Boston ) and Charles River bike paths are popular with recreational cyclists and tourists.
Curl has had a feature of detached applets for several years, which is a web deployed applet which runs on the user's desktop independent of a browser window much as in Silverlight 3 and Adobe AIR.
Unlike earlier sections devoted to other heresies, which are disposed of succinctly in just a few lines, this chapter runs into several pages.

runs and sports
The school owns and runs a sports centre and swimming pool, Kings Fitness & Leisure, with facilities that are used by students as well as residents.
Hereford's public leisure facilities are managed by a not-for-profit trust called HALO Leisure, which runs the Hereford Leisure Centre ( that includes huge sports halls, gymnasium, squash courts, and an outdoor athletics facility ), and the Hereford Leisure Pool ( which includes a gymnasium, full size swimming pool, leisure pool, diving pool, and learners pool ).
The Committee runs summer sports at St. Mary's and other classes at the Civic Center and Elks Lodge.
The history of Mayville sports runs deep throughout the community.
The school's 19 varsity men's and women's sports teams are called the Friars, after the Dominican Catholic order that runs the school.
Although Hill had concentrated on F1 he also maintained a presence in sports car racing throughout his career ( including two runs in the Rover-BRM gas turbine car at Le Mans ).
In recent years, many sports cards have not necessarily appreciated as much in value due to overproduction, although some manufacturers have used limited editions and smaller print runs to boost value.
As well as handling student representation and assistance with education and welfare issues, the Guild runs two food outlets on campus, runs the tavern, sports and recreation centre and the second-hand bookshop.
Kean runs an NCAA Division III sports program, with national rankings in Football, soccer, baseball, women's basketball and men's volleyball.
In addition, the Students ' Union also runs intramural sports leagues.
The hosts argue over whether a certain sports figure or team will go over or under a certain number ( e. g. 40 home runs, 60 wins ).
The council runs a development program that supports coaching, umpiring and sports medicine programs in member countries, funded from television revenues collected during the officially sanctioned Asian Cricket Council tournaments including the Asia Cup, Asian Test Championship, ACC Trophy, and various other tournaments.
It runs many sports club and teams in Tel Aviv, which compete in a variety of sports, such as football, basketball, judo, swimming, handball, and others.
The Sports Union is responsible for the University's 30 sports clubs and runs annual social events for students involved in sport.
The Union also runs over 75 sports clubs and societies ; with each campus having its own teams, many of which compete in British Universities and Colleges Sport competitions.
Heading into Nassau County, the expressway sports a High-Occupancy Vehicle Lane ( HOV ), which begins at exit 33 and runs to central Suffolk County.
As of 2005, Anderson runs a sports travel agency and also works as a goodwill ambassador for the Football Association.
The Cresta Run is a natural ice 1, 212. 5 m ( 3, 978 ft, over three-quarter mile ) long skeleton racing toboggan track in the Swiss winter sports town of St. Moritz, and one of the few runs dedicated primarily to skeleton.
He sustained a concussion when he spun off track at the Nürburgring during trial runs for a sports car race held in May 1957.
For 1969 he was contracted as a development driver by Alpine, having several disjointed runs in Formula Two and sports cars.
* Top-Ten Tennis player James Blake now sports the beard during his runs at Grand Slam events, not shaving until he has been eliminated.

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