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Page "mystery" ¶ 38
from Brown Corpus
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suddenly and occurred
At that moment Kipling was overwhelmed with awed amazement, suddenly recalling that these identical details of scene, action and word had occurred to him in a dream six weeks earlier.
Whether the extinction occurred gradually or very suddenly is debatable, as both views have support in the fossil record.
This incident occurred during a cabinet meeting when Eisenhower suddenly found himself unable to speak or move his right hand.
If the objects are indeterminate until one of them is measured, then the question becomes, " How can one account for something that was at one point indefinite with regard to its spin ( or whatever is in this case the subject of investigation ) suddenly becoming definite in that regard even though no physical interaction with the second object occurred, and, if the two objects are sufficiently far separated, could not even have had the time needed for such an interaction to proceed from the first to the second object?
A number of incidents have already occurred where users, having purchased music or video media, have found their ability to watch or listen to it suddenly stop due to vendor policy or cessation of service, or server inaccessibility, at times with no compensation.
It occurred as Aetius was presenting some financial statement before the Emperor, when Valentinian, suddenly leaping from his throne, accused him of treason.
Francis Barraud said: “ It is difficult to say how the idea came to me beyond that fact that it suddenly occurred to me that to have my dog listening to the phonograph, with an intelligent and rather puzzled expression, and call it “ His Master ’ s Voice ” would make an excellent subject.
With regard to the origin of the idea, Oken narrates in his Isis that, walking one autumn day in 1806 in the Harz forest, he stumbled on the blanched skull of a deer, picked up the partially dislocated bones, and contemplated them for a while, when it suddenly occurred to him, " It is a vertebral column!
I did not mean that DeFreeze was black ; it had suddenly occurred to me that, in the photos taken during the bank robbery in which Patty Hearst participated, you could barely see DeFreeze's face.
He suddenly remembers an incident which had occurred in the past.
The same drop might kill them if it occurred suddenly.
She was considered a nag, and had a habit of retiring in bad temper to a cloister after an argument, cutting off all contact with the outside world until suddenly making a reappearance at court as if her absence had never occurred.
So striking suddenly, the mutual adoptions are essentially an empathic life-bond, and hers occurred during Honor's childhood ( age 11 Earth years ), a rarity since most adoptions involve adult humans.
It suddenly occurred to me one afternoon that I should write out the reading for that evening thought by thought, rather than doing it on the spot during our devotional time.
Riding back to the hotel, she suddenly directs her driver to take her out at the bridge in Budapest where the atrocities her father was alleged to have assisted in occurred, and after contemplating the scene, travels to the address she received from her assistant.
The brilliant intuition that enabled him to guess how the contamination happened occurred to him while he was visiting the hospital: to get in he had to climb over the cadaver of a native located not far from where the in-patients left all their clothes and this is how he suddenly understood that the vector of the disease are louse.
Another disaster that killed many miners was the Hartley Colliery Disaster, which occurred in January 1862 when the beam of the main steam winding engine broke suddenly and fell into the single shaft serving the pit.
The safety car came out on lap 4 to cope with the downpour which had suddenly occurred.
No breakthrough occurred even after President Sadat in 1972 surprised most observers by suddenly expelling Soviet military advisers from Egypt and again signaled to the United States government his willingness to negotiate based on the Rogers plan.
As Fowler and I were one day stamping round my rooms in Trinity and discussing this, it suddenly occurred to me that the maximum intensity of the Balmer lines of hydrogen, for example, was readily explained by the consideration that at the lower temperatures there were too few excited atoms to give appreciable absorption, whilst at the higher temperatures there are too few neutral atoms left to give any absorption.
It was observed that the animals would continuously fail to get the food, and this process occurred for quite some time ; however, rather suddenly, they would purposefully use the object in the way needed to get the food, as if the realization had occurred out of nowhere.
According to a report in Yediot Aharonoth from January 1979 clients had to manipulate the switch every 15 minutes on average in normal conditions, or up to 10 times an hour when special problems occurred, in order to restore natural colours or if the picture suddenly turned black and white.

suddenly and me
I bent and kissed the still pink neck and suddenly she jumped up, and her two arms encircled me in a bear-like crush.
We had stopped before a shop window to assess its autumnal display, when you suddenly turned to me, looking up from beneath one of your wrong hats, and with your nervous `` ahem ''!!
He asked me suddenly, `` What are your political opinions ''??
It suddenly seemed very important to me that Mary Jane Brennan should know the truth about me -- that I was not the confused, sick, irresponsible person she believed me to be.
I wondered suddenly as I listened to the disconnected jabberings coming from the patient behind me, if I had not perhaps imagined it all.
The stars were suns, but so far away they were just little points of light ... The scale of the universe suddenly opened up to me.
It also concerns me that once the pork barrel is filled, suddenly the Church of Scientology, the Jehovah Witnesses, the various and many denominations and religious groups — and I don't say those words in a pejorative way — begin applying for money — and I don't see how any can be turned down because of their radical and unpopular views.
It seemed as if the Earth's surface were spreading out in front of me, like a hemisphere that suddenly splits apart in the middle, spewing out an enormous jet of water, so powerful that it touched the sky and shook the earth ".
With the most reckless violence of manner and language, he abused the character of the House ; and, after the first burst of his denunciations had passed, suddenly changing his tone, he exclaimed, " You think, perhaps, this is not parliamentary language ; I know it ; nor are you to expect such from me.
Lindgren later related that Karin had suddenly said to her, " Tell me a story about Pippi Longstocking ," and the tale was created in response to that remark.
It looked to me as if the whole town would break out into a riot ... Then suddenly I heard a heavy thump, and as if by magic the whole crowd dispersed in every direction ... One of the regular patrons had felled one of the noisiest rioters .... And it was the effect of this which had scattered everybody so suddenly.
My husband told me that when he was a lad of seventeen a thought struck him suddenly, which became the foundation of all his future discoveries.
You remember, I always wanted to have one, and only afterwards when we came home I thought that suddenly you might not like me having one.
In concluding, Ustinov muses " We have gone through much together, Dear Me, and yet it suddenly occurs to me we don't know each other at all ".
42 He was paid to take LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline and report on his experiences, which were creatively formative for him: " Sit back picture yourself swooping up a shell of purple with foam crests of crystal drops soft nigh they fall unto the sea of morning creep-very-softly mist ... and then sort of cascade tinkley-bell like ( must I take you by the hand, every so slowly type ) and then conglomerate suddenly into a peal of silver vibrant uncomprehendingly, blood singingly, joyously resoundingbells .... By my faith if this be insanity, then for the love of God permit me to remain insane.
He suddenly broke down and said ' I'm going to tell you something I've only ever told two people and something I've carried around with me ' – something that had been a black hole since the day he found out.
" In her review, Pauline Kael noted that " the decisive change in the characters ' lives which the story hinges on takes place suddenly and hardly makes sense ..." She was not the only critic to question the gap in the plot ; of the scene in the hospital shortly after Katie gives birth and they part indefinitely, critic Molly Haskell wrote, " She seems to know all about it, but it came as a complete shock to me ".
Riperton incorporated the sadness of the ending of a relationship while suddenly shifting to cries of " I don't want to go ," " save me ," " now I'm slippin ' fast ," " thought it was over ; here I go again ," and " travelin ' down, faster than the speed of sound.
Wei would later write about this period: " I felt as if I had suddenly awakened from a long dream, but everyone around me was still plunged in darkness.

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