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taught and him
But ten years in prison had taught him realities.
His years of campaigning had taught him the value of water discipline.
In his native Cologne, where his mother taught him to play the piano, he was able to read notes before he learned the alphabet.
After he had finished the first two volumes of his Lincoln, Sandburg went to work assembling a book of songs out of hobo and childhood days and from the memory of songs others had taught him.
Graceful as his fencing and dancing lessons had taught him to be in addition to the natural grace of his slight, wiry frame, he cut enough of a figure to have evoked a nickname in the college, to which he himself referred in Prolusion 6::
But as he discovers shortly, on returning among intellectuals obsessed by le culte du moi, his experience of action had also taught him a more positive lesson.
`` We have taught him a lesson ''.
I taught him, dammit, and I'll teach you.
Our conjecture is, then, that regardless of the manner in which school lessons are taught, the compulsive child accentuates those elements of each lesson that aid him in systematizing his work.
Mr. Clark's studies taught him that the only way to conserve the vitamins in the whole grain was prompt use of the flour.
his foster parents had taught him to see.
Born in Kaysersberg, Schweitzer spent his childhood in the village of Gunsbach, Alsace (), where his father, the local Lutheran-Evangelical pastor, taught him how to play music.
" A prisoner interviewed by Moyers explained his literal interpretation of the second verse: "' Twas grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relieved " by saying that the fear became immediately real to him when he realized he may never get his life in order, compounded by the loneliness and restriction in prison.
From the ages of 6 to 9, Alexei was educated by his tutor Vyazemsky, but after the removal of his mother by Peter the Great to the Suzdal Intercession Convent, Alexei was confined to the care of educated foreigners, who taught him history, geography, mathematics and French.
There Joseph Sloss taught him how to tailor frock coats.
She taught her husband arithmetic up to basic algebra and tutored him to improve his literacy, reading, and writing skills.
As a boy he visited the United Kingdom, and he had a number of British tutors in Cairo including a governess who taught him English.
He came from a Christian family, despite accounts to the contrary, as in his writings he tells more than once of an aunt who taught him some principles of the Christian faith, and a father who did the same, as well as mentioning ( once ) his mother doing the same.
Father Gösta and grandfather Efraim taught him Swedish folk music, traditional music, and the odd schlager.
Several English scholars and churchmen are described by Bede as being fluent in Greek due to being taught by him.
Buddy was the youngest of three siblings, and brothers Larry and Travis taught him to play a variety of instruments, including the guitar, four-string banjo and lap steel guitar.
In 1879, Peirce was appointed Lecturer in logic at the new Johns Hopkins University, which was strong in a number of areas that interested him, such as philosophy ( Royce and Dewey did their PhDs at Hopkins ), psychology ( taught by G. Stanley Hall and studied by Joseph Jastrow, who coauthored a landmark empirical study with Peirce ), and mathematics ( taught by J. J. Sylvester, who came to admire Peirce's work on mathematics and logic ).
Eddy wrote: " Jesus of Nazareth taught and demonstrated man's oneness with the Father, and for this we owe him endless homage ".
On the beaches of Normandy in about 1856 / 1857, he met fellow artist Eugène Boudin, who became his mentor and taught him to use oil paints.

taught and truths
According to the Buddhist tradition, the Buddha first taught the four noble truths in the very first teaching he gave after he attained enlightenment, as recorded in the discourse Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dharma ( Dharmacakra Pravartana Sūtra ), and he further clarified their meaning in many subsequent teachings.
According to tradition, the Buddha taught on the four noble truths repeatedly throughout his lifetime, continually expanding and clarifying his meaning.
The important consequence of this is that each person may receive confirmation that particular doctrines taught by a prophet are true, as well as gain divine insight in using those truths for their own benefit and eternal progress.
* The understanding that the exclusive claims of different religions turn out, upon closer examination, to be variations of universal truths that have been taught since time immemorial.
* Knowledge of moral truths must be taught by means of Revelation, and is not known a priori or by deduction from a priori propositions or by sheer observation of the world.
The purpose of faith, according to Swedenborg, is to lead a person to a life according to the truths of faith, which is charity, as is taught in 1 Corinthians 13: 13 and James 2: 20.
Most of the hymns were written as summaries of his sermons and were to help the congregation express their response to the truths they were being taught.
About 1940, some of the " Anderson " congregations began to express dissatisfaction with what they discerned to be " drifting " in the movement in areas such as mixed bathing between boys and girls, modesty, the entrance of the television into the home, the wearing of jewelry, and other practices which they considered to be at variance with what Daniel Warner had taught as Biblical truths.
One such example is his exhortion " to become like Jesus Christ " and that one can be born in a church but he or she should not die in a church meaning that one should realize the spiritual truths for themselves and not stop at blindly believing in doctrines taught to them.
A generation has grown up unaware of the basic truths of the Christian faith taught in the Scriptures and expressed in the creeds of the historic evangelical churches.
Hence in Holy Writ, spiritual truths are fittingly taught under the likeness of material things.
From Parham's later writings, it appears he incorporated some, but not all, of the ideas he observed into his view of Bible truths ( which he later taught at his Bible schools ).
All of Cottonwoods ’ Mormons were taught to love and revere the bishop investing alls of their “ religious fidelity ” and “ acceptance of mysterious and holy Mormon truths ” in him.
Prince, who taught on many themes and subjects including the foundational truths of the Bible, was probably most noted for his teachings about demons, deliverance ministry, and Israel.
Also that, when taught, it often paradoxically expects students to reveal personal truths and use experimental forms within a strict classroom regimen of grades, lesson attendance and exams.
As far as educating children, prior to state control schools taught virtue and the truths of Western civilization and now do not.
According to both Schuré and Blavatsky, Plato had been initiated, but instead of speaking openly, he disguised the esoteric truths and put them into a rational, intellectual form which could be taught publicly.
Those who were called " integrists ", or regarded themselves as defenders of Sacred Tradition, contrary to the modernists sought the continuation of traditional Catholic truths, which they claim, have always been taught.

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