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took and Van
Slavoljub Eduard Penkala invented a solid-ink fountain pen in 1907, a German inventor named Baum took out a ballpoint patent in 1910, and yet another ballpoint pen device was patented by Van Vechten Riesburg in 1916.
Richard Van Voorst also states that the interpolation likely took place some time between Origen and Eusebius.
Lee Van Cleef worked up until his failing health took his life on December 16, 1989 at the age of 64.
As Secretary of State, Van Buren took care to keep on good terms with the Kitchen Cabinet, the group of politicians who acted as Jackson's advisers, and did not oppose Jackson in the matter of removals from office but was not himself an active " spoilsman.
Van Buren took the blame for hard times, as Whigs ridiculed him as Martin Van Ruin.
Its cast of characters included two illegal immigrants, an Irish landlord, a Chinese Cockney, a Scottish Arab and numerous other racial stereotypes ; Milligan himself took the part of Mr Van Gogh, described as " an illegal Pakistani immigrant ".
She found her way to the home of Isaac and Maria Van Wagener, who took her and her baby in.
With the help of the Van Wageners, she took the issue to court and, after months of legal proceedings, got back her son, who had been abused by his new owner.
That Friday morning, late at night, Dillinger and Van Meter took Warsaw, Indiana police officer Judd Pittenger hostage.
Winner's article stated, for instance, that neither Van Vliet nor the members of the Magic Band ever took drugs, but Harkleroad later contradicted this.
Isaac Van Nuys took his money, left nothing but his name on the town, and returned to his Los Angeles elite — with an office building built from the proceeds remaining downtown with his name.
The Medes under Cyaxares invaded Assyria later on in 612 BC, and then took over the Urartian capital of Van towards 585 BC, effectively ending the sovereignty of Urartu.
Starting in 1986 when Gladstone took over publishing the title they have also included new stories by American creators Don Rosa, John Lustig, Pat McGreal, Dave Rawson, Michael T. Gilbert and William Van Horn along with translations of European Disney comics by such creators as Daan Jippes, Fred Milton and Romano Scarpa originally published by Oberon, Egmont and Disney Italy / Mondadori.
Terl Bryant took over on drums and percussion for this album after the departure of Frank Van Essen.
This high survival rate is attributed to three members of the Jewish Council of Enschede, Sig Menko, Gerard Sanders and Isidoor Van Dam who took the initiative, against the advice of the Jewish Council of Amsterdam, of urging their community to go into hiding and not to answer the call-up of the Germans for " labour in the East ".
In the Middle Ages, a settlement was founded at the location of the current city by the Van der Goude family, who built a fortified castle alongside the banks of the Gouwe River, from which the family and the city took its name.
Fernand Cormon took him into his academy at 104 boulevard de Clichy, where Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec had also studied.
The Second Battle of Corinth took place on October 3 – 4, 1862, when Confederate Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn attempted to retake the city.
According to a January 4, 1977, L. A. Times article entitled HOMEGROWN PUNK by Robert Hilburn, Rodney Bingenheimer saw Van Halen at the Gazzarri club in the summer of 1976, so he took Gene Simmons of Kiss to see Van Halen.
With the event of Creamfields that took place in 2004, Oakenfold released a compilation of songs he played during the event as well as tracks influenced by the environment and the vibe of deejays such as Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Judge Jules, Fergie, Tall Paul, Eddie Halliwell, Chris Lawrence, Adam Sheridan, Shan, and Alex Kidd at the Cream / Goodgreef and Mixmag Arena.
Van Spilbergen was at his deathbed and took Le Maire's report of his trip, which he included in his book Mirror of the East and West Indies.

took and Buren
It shows how, even though the case was won at the federal district court level, it was appealed by President Martin Van Buren to the Supreme Court, and how former President John Quincy Adams took part in the proceedings.
Upon Van Buren's election to the United States Senate in 1821, several of his friends and aides, including Benjamin F. Butler, Samuel A. Talcott, Silas Wright, William L. Marcy, and Azariah C. Flagg, took over the day-to-day management of the political organization that had been developed under Van Buren.
In Arizona, the route continued to Tucson, where it took Arizona State Route 77 to Arizona State Route 79, which it followed north to U. S. Highway 60, then west to Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix on Van Buren Street.
The changes that took place included the return of Beau Duran as MD / Mid-days, Pistol Pete still hosting afternoons, recorded mix shows were played overnight ( High Energy After Dark featuring Carl Cox, Armin Van Buren, Markus Schulz, Spencer Thomas, Eddie Amador, Mickey " Mixin " Oliver ( Chicago's Hot Mix 5 ), and many others ) rather than just music, the station playlist was completely revamped, and all new jingles were produced without long time Energy voice over veteran Harry Legg ; instead he was replaced by Mitch Craig, a similar sounding person.

took and partisan
Separating from his superior, Metropolitan Acacius of Caesarea, a partisan of Arius who taught that Jesus was a divine being created by — and therefore inferior to — God the Father, St. Cyril took the side of the Eusebians of the post-Nicene conciliation party and thus got into difficulties with his superior that were increased by Acacius's jealousy of the importance assigned to St. Cyril's See by the Council of Nicaea.
There, at the suggestion of Jonathas, the Cardinal-Deacon of Santi Cosma e Damiano, who was a partisan of the Pierleoni family, the Cardinals unanimously elected as Pope the Cardinal-Priest of Sant ’ Anastasia, Theobaldo Boccapecci, who took the name Celestine II.
" Jefferson took the oath of office on March 4, 1801, at a time when partisan strife between the Democratic-Republican and Federalist parties was growing to alarming proportions.
During World War II, Andropov took part in partisan guerrilla activities in Finland.
The vote in the Senate, which took place a month later, revealed a similar partisan divide.
After the 2000 elections produced a 50-50 partisan split in the Senate, Vice President Al Gore's tie-breaking vote gave the Democrats the majority from January 3 to January 20, 2001, when George W. Bush took office and Vice President Dick Cheney's tie-breaking vote gave the Republicans the majority once again.
The extant fragments of the Histories ( some discovered in 1886 ) show sufficiently well the political partisan, who took a keen pleasure in describing the reaction against Sulla's policy and legislation after the dictator's death.
According to Gen. Santiago Alvarez, guards were posted outside with strict instructions not to let in any unwanted partisan from the Magdiwang faction while the oath-taking took place.
Anti-communist resistance also had an organized form, and many people opposing the government took up arms and formed partisan groups, comprising 10 – 40 people.
Polish self-defence organizations took part in revenge massacres of Ukrainian civilians starting in the summer of 1943, when Ukrainian villagers who had nothing to do with the massacres suffered at the hands of Polish partisan forces.
In the winter and spring of 1944 – 45, extensive partisan activity in Northern Italy took place.
It is guided by an eight member commission which took the power from the partisan NSWRL and QRL boards on 10 February 2012.
He took part in the War of the Breton Succession as a partisan of Charles of Blois serving as advisor to John, Duke of Normandy during the latter ’ s campaign in Brittany autumn 1341.
As a partisan of syndicalism, he believed the war to represent an opportunity equal to the impact of the French Revolution, and took his supporters ( USM and Parma Labor Chamber ) out of the Unione Sindacale Italiana to found the Fasci d ' Azione rivoluzionaria internazionalista.
After Mussolini regained control of Northern Italy ( which he led as the Italian Social Republic ), Longo took command of the Garibaldi Brigades, the communist forces in the Italian partisan resistance.
Although a great number of Crimean Tatar men served in the Red Army and took part in the partisan movement in Crimea during the war, the existence of the Tatar Legion in the Nazi army and the collaboration of Crimean Tatar religious and political leaders with Hitler during the German occupation of Crimea provided the Soviets with a pretext for accusing the whole Crimean Tatar population of being Nazi collaborators.
Shaftesbury began to agitate against Charles and his brother, the Duke of York, later James II ; he briefly returned to government in the Privy Council Ministry and took a lead in forming the partisan group that would eventually become known as the Whigs.
This blurring of the distinction between his nominally neutral role as a civil servant and a more partisan role as apologist and promoter of Margaret Thatcher's policies led the late Christopher Hitchens to characterise Ingham as " a nugatory individual " and to criticise what he saw as the negative consequences of Ingham's time as Thatchers press secretary: " During his time in office, Fleet Street took several steps towards an American system of Presidentially-managed coverage and sound-bite deference, without acquiring any of the American constitutional protection in return.
On September 9, 1943 Albanian and Macedonian partisan units disarmed the Italian garrison and took control of the city.
The partisan rule of British authorities brought the Mappila peasants of Malabar into a condition of destitute which led to a series of uprisings against the landlords and British in 1921 ; it took into the form of a communal war known as Mappila Rebellion that lasted for 6 months and costed the lives of about 10, 000 people.
Another task that Klapwijk took upon himself was to analyze and evaluate differences between the university's two leading lights, Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck, both now long deceased but both with partisan followers who could live less with the leaders ' differences than could those leaders themselves.
Hildebrand is pleased that Nolte denies the singularity of the Nazi atrocities ” Hans Mommsen defended Habermas against Hildebrand by writing :“ Hildebrand ’ s partisan shots can be easily deflected ; that Habermas is accused of a “ loss of reality and Manichaeanism ”, and that his honesty is denied is witness to the self-consciousness of a self-nominated historian elite, which has set itself the task of tracing the outlines of the seeming badly needed image of history ” Writing of Hildebrand's support for Nolte, Mommsen declared that: “ Hildebrand ’ s polemic clearly suggests that he barely considered the consequences of making Nolte ’ s constructs the centrepiece of a modern German conservatism that is very anxious to relativize the National Socialist experience and to find the way back to a putative historically “ normal situation ” In another essay, Mommsen wrote that Hildebrand was gulity of hypocrisy because Hildebrand had until 1986 always claimed that generic fascism was invalid concept because of the " singularity " of the Holocaust Mommsen wrote that " Klaus Hildebrand explicitly took sides with Nolte's view when he gave his previously stubbornly claimed singularity of National Socialism ( failing to appreciate that was, as is well known, the standard criticism of the comparative fascism theory )" Martin Broszat observed that when Hildebrand organized a conference of right-wing German historians under the auspices of the Schleyer Foundation in West Berlin in September 1986, he did not invite Nolte, whom Broszat observed lived in Berlin.
He was criticized for being clearly partisan when he took a leave of absence from his position in March 2004 to be a Conservative candidate in the 2004 federal election.
Born in Milan, Cosutta joined the Italian Communist Party ( PCI ) in 1943, and took part in the Italian resistance movement as a partisan.

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