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Page "mystery" ¶ 473
from Brown Corpus
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was and cold
Cabot turned back to the men and he was drunk with the thing they would do, wild to break from the cloying warmth of the saloon into the cold of the ebbing night.
The wind of their running was cold and wild, the horses were lathered and their manes streamed like stiff black pennants in the wind.
Dill was silent as if he hated to answer, and Barton had a cold, sick feeling of apprehension.
He was a big man, wearing a neat flannel shirt against the cold foothill air.
Directly opposite the door was a roaring log fire, a welcome sight on that bitterly cold day.
The freight car was cold, early in the morning.
I fled, however, not from what might have been the natural fear of being unable to disguise from you that the things about my bridegroom -- in the sense you meant the word `` things '' -- which you had been galvanizing yourself to tell me as a painful part of your maternal duty were things which I had already insisted upon finding out for myself ( despite, I may now say, the unspeakable awkwardness of making the discovery on principle, yes, on principle, and in cold blood ) because I was resolved, as a modern woman, not to be a mollycoddle waiting for Life but to seize Life by the throat.
It was on the eve of a momentous U.N. session to come to grips with cold war issues.
And one cannot but wonder whether Marshal Malinovsky, who was blowing hot and cold, exalting peace but also almost openly considering the possibility of preventive war against the West, wasn't trying to keep the Chinese quiet.
The cold, mysterious presence of God was all around him.
A cold supper was ordered and a bottle of port.
I didn't hurry though it was cold and the Pedersen kid was in the kitchen.
He was cold all right.
He was cold all right.
He was cold all right, and wet.
And she was made to fall in love with him again there in the rutted dirt driveway standing in the cold fog, mad as she was at his going away when he really didn't have to, mad at their both having got older in a life that seemed to have taken no more than a week to go by.
The night was cold but the crowd kept one warm.
That cold frame was my morale builder ; ;
Mr. Crumb was laid up with a bad cold.
For the low-temperature measurements the sample was cooled by a cold nitrogen gas flow method similar to that of Andrew and Eades.
The serum was measured volumetrically and subsequently dialyzed in the cold for at least 24 hr against three to four changes, approximately 750 ml each, of `` starting buffer ''.
The precipitate was washed twice with an 80% saturated solution of Af, dissolved in a small quantity of 0.1 M neutral phosphate buffer, dialyzed against cold distilled water till free from ammonium ions, and lyophilized using liquid nitrogen.
( 1 ) When an object was placed in the patient's hand, he had no difficulty determining whether it was warm or cold, sharp or blunt, rough or smooth, flexible, soft, or hard ; ;

was and windy
Historic Nazareth was essentially constructed in the valley ; the windy hilltops in the vicinity have only been occupied since the construction of Nazareth Illit in 1957.
According to Edwards, ‘ Hawke was unprepared to attack it and responded with windy rhetoric ’.
The temperature at kickoff was a windy 39 degrees Fahrenheit, making this the coldest outdoor Super Bowl to date.
It was known among the cast and crew for being extremely windy, as can be seen during the film and DVD interviews.
But people knew the weather was going to be bad that warm, windy and cloudy March 21.
Its Anglo-Saxon name was Dystiglegh meaning " windy settlement " or possibly Wood or clearing by a mound.
The crowds were in for a wait: the weather was windy, and Latham did not make an attempt until 19 July, but from his destination his aircraft developed engine trouble and was forced to make the world's first landing of an aircraft on the sea.
As a baseball field, the stadium was best known for the windy conditions, damp air and dew from fog, and chilly temperatures.
While he was aware of the weather conditions, he usually visited the park during the day — not knowing about the particularly cold, windy and foggy conditions that overtook it at night.
* Due to an unusually wet and windy winter, there was a higher than normal amount of flotsam in the waters along the route, some of which was sucked into impellers for the ferries ' engines, causing breakdowns and sailing cancellations.
Els shot a final round 67 in tough windy conditions, which was enough to give him the win by one stroke over Luke Donald.
In this championship, Nicklaus was the only player to break 70 consecutively in the first two rounds under windy conditions and finished at seven-under par 281.
Each shard was denied two of the five colors of magic by the event ( the inhabitants of each shard have had no recollection of the missing two colors of mana for centuries ), and have evolved around their remaining three: The militant, feudal, sun-dappled plane of Bant ; the scientific, order-obsessed, windy and cloud covered plane of Esper ; the desperate, lifeless, blackened plane of Grixis ; the violent, harsh, volcanic plane of Jund ; and the green, lush, stampeding plane of Naya.
Problems with the 45-story building's structural frame gave it unwanted fame as its base was scaffolded for years and the upper floors were prone to sway excessively on windy days, actually leading to cases of nausea akin to seasickness.
His playing style was developed by necessity through the windy conditions of his native Texas.
His skills were highly rated by his contemporaries ; Ben Hogan, whose career overshadowed Demaret's, opined that Demaret was the best player he had ever seen in windy conditions.
* The stadium was the site of the three longest field goals in Canadian Football League history ( note that Taylor Field is one of the most windy venues in the CFL due to the windy Saskatchewan climate and the structure of the stadium itself ).
Godfrey claimed the windy conditions that day required him to turn immediately after takeoff, but in fact he was peeved with the tower because they would not give him the runway he requested.
In 1925, a firm of commercial nurserymen specialising in conifers were looking for a breed which was fast growing, and could be deployed in hard to grow windy and salty areas such as Cornwall.
Other options included a round, counterbalancing " sail " for use in windy areas and which were sometimes painted in the same scheme as the main target, a warning light with adjustable housing, a rare, adjustable turret-style mount for properly aiming the signal if space considerations did not allow for the cantilever to fully extend over the roadway and an " OUT OF ORDER " warning sign that dropped into view if power to the signal was interrupted.
It was also torn during particularly windy conditions.

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