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Page "fiction" ¶ 94
from Brown Corpus
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was and arranged
It was Baker, working through Provost Marshal Enoch Crowder and Major Hugh S. ( `` Old Ironpants '' ) Johnson, who arranged for a secret printing by the million of selective service blanks -- again before the Act was passed -- until corridors in the Government Printing Office were full and the basement of the Washington Post Office was stacked to the ceiling.
When it was all arranged to fit, and not to interrupt the lengthwise flow of movement in the frieze, the cartoons were tried in place.
In 1890 when the trip to Europe and the Holy Land was arranged for Miss Packard, it was Miss Upton who planned the trip, and `` with rare executive ability '' bore the brunt of `` the entire pilgrimage from beginning to end ''.
My hotel rooms on the trip were arranged by Masu and the Japan Travel Bureau and were more elegant than I would have chosen, but it was fun for once to be elegant -- I did explain to the students, however, that this was not my usual style, for their salaries are very small, and it seemed out of place for me to be housed so well.
Everything was orderly and it seemed to be arranged for the workman's comfort, convenience and efficiency.
Deal furniture with a mahogany finish was neatly arranged as if it stood in the window of a department store.
Owen was surprised to see Mrs. Gertrude Parker playing the one-arm bandits that were cunningly arranged by the entrance.
Winning the 1951 Best Picture Oscar and numerous other awards, the film was directed by Vincente Minnelli, featured many tunes of Gershwin, and concluded with an extensive, elaborate dance sequence built around the An American in Paris symphonic poem ( arranged for the film by Johnny Green ), costing $ 500, 000.
To keep options available for lower case letters and other graphics, the special and numeric codes were arranged before the letters, and the letter " A " was placed in position 41 < sub > hex </ sub > to match the draft of the corresponding British standard.
Poirot was buried at Styles, and his funeral was arranged by his best friend Hastings and Hastings ' daughter Judith.
Excell's version was more palatable for a growing urban middle class and arranged for larger church choirs.
A marriage of sorts is arranged between Dido and Aeneas at the instigation of Juno, who was told of the fact that her favorite city would eventually be defeated by the Trojans ' descendants, and Aeneas's mother Venus ( the Roman adaptation of Aphrodite ), who realizes that her son and his company need a temporary reprieve to reinforce themselves for the journey to come.
Although some of his lands were restored to the control of his relatives, his safe return could not be arranged, and Hasan Ali Shah was forced to remain a permanent resident of India.
Alexios arranged for Maria to stay on the palace grounds, and it was thought that Alexios was considering marrying the erstwhile empress.
During his lifetime a dynastic marriage with Princess Eleanor of England, daughter of King Edward I of England, was arranged.
He was believed to have arranged the poisoning of Alexios II's elder sister Maria the Porphyrogenita and her husband Renier of Montferrat, although Maria herself had encouraged him to intervene.
The wall follows typical Mycenaean convention in that it followed the natural contour of the terrain and its gate was arranged obliquely, with a parapet and tower overhanging the incomers ' right-hand side, thus facilitating defense.

was and would
The easiest thing would be to sell out to Al Budd and leave the country, but there was a stubborn streak in him that wouldn't allow it.
He was silent a moment, thinking he could use a man this time of year, and if the girl could cook, it would give him more time in the meadows, but he knew nothing about the couple.
Dawn would come soon and the night was at its coldest.
Cabot turned back to the men and he was drunk with the thing they would do, wild to break from the cloying warmth of the saloon into the cold of the ebbing night.
Evidently this was a precaution so that mounts would be available in an emergency.
The coyote was calling again, and he hoped that this time there would be no other sounds to interrupt it.
The only thing which would have attracted attention was that two wore the uniform of prison guards, three the striped suits of convicts.
It was there that she would have to enact her renunciation, beg forgiveness.
If, when this was all over, she found the words to tell him about it, she wondered if he would ever understand.
She was sure she would reach the pool by climbing, and she clung to that belief despite the increasing number of obstacles.
At one and the same time, she was within it but still searching for the drawbridge that would give her entry.
Somehow more terrible than the certainty that he was about to die was the knowledge that Lord would probably not suffer for it: the murder would go unpunished.
This, he was sure, was the way they would act ; ;
But her mother would rebuke her if she mentioned it, and say that it was none of her concern.
A man like Jess would want to have a ready means of escape in case it was needed.
Probably his horse would be close to where he was hiding.
From the way the wound in his head was itching, Dan knew that it would heal.
Russ ran through the bills and named an amount it was highly unlikely any cowpuncher would come by honestly.
`` Gyp Carmer couldn't have known about Colcord's money unless he was told -- and who else would have told him ''??
There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go on forever.

was and board
He'd started a fire and put coffee on, and now was busy at the work board of his chuck wagon.
Ann, pleased to see her friend happy, was intrigued by the new fruits a friend of Captain Heard had sent on board for their enjoyment.
Before the Draft Act was passed Baker had confidentially briefed governors, sheriffs, and prospective draft board members on the administration of the measure -- and the confidence was kept so well that only one newspaper learned what was going on.
That such expansion can be obtained without a raise in taxes is due to growth of the tax digest and sound fiscal planning on the part of the board of commissioners, headed by Chairman Charles O. Emmerich who is demonstrating that the public trust he was given was well placed, and other county officials.
Over the door was a board with large, inept lettering: home sweet home.
She usually wore weeds, and a stranger watching her board a train might have guessed that Mr. Pastern was dead, but Mr. Pastern was far from dead.
He claims that he was denied due process of law in violation of the Fifth Amendment, because ( 1 ) at a hearing before a hearing officer of the Department of Justice, he was not permitted to rebut statements attributed to him by the local board, and ( 2 ) at the trial, he was denied the right to have the hearing officer's report and the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to his claim.
Petitioner was not denied due process in the administrative proceedings, because the statement in question was in his file, to which he had access, and he had opportunities to rebut it both before the hearing officer of the Department of Justice and before the appeal board.
Petitioner was not entitled to have the hearing officer's notes and report, especially since he failed to show any particular need for them and he did have a copy of the Department of Justice's recommendation to the appeal board.
He says that he was not permitted to rebut before the hearing officer statements attributed to him by the local board, and, further, that he was denied at trial the right to have the Department of Justice hearing officer's report and the original report of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as to his claim -- all in violation of the Fifth Amendment.
He was again reclassified 1-a by the local board.
Its ground for this recommendation was that, while petitioner claimed before the local board August 17, 1956 ( as evidenced by its memorandum in his file of that date ), that he was devoting 100 hours per month to actual preaching, the headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses reported that he was no longer doing so and, on the contrary, had relinquished both his Pioneer and Bible Student Servant positions.
Upon return of the file to the local board, petitioner was again ordered to report for induction and this prosecution followed his failure to do so.

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