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was and at
He found that if he was tired enough at night, he went to sleep simply because he was too exhausted to stay awake.
Dawn would come soon and the night was at its coldest.
And he was fleeing, running -- fleeing his death and his life at the same time.
Then he was on his way at a gallop.
He scuttled in shadow along the east wall of the stockade and then followed the south wall until he was at the rear of the two frame buildings.
A man was standing in the open door of the lighted orderly room a few yards to Mike's left, but he, too, suddenly made up his mind and went racing to join the confused activity at the east end of the stockade.
Next to him was a young boy I was sure had sat near me at one of the trading sessions.
She had picked up the quirt and was twirling it around her wrist and smiling at him.
I was nearly thirty at the time.
only the counter at one end was lighted by a long fluorescent tube suspended directly above it.
I was at once disappointed, although just what I had expected him to look like I could not have explained.
This desire, I went on, growing voluble as my conviction was aroused, had mounted at such a rate recently that I now found its realization necessary not only to my physical but also to my spiritual wellbeing.
Facing the forest now, she who had not dared to enter it before, walked between two trees at random and headed in what she believed was the direction of the pool.
She regarded them as signs that she was nearing the glen she sought, and she was glad to at last be doing something positive in her unenunciated, undefined struggle with the mountain and its darkling inhabitants.
laughing at a dying man, laughing as a man was beaten to death.
He'd started a fire and put coffee on, and now was busy at the work board of his chuck wagon.
Hank had gathered wood for a cookfire, and his wife was busy at it now.
Tom Horn was soon back at work, giving his secret employers their money's worth.
Haying time was close at hand, and they needed some strong branches to repair a hay rack.
`` It was Brenner's idea '', Jess mumbled, dabbing at his nose.
Seeing them waiting there at the foot of Emigrant Rock was so overwhelming that, for a good minute after they rounded the bend and started down the grade leading toward them, Matilda could not speak at all.

was and Stanway
It was filmed on location in Chavenage House in Tetbury, Gloucester, Priddy in Somerset, Stanway House in Stanway, Gloucestershire, and Bristol.
His son Christopher Loudon Wallis was instrumental in the restoration of the watermill and its building on the Stanway Estate near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
Vanity Fair was shot in Bath, Kent, the Chatham Dockyard, and at Stanway House in Gloucester.
Stanway was named in the Domesday Book.
In 1996, prior to the expansion of the Stanway Sand & Gravel quarry, an archaeological team was called in to investigate the outline of five ancient ditched enclosures identified by aerial photography.
The cricket ground-itself flat-possesses a pavilion, which is built on staddle stones, and was the gift of the author J. M. Barrie who stayed at Stanway House in the 1920s.
For many years, the Stanway Flower Show was a highlight of the year for the hamlet-and many people travelled to visit ' The Show '.
The Tithe Barn hosted the exhibits, including flowers, vegetables, handcrafts, etc., and there was a number of stalls-including a coconut shy and nine-pin bowling-in the grounds of Stanway House.
Magdalen Farm was located roughly where the top end of Stanway and Collingwood Roads now are.

was and where
The Gap looming before him -- the place where had confronted Jack English on that day so many years ago -- was his exit from all that had meaning to him.
There was only one place where Jake Carwood's description had gone badly awry: the peace and quiet.
There was only one place where the mountain might receive her -- that unnamed, unnameable pool harbored in its secret bosom.
Probably his horse would be close to where he was hiding.
He wondered where the superstition had originated that it was bad luck for a crew chief to watch his plane take off on a combat mission.
Over the rapidly-diminishing outline of a jump seat piled high with luggage Herry's black brushcut was just discernible, near, or enviably near that spot where -- hidden -- more delicately-textured, most beautifully tinted hair must still be streaming back in cool, oh cool wind sweetly perfumed with sagebrush and yucca flowers and engine fumes.
How lightly her `` eventshah-leh '' passed into the crannies where I was storing dialect material for some vaguely dreamed opus, and how the word would echo.
It was a disturbingly familiar face, too, but I couldn't remember where we had met.
The keys were still in it, and I was miles away before I remembered that my clothes and purse and everything were still in the little cabana where I'd changed ''.
She was sitting on the edge of the bed again, back in the same position where the snake had found her.
She softly let herself into the bed, and took her regular side, away from the door, where she slept better because Keith was between her and the invader.
That was where he met Penny.
Now, the next morning, they were anchored at The Elbow and the boat was riding directly over the underwater ledge where the green water turned to deepest blue and the cliff dropped straight down 600 fathoms, with the weighted line beside it ; ;
And so when Miss Langford came to teach at the one-room Chestnut school, where Jack was a pupil in the eighth grade, the Woman of Jack's mind assumed the teacher's face and figure.
Once ( this was on the third day of school ) she kneeled down to pick up some books where they'd dropped on the floor and Jack looked up her dress -- at the bare expanse of incredibly white leg.
Jack walked off alone out the road in the searing midday sun, past Robert Allen's three-room, tarpapered house, toward the field where the other boys were playing ball, thinking of what he would do in order to make Miss Langford have him stay in after school -- because this was the day he had decided when he thought he saw the look in her eyes.
In his native Cologne, where his mother taught him to play the piano, he was able to read notes before he learned the alphabet.
Yet when, at war's end, the ex-Tory made the first move to resume correspondence, Jay wrote him from Paris, where he was negotiating the peace settlement:
it was mud in wet weather and dust, ankle-deep, in dry, and could be crossed only at the corner where there were stepping stones.
I was having lunch not long ago ( apologies to N. V. Peale ) with three distinguished historians ( one specializing in the European Middle Ages, one in American history, and one in the Far East ), and I asked them if they could name instances where the general mores had been radically changed with `` deliberate speed, majestic instancy '' ( Francis Thompson's words for the Hound Of Heaven's Pursuit ) by judicial fiat.
They, perhaps, gave the pitch of their position in the preface where it was said that Eisenhower requested that the Commission be administered by the American Assembly of Columbia University, because it was non-partisan.
After a year in a studio on Sheridan Square, having married an American girl who was a native of Virginia, Helion moved to a village in the Blue Ridge mountains, where he produced some of the most imposing of his abstract canvases.
She was exposing herself to temptation which it is best to avoid where it can consistently be done.
It was symbolized ( at least for those of us who recognized ourselves in the image ) by that self-consuming, elegiac candle of Edna St. Vincent Millay's, that candle which from the quatrain where she ensconced it became a beacon to us, but which in point of fact would have had to be as tall as a funeral taper to last even the evening, let alone the night.

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