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was and claimed
He claimed that the release of the preliminary findings was ' prejudicial to his position ' ''.
A lone pro-Hearst voice from New York City was that of William Devery, who had been expelled as a Tammany leader but still claimed strong influence in his own district.
Potemkin's Army of Ekaterinoslav, totaling, it was claimed, 40,000 regular troops and 6,000 irregulars of the Cossack Corps, had invested Islam's principal stronghold on the north shore of the Black Sea, the fortress town of Oczakov, and was preparing to test the Turk by land and sea.
This he claimed was the favorite refrain of the English.
When, in March, 1640, the two towns were united under Coddington, Gorton claimed the union was irregular and illegally constituted and that it had never been sanctioned by the majority of freeholders.
Adams was not breaking new ground when he claimed that the worship of an unseen power was in reality a reflection of man's inability to cope with his environment.
Its ground for this recommendation was that, while petitioner claimed before the local board August 17, 1956 ( as evidenced by its memorandum in his file of that date ), that he was devoting 100 hours per month to actual preaching, the headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses reported that he was no longer doing so and, on the contrary, had relinquished both his Pioneer and Bible Student Servant positions.
Not only were the court costs prohibitive, but I was subjected to crippling fines, in addition to usurious interest on the unpaid `` debts '' which the government claimed that Metronome and I owed -- a severe financial blow.
Spokesmen for the nation's tradition-minded sculptors promptly claimed that Udall was exiling the statue because of his own hostility to this art form.
) The sorry fact about this young man, who was barely of age when he broke into major-league baseball, was that he really was a better ball player than he was given credit for being -- never so good as he claimed, and always an irritant to his associates, but a good steady performer when he could fight down the temptation to orate on his skills or cut up in public.
The Texans made themselves a comforting break on the opening kickoff when Denver's Al Carmichael was jarred loose from the ball when Dave Grayson, the speedy halfback, hit him and Guard Al Reynolds claimed it for Dallas.
Agrarianism claimed agriculture was the source of all wealth and called for the wide distribution of land as the foundation of democracy and freedom.
Philippus claimed descent from Alexander the Great, and was elected consul in 56 BC.
In later life Ampère claimed that he knew as much about mathematics and science when he was eighteen as ever he knew ; but, a polymath, his reading embraced history, travels, poetry, philosophy, and the natural sciences.
Collins, who has a history of alcohol abuse, claimed that the song was able to " pull her through " to recovery.
Caracalla, it was claimed, tried to counter this influence by invoking his ancestral spirits.
Despite being quite religious, he was also interested in mathematics and science, and sometimes is claimed to have contradicted the teachings of the Church in favour of scientific theories.
Sargon was claimed to be the son of La ' ibum or Itti-Bel, a humble gardener, and possibly a hierodule, or priestess to Ishtar or Inanna.

was and flight
It was only a fifteen-minute flight, but before it was through Greg felt himself developing a case of claustrophobia.
He was about to make a gas check on his flight when Todman's voice broke in: `` Sweeneys!!
during long weeks the plan for his flight was rehearsed.
for what had happened on the common was only terror and flight ; ;
He was prancing along the hall, heading for the next flight of stairs.
Their flight was delayed, Dunn said, when a boarding ramp inflicted some minor damage to the wing of the plane.
It was probably man's first successful flight in a missile.
Her first actual flight, for she and her kind had made mock flights on dummy panels since she was eight, showed her complete mastery of the techniques of her profession.
The first manned flight of Apollo was in 1968 and it succeeded in landing the first humans on Earth's Moon in 1969 through 1972.
While the Mercury capsule could only support one astronaut on a limited Earth orbital mission, the Apollo spacecraft was to be able to carry three astronauts on a circumlunar flight and eventually to a lunar landing.
The rival forces met at Sievershausen on 9 July 1553, and after a combat of unusual ferocity Albert was put to flight.
Scalich saved his life by flight, but Funck was executed.
In the general engagement which followed, Abner was defeated and put to flight.
Peter felt insulted: the flight of the tsarevich to a foreign potentate was a reproach and a scandal, and he had to be recovered and brought back to Russia at all costs.
American Airlines Flight 77 was a passenger flight which was hijacked by five al-Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001, as part of the September 11 attacks.
Hani Hanjour, one of the hijackers who was trained as a pilot, assumed control of the flight.
By the time mission control issued the wake-up call to the crew for flight day two, the spacecraft was approximately away from the Earth, traveling at about.
As the Apollo 16 spacecraft was not due to arrive in lunar orbit until flight day four, flight days two and three were largely preparatory days, consisting of spacecraft maintenance and scientific research.
The remainder of flight day four was spent making observations and preparing for activation of the Lunar Module, undocking, and landing the next day.
The penultimate day of the flight was largely spent performing experiments, aside from a twenty minute press conference during the second half of the day.
Today automated flight control is common to reduce pilot error and workload at key times like landing or takeoff. Autopilot was first invented by Lawrence Sperry during World War II to fly bomber planes steady enough to hit precision targets from 25, 000 feet.
Following the Glorious Revolution, the line of succession to the English throne was governed by the Bill of Rights 1689, which declared that the flight of James II from England to France during the revolution amounted to an abdication of the throne and that James ' son-in-law, ( and nephew ) William of Orange, and his wife, James ' daughter, Mary, were James ' successors, who ruled jointly as William III and Mary II.

was and leader
Washington evidently was anxious for Morgan to be cautious as well as aggressive, for on May 17th, 18th and 20th he admonished the leader of the riflemen-rangers to be on the alert.
More, the U.S. action was hailed by a principal opposition leader, Dr. Juan Bosch, as having saved `` many lives and many troubles in the near future ''.
Mr. Brown, well-known, English-born inventor, prior to founding VecTrol was at various times section leader in radio research at Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co., Ltd. ; ;
He was also at this time, although not so interwoven in high politics and the rackets as Torrio and Capone, the most powerful and most dangerous mob leader in the Chicago underworld, the roughneck king.
At the same time, there was increased reason for a quick meeting lest the Soviet leader, as a result of those episodes, come to a dangerously erroneous conclusion about the West's ability and determination to resist Communist pressure.
The `` belaboring '' is of course jocular, yet James was not lacking in fundamental seriousness -- unless we measure him by that ultimate seriousness of the great religious leader or thinker who stakes all on his vision of God.
This leader must be a man who lives above illusions that heretofore have shaped the foreign policy of the United States, namely that Russia will agree to a reunited Germany, that the East German government does not exist, that events in Japan in June 1960 were Communist-inspired, that the true government of China is in Formosa, that Mao was the evil influence behind Khrushchev at the Summit Conference in Paris in May 1960, and that either China or Russia wants or expects war.
Reared in a poor family on the western frontier, Lincoln was mostly self-educated, and became a country lawyer, a Whig Party leader, Illinois state legislator during the 1830s, and a one-term member of the United States House of Representatives during the 1840s.
He attained a reputation for brawn and audacity after a very competitive wrestling match to which he was challenged by the renowned leader of a group of ruffians, " the Clary's Grove boys ".
John Merryman, a leader in the secessionist group in Maryland, petitioned Chief Justice Roger B. Taney to issue a writ of habeas corpus, saying holding Merryman without a hearing was unlawful.
He was also called Agyieus ( ; Ἀγυιεύς, Aguīeus, from ἄγυια, " street ") for his role in protecting roads and homes ; and as Nomius ( ; Νόμιος, Nomios, literally " pastoral ") and Nymphegetes ( ; Νυμφηγέτης, Numphēgetēs, from Νύμφη, " Nymph ", and ἡγέτης, " leader ") in his role as a protector of shepherds and pastoral life.
In Greek mythology Artemis was the leader ( ηγεμόνη: hegemone ) of the nymphs, who had similar functions with the Nordic Elves.
An the other hand, the armed forces of the MPLA ( now the official armed forces of the Angolan state ) and of UNITA fought each other until the leader of UNITA, Jonas Savimbi, was killed in action, in 2002.
Joshua, however, was admitted with his leader to the very presence of the Lord, while Aaron and Hur remained below to look after the people ( Exodus 24: 9-14 ).
The party's leader Antonin Svehla ( 1873 – 1933 ) was prime minister several times.
* In Darksiders II, Absalom was the leader of an Old Race known as the Nephilim.
Paul Kolton was named as president of the exchange in 1971, making him the first person to be selected from within the exchange to serve as its leader, succeeding Ralph S. Saul, who announced his resignation in March 1971.
He was a skilled political administrator and leader, and effectively reversed the decline of the Teutonic Order, until he betrayed it by transforming the order's lands into his own duchy, secularizing it in the process.
Aga Khan I (; or, less commonly but more correctly (; ), was the title accorded to Hasan Ali Shah (; ; 1804 in Kohak, Iran – 1881 in Bombay, India ), the governor of Kirman, 46th Imam of the Nizari Ismaili Muslims, and prominent Muslim leader in Iran and later in the Indian Subcontinent.
Under the care of his mother, he was given not only that religious and Oriental education which his position as the religious leader of the Ismailis made indispensable, but a sound European training, a boon denied to his father and paternal grandfather.
" Most ancient writers considered him a highly successful leader in guerrilla warfare, alert and quick, yet cautious — a man, moreover, whose personal bravery was rarely questioned in his own time.
The Celtic King Caratacus assumed that she, along with Claudius, was the martial leader and bowed before her throne with the same homage and gratitude as he accorded the emperor.
He was the leader of the Locrian contingent during the Trojan War.
Alaric's first appearance was as the leader of a mixed band of Goths and allied peoples who invaded Thrace in 391, who were stopped by the half-Vandal Roman General Stilicho.

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