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was and evenly
The music sang nicely, sprinted evenly when necessary, was properly accented and balanced.
The First Test at Lord's was convincingly won by Australia, but in the remaining four matches the teams were evenly matched and England fought back to win the Second Test by 2 runs, the smallest victory by a runs margin in Ashes history, and the second-closest such victory in all Tests.
" It concluded by saying, " in the years to come, in the view of the hundreds of thousands of people who are devoted to baseball, and the millions who will be, Abner Doubleday's fame will rest evenly, if not quite as much, upon the fact that he was its inventor ... as upon his brilliant and distinguished career as an officer in the Federal Army.
At the end, the Congress was evenly split between the two factions.
For a number of years the support for these theories was evenly divided.
The Fahrenheit scale later was redefined to make the freezing-to-boiling interval exactly 180 degrees, a convenient value as 180 is a highly composite number, meaning that it is evenly divisible into many fractions.
It was a huge blow to the Arian party since it was surmised that the participants in the First Council of Nicaea were evenly split between non-Arians and Arians.
They were fairly evenly matched in background and education, but politically they were allied with opposite parties, as Heraclius was one of Agnes of Courtenay's supporters.
It was the capital of Pakistan until Islamabad was constructed as a forward thrust capital in order to spread development much more evenly across the country and to prevent it from just being concentrated in Karachi.
The business of this category of foodservice establishments was generally evenly divided into two areas: serving different customers onsite on a walk-in basis, and hosting banquets made by appointment for customers who came as one group.
After defeating the remnants of the Ming forces, the Manchu Banner Army of approximately 200, 000 strong at the time was evenly divided ; half was designated the Forbidden Eight Banner Army () and was stationed in Beijing.
The Borg and the special effects were lauded, while characterization was less evenly received.
The Romulans, now evenly matched, decided that the price of the Enterprise's destruction was too high and retreated (" The Defector ").
The age range of the clientele was between the upper teens and early thirties, and the racial mix was evenly distributed among white, black, and Hispanic.
Though the singing was more or less evenly shared among the three men, both Danko and Helm have stated that they saw Manuel as the Band's " lead " singer.
To avoid excessive flexing of the motherboard during this action the chassis and motherboard had to be designed with good, relatively closely spaced supports for the motherboard, which was not always the case, and the person inserting the board had to distribute the downward force evenly across its top edge.
The battle was consequently fairly evenly matched, although the British suffered more casualties and ship damage.
The load on the power supply was so evenly balanced that Cray boasted that the power supply was unregulated.
With the Gregorian Calendar starting in 1582, and 1600 being evenly divisible by 400, and thus being a leap year under the Gregorian system despite being a century year, this was the first skipped leap year under the Gregorian Calendar.

was and split
His face was split by a vermilion streak, his eyes were pools of white ; ;
Athenian society was split into two factions, the Philistines and the Artists.
By our policy the West was -- is -- split.
It was nevertheless almost incredible that four years after Yalta there should be a complete split over Germany, with hot heads on both sides planning to use the Germans against their former allies, and with Nazi-minded Germans expecting to recover their power by fighting on one side or the other.
Another wart removal method was to rub each wart with a bean split open and then to bury the bean halves under the drip of the house for seven days.
It was observed in the introductory chapter that metropolitan life had split into two trends -- expanding interdependence on an impersonal basis and growing exclusiveness in local communal groupings.
The most valuable player award was split three ways, among Glen Mankowski, Gordon Hartweger and Tom Kieffer.
Sherman's capture of Atlanta in September and David Farragut's capture of Mobile ended defeatist jitters ; the Democratic Party was deeply split, with some leaders and most soldiers openly for Lincoln.
In his view, there were three possibilities: ( 1 ) Korean did not belong with the other three genealogically, but had been influenced by an Altaic substratum ; ( 2 ) Korean was related to the other three at the same level they were related to each other ; ( 3 ) Korean had split off from the other three before they underwent a series of characteristic changes.
Control of Anatolia was then split between the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm, with the Byzantine holdings gradually being reduced.
When a beam of silver atoms was passed through a specially shaped magnetic field, the beam was split based on the direction of an atom's angular momentum, or spin.
Instead, the beam was split into two parts, depending on whether the atomic spin was oriented up or down.
In 1949, Camus founded the Group for International Liaisons within the Revolutionary Union Movement after his split with Garry Davis ' movement Citizens of the World, which the surrealist André Breton was also a member.
Brearley retired from Test cricket in 1979 and was succeeded by Ian Botham, who started the 1981 series as England captain, by which time the WSC split had ended.
In punishment for this presumption, Poseidon split the rock with his trident and Ajax was swallowed up by the sea.
With the party split, Whig nominee Zachary Taylor was easily victorious, and carried Tennessee as well.
However, he was not nominated in 1856 in part due to a split within his home state's delegation.
When Argo Navis was split, its Bayer designations were also split.
In New York, the New Normannii Reik of Theodish Belief was founded in 1997 and is led by Dan Halloran, but in 2009 many members split off and formed the Arfstoll Church of Theodish Belief, White Marsh Theod, and Álfröðull þjóð.
William Scott-Elliot in The Story of Atlantis ( 1896 ) elaborated on Blavatsky's account, claiming that Atlantis eventually split into two linked islands, one called Daitya and the other Ruta, and that the latter was later reduced to a final remnant called Poseidonis.
In the 13th century, the Principality of Anhalt was split off from the Duchy, and later, the remaining state was split into Saxe-Lauenburg and Saxe-Wittenberg.

was and between
He was riding between two warriors, who held him erect when he started to slump.
Facing the forest now, she who had not dared to enter it before, walked between two trees at random and headed in what she believed was the direction of the pool.
Horse smell was very strong, and he could hear the crunch of grain being ground between strong jaws.
She softly let herself into the bed, and took her regular side, away from the door, where she slept better because Keith was between her and the invader.
Many believe -- and understandably -- that the great difference between the Constitution of the Southern Confederacy and the Federal Constitution was that the former recognized the right of each state to secede.
'' The other important difference between the two Constitutions was that the President of the Confederacy held office for six ( instead of four ) years, and was limited to one term.
One is tempted to say that, on the difference between the concepts of sovereignty in these two preambles, the worst war of the Nineteenth century was fought.
But the fences were still in place fifty-odd years ago, and when we stood on the gate to look over, the sidewalk under our eyes was not cement but two rows of paving stones with grass between and on both sides.
It was a response to the conflict between political pressure and the moral intuition which resulted in attempts at prediction.
Now we can argue that the irresistible fate of Oedipus Rex was nothing more than the irresistible unconscious longings of Oedipus projected outward, but this externalization of unconscious conflict makes all the difference between a story and a clinical case history.
Into the texture of this tapestry of history and human drama Henrietta, as every artist delights to do, wove strands of her own intuitive insights into human nature and -- especially in the remarkable story of the attraction and conflict between two so disparate and fervent characters as this pair -- into the relations of men and women: `` In their relations, she was the giver and he the receiver, nay the demander.
Even after the incident between Bang-Jensen and Shann in the Delegates' Lounge and this was not the way the Chicago Tribune presented it ''.
To relieve the itch and sweat galls, the men got into the water whenever they could and since each sizable stream was generally the dividing line between the armies the pickets declared a private truce while the men went swimming.
At no time does he seem to have proposed marriage, and Mrs. King was evidently torn between a concern for her daughter's emotions and the desire to believe that the friendship might be continued without harm to her reputation.
As summer cooled into fall and winter, even so the relationship between the two men continued to grow colder by the day, and by December of 1834 it was icy.
It was at this point that Pike decided to capitalize on the bad feelings between the two men.
he was given the difference between that amount and $5000.
In spite of the armistice negotiated by Amadee two years earlier, the war between Bishop Guillaume of Lausanne and Louis of Savoy was still going on, and although little is known about it, that little proves that it was yet another phase of the struggle against French expansion and was closely interwoven with the larger conflict.
Banks the Butcher was a hard master and a hard father, a man who didn't seem to know the difference between the living flesh of his family and the hanging carcasses of his stock in trade.
Then he kept Blackman awake for more than an hour while he did an imaginary dialogue between his wife and himself in which, discussing the evening, he was continually berated.
A recent editorial discussing a labor-management agreement reached between the Southern Pacific Co. and the Order of Railroad Telegraphers has been criticized on the grounds that it was not based on complete information.
Not only is Mr. Frelinghuysen a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, but he is the grandson of the man who was instrumental in opening relations between the United States and Korea, Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, Secretary of State in the administration of Chester A. Arthur.

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