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was and initially
It is true that, initially, the task was to remove restrictions that, it was thought, inhibited the free flow of money, goods, and labor ; ;
The term was initially used generally as an adjective for animals that could live on land or in water, including seals and otters.
The poem was initially published two years later in The Congregationalist, to commemorate the Fourth of July.
Johnston was initially buried in New Orleans.
The other major family of abugidas, Canadian Aboriginal syllabics, was initially developed in the 1840s by missionary and linguist James Evans for the Cree and Ojibwe languages.
The separation of curium and americium was so painstaking that those elements were initially called by the Berkeley group as pandemonium ( from Greek for all demons or hell ) and delirium ( from Latin for madness ).
The half-life of this decay was initially determined at 17 hours, which was close to the presently accepted value of 16. 02 h.
In the mid-1870s, a form of amplitude modulation — initially called " undulatory currents "— was the first method to successfully produce quality audio over telephone lines.
The division of labour was initially discussed by Adam Smith, regarding the manufacture of pins, in his book The Wealth of Nations ( published in 1776 ).
Louisa May was not interested initially but agreed to try.
In one such theory, put forward by Sir E. B. Tylor, early humans initially, through mere observation, recognized what might be called a soul, life-force, spirit, breath or animus within themselves ; that which was present in the body in life and absent in death.
The projected union initially aroused great opposition: he did not consult with his father, who had been on vacation in Karlovy Vary and making arrangements to secure the hand of a German princess for his son, or his Prime Minister Dr. Vladan Đorđević, who was visiting the Paris Universal Exhibition at the time of the announcement.
In 1839, Johnson entered the race for re-election to his House seat, initially as a Whig ; when another Whig entry arose, to enhance his position in the campaign, he ran as a Democrat and was elected to his second, non-consecutive term in the Tennessee House.
" Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation applied initially only to states in rebellion ; Johnson rationalized that Tennessee in this regard was a part of the Union, and on that basis requested, and received, an exemption from the Proclamation.
It was initially intended to be a next generation video game machine, but was redesigned as a general purpose computer after the North American video game crash of 1983.
His new firm was initially called Horch Automobil-Werke GmbH, but following a legal dispute over the Horch name, he decided to make another automobile company.
At the time of his birth Grothendieck's mother was married to Johannes Raddatz, a German journalist, and his birthname was initially recorded as Alexander Raddatz.
Relatively little of his work after 1960 was published by the conventional route of the learned journal, circulating initially in duplicated volumes of seminar notes ; his influence was to a considerable extent personal.
Amerigo Vespucci () ( March 9, 1454February 22, 1512 ) was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer who first demonstrated that Brazil and the West Indies did not represent Asia's eastern outskirts as initially conjectured from Columbus ' voyages, but instead constituted an entirely separate landmass hitherto unknown to Afro-Eurasians.
These were initially custom devices, but it was soon common to include such support in a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge.

was and colonized
It probably was a Thracian town, as Strabo has it, but was afterwards colonized by Milesians, with the consent of Gyges, king of Lydia, around 700 BC.
The name was changed to " hospitable " after the Milesians had colonized the southern shoreline, the Pontus, making it part of Greek civilization.
Sierra Leone was largely colonized by Calvinist settlers from Nova Scotia, who were largely Black Loyalists, blacks who had fought for the British during the American War of Independence.
Originally colonized by the French, Diego Garcia was ceded, along with the rest of the Chagos Archipelago, to the United Kingdom in the Treaty of Paris ( 1814 ) at the conclusion of a portion of the Napoleonic Wars.
There is both documentary and archaeological evidence that Kent was colonized primarily by Jutes, from the southern part of the Jutland peninsula.
However, the island was not actually colonized until the 17th century.
While Howland Island was colonized in 1935 as a future aviation facility and is known in popular culture mostly because of its association with the last flight of Earhart and Noonan, no aircraft is known to have ever landed there, although anchorages nearby could be used by floatplanes and flying boats during World War II.
Both the Greeks and the Phoenicians colonized North African soil, and Punic civilization emerged, although its central city of Carthage was not in present-day Libya but in neighboring Tunisia.
It was not until the sixteenth century when the Dutch colonized Indonesia, constructing a more elaborate communication system, both within Indonesia and to other countries.
Jarvis Island was reclaimed by the United States government and colonized from 26 March 1935 onwards, under the Baker, Howland and Jarvis Colonization Scheme ( see also Howland Island and Baker Island ).
But although it has colonized a few oceanic islands, vagrant individuals are generally rare ; in the whole of Micronesia for example, the species was only recorded twice each on Guam and Saipan in the Marianas.
During the Livonian Crusade, ancient Livonia was colonized by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, later called the Livonian Order, and the name Livonia came to designate a much broader territory: Terra Mariana on the eastern coasts of the Baltic Sea, in present-day Latvia and Estonia.
The first area colonized by the Lusitani was probably the Douro valley and the region of Beira Alta ( present day Portugal ); in Beira, they stayed until they defeated the Celtici and other tribes, then they expanded to cover a territory that reached Estremadura before the arrival of the Romans.
Inhabited since prehistoric times, Malta was first colonized by Sicilians.
Mauritius was successively colonized by the Dutch, the French and the British, and became independent in 1968.
In the early 17th century Spain colonized Guam, the Northern Marianas, and the Caroline Islands ( what would later become the Federated States of Micronesia and Palau ), creating the Spanish East Indies, which was governed from the Spanish Philippines until the Spanish-American War in 1898.
The British colonized Burma in the late 19th century, and it was under the jurisdiction of the British Raj until 1937.
When Panama was colonized, the indigenous peoples who survived many diseases, massacres and enslavement of the conquest ultimately fled into the forest and nearby islands.
Asunción also was the base from which this part of South America was colonized.
They released some of their veteran soldiers, probably from legion XXVIII and colonized them in the city, which was refounded as Colonia Victrix Philippensium.
Nevertheless, the Pilgrims who later colonized the area assumed that Verrazzano's " Rhodes " was Aquidneck.
* DNA analysis indicates that each lake was colonized independently, presumably by a marine ancestor, after the last ice age

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