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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 436
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

was and course
Setting a course straight for the house, he was covering ground fast when an angry bee buzzed past close to his face.
There was, of course, no way for the other planes to get by them.
The Nazis knew this, of course, and while their chief quarry was the industrial centers, they let a few drop every time they went over, hoping for a lucky hit.
of course, I was willing.
Of course it was water he really craved ; ;
The other, of course, was the Civil War, the conflict which a century ago insured national unity over fragmentation.
The biggest loss, of course, was the individual's lessened desire and ability to give his services to the growth of his company and our economy.
But what you could not know, of course, was how smoothly the Victorian Fitzgerald was to lead into an American Fitzgerald of my own vintage under whose banner we adolescents were to come, if not of age, then into a bright, taut semblance of it.
There was, of course, more to the portrait of a lady you carried in your mind's eye than the sine qua non of her virtue.
It was said that the Hetman plotted to take over the entire Hearst newspaper empire one day by means of various coups: the destruction of editors who tried to halt his course, the unfrocking of publishers whose mistakes of judgment might be magnified in secret reports to Mr. Hearst.
Thompson, of course, was persuaded not to take the `` terrible step '' ; ;
It was, of course, in this drawing of the balance sheet of judgment that he most clearly displayed his desire to do full justice to an author.
This of course was not true of the educated and sophisticated people we met, who loved their pets, but kindness is not a basic human instinct.
That was in the days before blood banks, of course, and transfusions had to be given directly from donor to patient.
He was shown a warm welcome regardless, and spent the time in Winchester recuperating from his ailment, enjoying his family and arranging his private affairs which were, of course, run down.
Of course it was not meant to be.
Of course the principal factor in the whole experience was the kind of education he received.
A professor at the University of Constantinople, where his first course of lectures was on Nietzsche and the `` philosophy of action '', Vincent Berger becomes head of the propaganda department of the German Embassy in Turkey.
As an Alsatian before the first World War he was of course of German nationality ; ;
And of course the Soviet threat was responsible for NATO, the grand alliance of the Atlantic nations.
He was, of course, in the House for a very long time.
The `` fruitful course '' of metropolitanization that you recommend is currently practiced by the town of East Greenwich and had its inception long before we learned what it was called.
Actually, of course, that label `` controversial '' applied only because he was carrying out the mandate given him by the world organization he headed rather than following the dictates of the Soviet Union.

was and little
each day the hurt was a little duller, a little less poignant.
I felt certain he was really a spineless little man.
The seventh man was Red Hogan, a wiry little puncher with a wild streak and a liking for hell-raising.
I found a trooper once the Apache had spread-eagled on an ant hill, and another time we ran across some teamsters they'd caught, tied upside down on their own wagon wheels over little fires until their brains was exploded right out o' their skulls.
Mrs. Roebuck smilingly declined and began suddenly to go on about her son, who was `` onleh a little younguh than you bawhs ''.
The way his red rubber lips were stretched across his pearly little teeth I thought he was only having a little joke, but, no, he wanted me to bend down from the roar of wind so he could roar something into my ear.
In fact, I was watching you on that little seventeen-inch screen when you rang my bell.
The keys were still in it, and I was miles away before I remembered that my clothes and purse and everything were still in the little cabana where I'd changed ''.
At the pool's far end was the little cabana Joyce had mentioned, and on the water's surface floated scattered lavender patches of limp-looking lather.
There was little likelihood of any customers walking in at that hour.
The man seemed to sink a little as Ramey brought the tire iron down on his shoulder and it seemed that the blonde head was turning as he hit the man again, with his fist.
`` Well, I was a little bit confused.
And when this was gone, he hadn't even a little bitter tablet to purify other water if he were to discover some stagnant jungle pool.
She munched little ginger cakes called mulatto's belly and kept her green, somewhat hypnotic eyes fixed on a light-colored male who was prancing wildly with a 5-foot king snake wrapped around his bronze neck.
even when the fences became a part of the game -- when a vine-embowered gate-post was the Sleeping Beauty's enchanted castle, or when Rapunzel let down her golden hair from beneath the crocketed spire, even then we paid little heed to those who went by on the path outside.
But on one occasion when I encountered a similar fantasy in a little boy who was my patient I began to understand the uncanny effects of this story.
Joseph Jastrow, the younger son of the distinguished rabbi, Marcus Jastrow, was a friendly, round-faced fellow with a little mustache, whose field was psychology, and who was also a punster and a jolly tease.
Besides, Miss Henrietta -- as she was generally known since she had put up her hair with a chignon in the back -- had little time to spare them from her teaching and writing ; ;
Paula was saddened about what was happening to little girls and vowed to kneel no more in Chapel.

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