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was and thinly
Once he was firmly established in the Northern March, Albert's covetous eye lay also on the thinly populated lands to the north and east.
Disraeli's biographers agree that Vivian Grey was a thinly veiled re-telling of the affair of The Representative, and it proved very popular on its release, although it also caused much offence within the Tory literary world when Disraeli's authorship was discovered.
Launched in poor weather against a thinly held Allied sector, it achieved surprise and initial success as Allied air power was stymied by cloud cover.
While there, he was one of eight delegates with a background in guided weapons projects to address the Fourth International Congress of Astronautics in Zurich in August 1953, at a time when, as The New York Times reported, most scientists saw space flight as thinly disguised science fiction.
The most successful of the Savoy Operas was The Mikado ( 1885 ), which made fun of English bureaucracy, thinly disguised by a Japanese setting.
Pakistan was left with territory that, although basically Muslim in character, was thinly populated, relatively inaccessible, and economically underdeveloped.
The Berbers went on to shape Islam in their own image – some ( like the Banu Ifran ) retained their connection with radical puritan Islamic sects, others ( like the Berghwata ) constructed a new syncretic faith which was simply folk religion thinly disguised as Islam.
Areas around the southern part of Lake Maracaibo are swampy, and, despite the rich agricultural land and significant petroleum deposits, the area was still thinly populated in 1990.
This was a thinly veiled anti-semitic campaign designed to keep himself in power by shifting the attention of the populace from stagnating economy and Communist mismanagement.
Part of the problem was that the islands were so thinly populated, it was almost impossible to constitute the organs of government.
Douay held a very strong position initially thanks to the accurate long range fire of the Chassepots, but his force was too thinly stretched to hold it.
Although he was not as well documented as his contemporaries, Cinna was still an essential player in the fall of the system of the Roman Republic, ushering in a thinly veiled form of tyranny.
The forest itself was thinly populated, but Akan-speaking peoples began to move into it toward the end of the 15th century, with the arrival of crops from Southeast Asia and the New World that could be adapted to forest conditions.
Towards 1750, when Zuccarelli reached his peak, his paint handling was very responsive to mood, bright with regard to color, thinly laid on and yet vibrantly effective.
The film starred Karloff as retired horror film actor, Byron Orlok, a thinly disguised version of Karloff himself ; Orlok was facing an end of life crisis, which he resolved through a confrontation with the gunman.
Due to thinly veiled homoerotic undertones plus lots of skin and lots of sweat ( but apparently not enough clothing, save that worn by the fully clothed members of Queen themselves ), it was deemed unsuitable for a television audience at the time.
The countryside and people provided inspiration for many of his short stories of the period, and also his novel Testimonies ( 1952 ), which is set in a thinly disguised Cwm Croesor, and which was well received by critics.
For much of the 17th Century, North Stonington was thinly populated by the Pequots and European settlers.
Though Florence was part of one of the original townships laid out by the Lords Proprieters in 1719, it was slowly and thinly settled until the coming of the railroads.

was and disguised
But Theodore Parker, commencing his mission to the world-at-large, disguised as the minister of a `` twenty-eighth Congregational Church '' which bore no resemblance to the Congregational polities descended from the founders ( among which were still the Unitarian churches ), made explicit from the beginning that the conflict between him and the Hunkerish society was not something which could be evaporated into a genteel difference about clerical decorum.
During this battle Ahab disguised himself, but was mortally wounded by an unaimed arrow ( ch.
Domitian was allegedly extremely sensitive regarding his baldness, which he disguised in later life by wearing wigs.
The former — whose screenplay was written by the blacklisted Dalton Trumbo, disguised by a front — features a bank holdup sequence shown in an unbroken take over three minutes long that proved widely influential.
When he woke up, Odin was surprised to see the disguised women first and asked who these long bearded men were, which was where the tribe got its new name, the Langobards (" longbeards ").
The first edition was published disguised as an actual medieval romance from Italy discovered and republished by a fictitious translator.
Another belief held by the group that Gardner found amusing was that a lamp hanging from one of the ceilings was the disguised holy grail of Arthurian legend.
When Hera learned that Semele, daughter of Cadmus King of Thebes, was pregnant by Zeus, she disguised herself as Semele's nurse and persuaded the princess to insist that Zeus show himself to her in his true form.
A petition he has been circulating via Heather Duke, to get the band Big Fun to perform on campus was actually a disguised mass suicide note.
Macrinus fled toward Italy, disguised as a courier, but was later intercepted near Chalcedon and executed in Cappadocia.
It was reported that Davis put his wife's overcoat over his shoulders while fleeing, inspiring caricatures that portrayed him as having disguised himself as a woman while trying to avoid capture.
During the Edo Period in Japan, when Christianity was banned and punishable by death, some underground Christian groups venerated the Virgin Mary disguised as a statue of Kannon ; such statues are known as Maria Kannon.
Now a fugitive, founding SLA member Emily Harris disguised herself and visited Soliah, who was on the job at a bookstore.
The connection between Lewti and the Abyssinian maid makes it possible that the maid was intended as a disguised version of Mary Evans, who appears as a love interest since Coleridge's 1794 poem The Sigh.
The way in which the Chinese land mine trigger worked was a system of two steel wheels rotated by a falling weight, the chord of which was wound around their axle, and when the enemy stepped onto the disguised boards they released the pins that dropped the weights.
This ceremony was performed by a priest disguised with a bull head or mask, thus explaining the imagery of the Minotaur.
He is the only one of the surviving terrorists to consent to interviews since 1972, having granted an interview in 1992 to a Palestinian newspaper, and having briefly emerged from hiding in 1999 to participate in an interview for the film One Day in September, during which he was disguised and his face shown only in blurry shadow.
This meant that as soon as photographic materials became sensitive enough ( fast enough ) to take candid or what were called genre pictures, small detective cameras were used, some of them disguised as a tie pin that was really a lens, as a piece of luggage or even a pocket watch ( the Ticka camera ).
A medieval tradition claimed that Pope Joan, a woman disguised as a man, was Benedict's immediate predecessor.

was and West
`` They knew I was a good sharecrop farmer back in Carolina, but out West was a chance to build a real farm of our own.
He went to Key West every fall and winter and was the only man in town who did not know that his title of `` Commodore '' was never used without irony.
It was essential that he should restore his formidable reputation as a rip-roaring, ruthless gun-slinger, and this was the time-honored Wild West method of doing it.
Was it supposed, perchance, that A & M ( vocational training, that is ) was quite sufficient for the immigrant class which flooded that part of the New England world in the post-Civil War period, the immigrants having been brought in from Southern Europe, to work in the mills, to make up for the labor shortage caused by migration to the West??
It was conceived as a leave-taking, a kind of melancholy gathering-in of the myths of the West, `` bevor die Nacht sinkt, eine lange Nacht vielleicht und ein tiefes Vergessen ''.
But again, there was danger that his lungs would suffer in the muggy Washington weather, and he had to return to the dry climate of the West to live and work.
In 1952, the European Coal and Steel Community was launched, placing the coal and steel production of France, West Germany, Italy and Benelux under a supranational High Authority.
Meanwhile, in Moscow, Khrushchev was adding his bit to the march of world law by promising to build a bomb with a wallop equal to 100 million tons of TNT, to knock sense into the heads of those backward oafs who can't see the justice of surrendering West Berlin to communism.
As was to be expected Kennedy's latest speech was greeted with enthusiasm by revenge-seeking circles in Bonn, where officials of the West German government praised it ''.
The crisis was artificially stirred up by the Kremlin ( Wall Street ) and the Red Army ( Pentagon ) egged on by the West Germans ( East Germans ).
The weekly loss is partly counterbalanced by 500 arrivals each week from West Germany, but the hard truth, says Crossman, is that `` The closing off of East Berlin without interference from the West and with the use only of East German, as distinct from Russian, troops was a major Communist victory, which dealt West Berlin a deadly, possibly a fatal, blow.
By our policy the West was -- is -- split.
And one cannot but wonder whether Marshal Malinovsky, who was blowing hot and cold, exalting peace but also almost openly considering the possibility of preventive war against the West, wasn't trying to keep the Chinese quiet.
that he moved with his parents to West Boxford when he was sixteen years old ; ;
The West was now glad to propose the 1919 Curzon Line, which was substantially Russia's 1941 border, as the boundary between Russia and Poland.
The West had long since forgotten the events of 1919, but it was not so easy for the Red leaders, who felt that they had suffered great injustice in that period.
Of more importance to the West than Poland's boundaries was the character of her government.
The reception was held in a private dining room of the Webster Hotel on Lincoln Park West.

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