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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 88
from Brown Corpus
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was and provide
nor was she moved by a letter from Wright pointing out that if he was not `` compelled to spend money on useless lawyer's bills, useless hotel bills, and useless doctor's bills '', he could more quickly provide Miriam with a suitable home either in Los Angeles or Paris, as she preferred.
East Greenwich was one of the first Rhode Island towns to enter into contract agreement with the Rhode Island Development Council for planning services we could not provide for ourselves.
There was a clump of trees that appeared to provide cover right up to the road, and the shouting and gunfire never slackened.
The State Ballet of Rhode Island, the first incorporated group, was formed for the purpose of extending knowledge of the art of ballet in the Community, to promote interest in ballet performances, to contribute to the cultural life of the State, and to provide opportunity for gifted dance students who, for one reason or another, are unable to pursue a career and to develop others for the professional state ; ;
This project was started at a time when there was a critical need for a high-energy fuel to provide an extra margin of range for high performance aircraft, particularly our heavy bombers.
In addition, Blue Cross coverage for all employees and their dependents was extended to provide the full cost of semi-private hospital accommodations.
In 1959, the Yacht Safety Bureau was reorganized by the National Association of Engine and Boat Manufacturers and a group of insurance underwriters to provide a testing laboratory and labeling service for boats and their equipment.
It was proposed that aerated lagoons be used to eliminate the problem at the existing oxidation ponds and to provide the necessary treatment for the additional development.
Should any slave change his mind and request to leave earlier, Giffen was to provide passage at once.
He told the committee the measure would merely provide means of enforcing the escheat law which has been on the books `` since Texas was a republic ''.
They `` operate on a volume basis '', it was contended, `` and are not essential to provide the more limited but vital shopping needs of the community ''.
Freddy needed a job, having been detached from a rather dangerous career in real estate and skyscraper financing by Gerry, and it was up to Arthur Willis to provide him with one.
Lincoln successfully argued that the railroad company was not bound by its original charter in existence at the time of Barret's pledge ; the charter was amended in the public interest to provide a newer, superior, and less expensive route, and the corporation retained the right to demand Barret's payment.
In Canada, Jesuit missionaries such as Fathers LeClercq, Le Jeune and Sagard, in the 17th century, provide the oldest ethnographic records of native tribes in what was then the Dominion of Canada.
Johnston was to provide the defense of the Texas border against Mexican invasion, and in 1839 conducted a campaign against Indians in northern Texas.
Its intent was to provide the basis for discussions of reunion with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, but it had the ancillary effect of establishing parameters of Anglican identity.
Pausanias, the second king of Sparta ( see Spartan Constitution for more information on Sparta's dual monarchy ), was supposed to provide Lysander with reinforcements as they marched into Boeotia, yet failed to arrive in time to assist Lysander, likely because Pausanias disliked him for his brash and arrogant attitude towards the Spartan royalty and government.
In his first biennial speech, he urged simplification of the state judicial system, abolishment of the Bank of Tennessee and establishment of an agency to provide uniformity in weights and measures, the latter of which was passed.
It had feature limitations such as being unable to output more than one channel of sound, ( and provided fewer Envelope-shaping options ) where the BBC was capable of three-way polyphony ( plus one noise channel ) and the inability to provide teletext mode.
The ULA controlled memory access and was able to provide 32K × 8 bits of addressable RAM using 4 × 64K × 1-bit RAM chips ( 4164 ).
Per a News article on Page # 9 of the October 1984 issue of Acorn User, the Acorn ' Plus 2 ' interface was due to provide Econet capability.

was and safe
Sweeping a look around, he saw that he was safe for the moment.
He was safe in his Mama's arms.
The terms are fairly safe to use on this side of the ocean, but before you start spouting them to your date, it might be best to find out if he was a member of Major Pockmanster's Delhi Regiment, since resentment toward the natives was reportedly very high in that outfit.
His eyes had the same dreadful rigid stare as Dr. Grimesby Roylott's when he was found before his open safe wearing the speckled band.
The scaffolding, a confusion of heavy beams hanging from the gallery above, was strong and safe, but obscured visibility.
He was also at the same time gaining practical experience as a safe breaker and highwayman, and learning how to shoot to kill from a Neanderthal convicted murderer named Gene Geary, later committed to Chester Asylum as a homicidal maniac, but whose eyes misted with tears when the young Dion sang a ballad about an Irish mother in his clear and syrupy tenor.
On one of his 1921 ventures he was actually come upon by a Detective Sergeant John J. Ryan down on his knees with a tool embedded in a labour office safe in the Postal Telegraph Building ; ;
Latin America was once an area as `` safe '' for the West as Nebraska was for Nixon.
a man in whose entourage none was ever safe ; ;
It was safe to assume that Papa, sighing heavily, had said many times to his remaining daughter, `` Thank God your poor mother was spared this '', and indeed it might be true that it had been easier for Henrietta to leave, with her hand in Charles' hand, just because her `` poor mother '' was gone already and would never know.
Here he was enclosed and safe.
Another study has demonstrated that daily use of an alum-containing mouthrinse was safe and produced a significant effect on plaque that supplemented the benefits of daily toothbrushing.
Furthermore, in 2002, Bligh's great-great-grandson Lord Clifton, the heir-apparent to the Earldom of Darnley, argued that the Ashes urn should not be returned to Australia because it belonged to his family and was given to the MCC only for safe keeping.
When it was clear that continuing the resistance was of little use, Hasan Ali Shah sent one of his brothers to Shiraz in order to speak to the governor of Fars to intervene on his behalf and arrange for safe passage out of Kerman.
The British also negotiated the safe return of Hasan Ali Shah to Persia, which was in accordance with his own wish.
Although some of his lands were restored to the control of his relatives, his safe return could not be arranged, and Hasan Ali Shah was forced to remain a permanent resident of India.
" Agrippina struck down a series of victims ; no man or woman was safe if she suspected rivalry or desired their wealth.
Let them lie safe in a vault in New Jersey, safe from the New York tax assessors, until he was ready to dispose of them ..."

was and spacious
At the heart of all of this was the square, which one such traveler declared to be `` as spacious, as pleasant and aromatick a Market as any in the Universe ''.
It was done with great taste, was big and spacious, sumptuous as the dreams of any peasant in its courtly costumes, but sumptuous in a muted, pastel-like style, with rich, quiet harmonies of color between the costumes themselves and between the costumes and the scenery.
Until 1999, the Gallipoli dawn service was held at the Ari Burnu war cemetery at Anzac Cove, but the growing numbers of attendees resulted in the construction of a more spacious site on North Beach, Gallipoli, known as the " Anzac Commemorative Site ".
Because of the quick growth of his business, in 1888 the production was relocated from the cowshed to a more spacious building in Rüsselsheim.
It was not called that until 8 July 1831, but the area outside the Potsdam Gate began to develop in the early 19th century as a district of quiet villas, for as Berlin became even more congested, many of its richer citizens moved outside the customs wall and built spacious new homes around the trading post, along the newly developing boulevards, and around the southern edge of the Tiergarten.
The spacious, resonant interior was one of the inspirations for the music of the Venetian School.
Tyndaris was situated on a bold and lofty hill standing out as a promontory into the spacious bay of the Tyrrhenian Sea bounded by the Punta di Milazzo on the east, and the Capo Calavià on the west, and was distant according to the Itineraries 36 miles from Messana ( modern Messina ).
The hall was a very spacious apartment, measuring 83 ft. in length by 48 ft. 9 inches in breadth, which was divided by two rows of columns.
Interestingly, this event was for precisely the opposite reason — at the time, Number 10 was the more spacious apartment and Sir Stafford had a larger family.
A 1928 plan to build a spacious Moorish Revival campus around several gardens and courtyards was cancelled by the Great Depression of 1929 after only one building had been erected.
Mies was given the task of designing a completely new campus, and the result was a spacious, open, campus set in contrast to the busy, crowded urban neighborhood around it.
Its spacious fertile lands were investments for these stars, who were relatively isolated from the hassle that was Hollywood for these fan-plagued people, some of whom genuinely wanted to live private lives away from Tinseltown.
Silent star Janet Gaynor and her costume-designer husband Adrian were the first owners of a spacious estate in Northridge, which was later sold to Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor.
In 63 BC, Cicero delivered his famous speech denouncing the companions of the conspirator Catiline at the Forum ( in the Temple of Concord, whose spacious hall was sometimes used as a meeting place by the Senators ).
Land was cleared for farming, exporting lumber and constructing spacious log barns, typically in size, which were a " trademark of successful German farmers.
Initially the park was very favorable to pitchers, with spacious outfield dimensions.
It was at this point that the Choir began to match the size of the spacious Tabernacle.
Ready, two Greenfield lawyers and real estate dealers having financial relations with the Dade County Bank, purchased a tract of land and laid out the pretentious city of sough Greenfield, with its spacious Public Square upon which a Court House was to be erected when the county seat was removed to that point.

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