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Page "lore" ¶ 1002
from Brown Corpus
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would and doubtless
The biggest single act would doubtless be staged by Frankie himself: his Inaugural wardrobe had been designed by Hollywood Couturier Don Loper, who regularly makes up ladies' ensembles.
and now the East was creating government agencies for which the West doubtless would have to pay.
In this form, which says exactly the same thing, the formula would doubtless have been less shocking.
The amendment was rejected by the government, however, with the First Lord of the Treasury, Arthur Balfour, believing it would be " an anomaly which, I think, would be not unnaturally resented by other districts which are as large in point of population as Westminster, although doubtless not so rich in historical associations ".
If we attempted to develop and procure a dozen or more distinct different nuclear delivery systems … we doubtless would end up squandering our resources and not doing a good job on any of them.
Byrne doubtless thought that Black's slight lead in development would be transitory, not anticipating the maelstrom that his young opponent now initiates.
Initial reactions to the proposed purchase in Indonesia were cautious with most commentators saying that the deal was expected to be approved but that government regulators would doubtless wish to look at some of the details, including reciprocity from Singapore policy makers, quite closely before making a final decision.
Many scholars find much unfinished about this play including unexplained plot developments, characters who appear unexplained and say little, prose sections that a polished version would have in verse ( although close analysis would show this to be almost exclusively in the lines of Apemantus, and probably an intentional character trait ), and the two epitaphs, one of which doubtless would have been cancelled in the final version.
In his words, " The perfection of a warship would doubtless be a combination of the greatest known ocean speed with the greatest known floating battery and power of resistance.
That would mean he was ordained priest at Antioch in 383, in his thirty-third year, the ordaining bishop being doubtless Flavian, Diodore's old friend and fellow-laborer, whose " loving disciple " Theodore now became ( John of Antioch, ap.
In fact, France in this case would have to stand alone on land the force of the combined German and Italian armies, without counting Japan, which in the Far East, will doubtless attack Indo-China .... For five months, night and day, in the course of our confident collaboration, we have struggled for peace.
Over the next two decades, these three would doubtless do as much as anyone in the world to keep the flame of Yiddish theater alive.
As the ultimate principle, Speusippus would not, with Plato, recognise the Good, but, with others, ( who doubtless were also Platonists ), going back to the older Theologi, maintained that the principles of the universe were to be set down as causes of the good and perfect, but were not the good and perfect itself, which must rather be regarded as the result of generated existence, or development, just as the seeds of plants and animals are not the fully formed plants or animals themselves.
But He doubtless would not approve my temerity, if I were to undertake to add here that of Your Majesty, however abundant the material for it might be.
Although Germany is doubtless capable of realizing the 35 % figure by 1942 if she so desires, or even appreciably earlier, it seems unlikely ( considering her difficulties in connection with raw material, foreign exchange and the necessity of giving priority to her vast rearmament on land and in the air, and considering our own big programme ) that she would appreciably exceed that figure during the course of the next few years.
Brasillach also re-iterated his commitment to fascism and argued that, whether it survived as an ideology or not, the generation of the class of 1960 would doubtless look back on and consider German fascism with a sense of awe.
He had been due to complete his service in May 1915 but with dependants, 75-year-old widowed mother Charlotte and new fiancée Maud Burton, waiting at home, was doubtless contemplating whether to extend his service or take the well-earned, honourable discharge that would be offered to him in the coming weeks.
Other minor changes would doubtless be made from time to time, but " it would be better to occupy ourselves with increasing our war effort rather than disputing about the form of Government ".
It was doubtless felt that the earl's own title to the crown was a pledge that he would show scant sympathy with the advocates of Mary's claim.
This would doubtless be accompanied by terrifying scholarly insights and painful human experiences.

would and be
The easiest thing would be to sell out to Al Budd and leave the country, but there was a stubborn streak in him that wouldn't allow it.
No doubt there would be men guarding the horses.
Evidently this was a precaution so that mounts would be available in an emergency.
And here all the time you knew the Sioux would be using our rifles on them!!
It's not the kind of thing that a man would be proud of.
The coyote was calling again, and he hoped that this time there would be no other sounds to interrupt it.
There would still be plenty of moments of regret and sadness and guilty relief.
He had been worried that with Miller and Rankin added to the escape party they would be short.
She had offered to walk, but Pamela knew she would not feel comfortable about her child until she had personally confided her to the care of the little pink woman who chose to be called `` Auntie ''.
Indian ghosts would not impinge upon his nights, nor would his days be haunted by the dimly-outlined, ill-conceived figure of her benighted ancestor.
She had the feeling that, under the mouldering leaves, there would be the bodies of dead animals, quietly decaying and giving their soil back to the mountain.
She began it deliberately, so that none of her words would be lost on him.
He knew that anything a brainy little lady like her had to say would be plumb important, as well as pleasin' to the ear, and he didn't want to miss a word of it.
Otherwise, she would be baited into a tantrum -- teased and provoked until she lost control of herself, and thus lost still another battle in the maddening struggle of Tom Lord Vs. Joyce Lakewood.
It poured out of him like an electric current, a feeling that the muscles and nerves of his fine-drawn body were coiling for action, and that that action would be all that he anticipated.
He, McBride, would be cited as in the wrong, and he, Lord, would go scot-free, an officer who had only done his duty, though perhaps too energetically.
And nothing would be done about it.
Supper would be ready within the hour.
Which would you be most scairt of -- a dry-gulchin' or a shoot-down ''??
Probably his horse would be close to where he was hiding.
There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go on forever.
Yet long before the scheduled time for return, Donovan would be watching for every speck in the sky.

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