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Its and leader
Its leader Dimitrios Psarros is murdered.
Its most vocal leader was William Miller.
Its fiery leader Ban Johnson railed against the National League and promised to build a new league that would grab the best players and field the best teams.
Its cast included Eve Arden, Lionel Stander, and Big Band leader Harry James, and it was scripted by radio notable Goodman Ace and respected playwright-director Abe Burrows.
Its leader was Eoin MacNeill, who was not an IRB member.
Its transformation into a rich leader of modern industry came suddenly and unexpectedly in the next 150 years, following its union with Britain in 1707 and its integration with the advanced English and imperial economies.
Its leader is Eamon Ryan and its chairman is Roderic O ' Gorman.
Its leader was Son Ngoc Minh, and a third of its leadership consisted of members of the ICP.
Its most important leader was Terence V. Powderly.
Its first leader was Helena Charles.
Its leader was Amihai Rokah.
Its domination of political life came to an end in March 2000, when Abdoulaye Wade, the leader of the Senegalese Democratic Party ( PDS ) and leader of the opposition for more than 25 years, won the presidency.
Its leader is a woman named Darcy Parker, who uses highly trained women ( of whom Katchoo was one ) to infiltrate — and to an extent control — the American political system.
Its former political head Hashim Thaçi is now the leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo and the Prime Minister of Kosovo since January 2008.
Its first leader was Salah Mohammad Zeary, a prominent politician within the PDPA.
Its most prominent MPs were former Speaker of the Commons George Thomas and former Welsh Labour leader Rhodri Morgan.
Its leader Paul Kagame directed RPF forces in neighboring countries such as Uganda and Tanzania to invade the country, but here, Paul Kagame did not direct RPF Forces from neighbouring countries because RPF was already in Rwanda for three years and half battling the Hutu forces and Interahamwe militias who were committing the massacres.
Its leader Fernand Braudel devoted the first volume – called The Structures of Everyday Life – of his major work, Civilization and Capitalism 15th – 18th Century to the largely silent and invisible world that existed below the market economy.
Its leader, Ayatollah al-Hakim, was killed in a car bomb attack in the Iraqi city of Najaf on August 29, 2003.
Its first leader was Gusty Spence, a former British soldier.
Its traditional function of party leader escort had been given to the SS, but it continued its street battles with " Reds " and attacks on Jews.
Its proponents included Rowling and others who had resisted his replacement as leader.
Its leader insulted the count, who immediately felled him with his lance.
Its most prominent leader was David Norris, an English studies lecturer in Trinity College, Dublin, Joycean scholar and from the 1980s to the present a member of Seanad Éireann.

Its and is
Its pretense to operate in the public interest is little more than a sham.
Its ontological status is itself most tenuous because apart from individual men, who are its `` matter '', tradition, the `` form '' of society exists only as a shared perception of truth.
Its massive contours are rooted in the simple need of man, since he is always incomplete, to complete himself.
Its truth is illustrated by the skill, sensitivity, and general expertise of the English professor with whom one attends the theatre.
Its success is a tribute, above all, to Trevelyan's brilliance as a literary stylist.
Its sphere is that of royal courts, dynastic quarrels, and vaulting ambitions.
Its primary advantage is that it is a moral choice ; ;
Its elimination would result in the saving of interest costs, heavy when short-term money rates are high, and in freedom from dependence on credit which is not always available when needed most.
Its original appearance is shown in an engraving published in the `` Massachusetts Magazine '' in May 1793, which is reproduced herewith ( Fig. 1 ).
Its oil for heating is metered monthly to each home from a line that starts at a central storage point.
Its president is Otis M. Waters, partner in the law firm of Timen & Waters, 540-K Chrysler Bldg., New York City.
Its life history is much simpler than that of the truly colonial bumblebees and can serve as an example of the life cycle of many other species.
Then in 2 we show that any line involution with the properties that ( A ) It has no complex of invariant lines, and ( B ) Its singular lines form a complex consisting exclusively of the lines which meet a twisted curve, is necessarily of the type discussed in 1.
Its function is to separate from the base ruled mass, among whom private ownership prevails, the governing warrior elite.
Its scope is as broad as the question: What does it mean to live in modern society??
Its speed has increased, it operates at increasingly greater depths, its submerged endurance is becoming unlimited, and it will become even more silent.
Its rotunda forms a perfect circle whose diameter is equal to the height from the floor to the ceiling.
Its abstract decor is by John Hultberg.
Its size is determined by its function as a glycogen and fat storage unit, and may change with the seasons as these reserves are built or used up.
Its usage is mostly restricted to engravings on stone and jewelry, although inscriptions have also been found on bone and wood.
Its body is stout with an arched back and is sparsely covered with coarse hairs.
Its name is Latin for " water-carrier " or " cup-carrier ", and its symbol is 20px (), a representation of water.

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