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from Brown Corpus
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Its and massive
Its population of about 26 million people provided a massive pool of manpower, but 3 / 4 of the population and nearly all of the Muslim component lived in the Asian part of the Empire.
Its storyline is supported by lavish production values, actual circus acts, and documentary, behind-the-rings looks at the massive logistics effort which made big top circuses possible.
Its massive capstone is supported by standing stones to either side, with another ( triangular ) supporting stone at the rear – like a doorless closet.
Its massive crossing tower was rated " probably the largest and finest Romanesque tower in England " by Sir Nikolaus Pevsner.
Its officers were sophisticated international bankers whose apparent objective was to keep their affairs secret, to commit fraud on a massive scale, and to avoid detection.
Its granite west doorway with an architrave, has inclined jambs and a massive lintel.
Its arrival in virgin wilderness sparked a massive logging industry almost overnight, spawning immigration from the United States to the Choctaw Nation -- and communities along its length.
Its most striking feature is the massive, square-planned bell tower with double orders of mullioned windows.
Its massive Roman walls still survive, and excavations have revealed a forum, a temple, baths, amphitheatre, shops, and many comfortable houses with mosaic floors, etc.
Its stout body had long thighs, massive shins and in-turning feet, making it similar in skeletal structure to the brown bear.
Its core is impermeable clay-like gravel, supported by two massive shoulders of river gravel.
Its shows achieved massive audiences and are still remembered many years later.
Its main spaceport, Port Brasta, has a massive duty-free shopping mall, the motto of which is, " be like the twenty-second elephant with heated value in space -- bark!
Its appearance at the Calverton Executive Airpark on Long Island has prompted the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to take the lead on ruling whether a massive redevelopment of the airport will receive the necessary environmental permits.
Its massive fortifications, which were considered state of the art until the modern age, are also largely intact.
Its head is orange-brown with a black eyestripe and bib, and a massive bill, which is black in summer but paler in winter.
Its particularly massive appearance is due to the absence of external decorations, as carving had just begun when the works stopped, besides an elaborate use of perspective effects.
Its standing threatened by the New Look, the Army questioned the wisdom of reliance on " massive retaliation " and strategic air power to the neglect of other force elements.
Its four arched ribs are supported on massive masonry abutments.
Its southern hemisphere is interspersed with massive geysers of ice and water vapor that shoot hundreds of miles from the surface of the world.
Its main city is renamed " Ysai " and is oppressed by a massive building complex referred to as either " The Keep " or " Barony " ( formerly " Harkonnen Keep "), one of the few remaining buildings from the Harkonnens ( apart from a secret no-chamber ).
Wainwright noted that " Its lines are smooth, its curves graceful ; but because the slopes are steep everywhere, the quick build-up of the massif from valley levels to central summit is appreciated at a glance-and it should be an appreciative glance, for such massive strength and such beauty of outline rarely go together.
Its relatively low elevation disguises a massive peak that rises sharply from nearby sea levels.
Its focus is on human information discourse ( interaction ) within massive, dynamically changing information spaces.

Its and contours
Its 5, 800 images, nested concentrically and taking advantage of very low-level sunlight, provided strong confirmation of the crater-on-crater, gently rolling contours of the lunar surface.
Its main thoroughfares are the circumferential road around the lake, known at different points as East Green Lake Way N, East Green Lake Drive N, West Green Lake Drive N, Aurora Avenue N, and West Green Lake Way N ; N 65th, N 71st, and N 80th Streets ( east-and westbound ); Wallingford Avenue N and 1st, 5th, Latona, and Woodlawn Avenues NE ( generally north-and southbound but following the contours of the shoreline at some points ); Green Lake Drive N and NE Ravenna Boulevard ( northwest-and southeast-bound ); and Winona Avenue N ( northeast-and southwest-bound ).
Its simple definition is that it is a process of parallel ploughing to the contours of hill slopes to form a natural barrier for water to flow down the slope.

Its and are
Its radar screens would register Soviet missiles shortly after they are launched against the United States.
Its ontological status is itself most tenuous because apart from individual men, who are its `` matter '', tradition, the `` form '' of society exists only as a shared perception of truth.
Its elimination would result in the saving of interest costs, heavy when short-term money rates are high, and in freedom from dependence on credit which is not always available when needed most.
Its figures are a half inch high and very easy to read, even into tenth gallons.
Its clarity and good optical properties are other important factors.
Its findings are reported each year in its Rapport Sur l'activite Pendant annee ( Bruxelles ).
Its folklore and legend, usually disguised as history, are allowed to account for group actions, to provide a focal point for group loyalty, and to become a cohesive force for national identification.
Its people are agreeable friends.
Its contents are another matter, for they reveal the kinds of interests pursued by the congregation.
Its size is determined by its function as a glycogen and fat storage unit, and may change with the seasons as these reserves are built or used up.
Its eggs are laid on the forest floor and when they hatch, the tadpoles are carried one by one on the back of an adult to a suitable water-filled crevice such as the axil of a leaf or the rosette of a bromeliad.
Its other main uses are for bituminous waterproofing products, including production of roofing felt and for sealing flat roofs.
Its primary symbols are only 4: the directed arrow showing program flow, the rectangle ( SEQUENCE, GOTO ), the diamond ( IF-THEN-ELSE ), and the dot ( OR-tie ).
Its most common isotopes are < sup > 241 </ sup > Am and < sup > 243 </ sup > Am.
Its chemical and physical properties are so similar to that of natural amethyst that it can not be differentiated with absolute certainty without advanced gemnological testing ( which is often cost-prohibitive ).
Its chemical composition makes it difficult to match the amber to its producers – it is most similar to the resins produced by flowering plants ; however, there are no flowering plant fossils until the Cretaceous, and they were not common until the Upper Cretaceous.
# Its seeds are a good source of protein.
Its ancient cult of Aphrodite was the most important, after Paphos, in Cyprus, her homeland, though the ruins of Amathus are less well-preserved than neighboring Kourion.
Its functions are thought to include tasks such as lipid and heme biosynthesis, and it appears to be necessary for survival.
Its preparation involves digging a hole about 150 cm deep in the ground, within which incandescent stones are placed inside a bonfire.
Its purgative properties are important ( known as la purga or " the purge ").
Its partners for movement towards a solid object and for being next to that solid object are the allative case and the adessive case respectively.
Its partners that correspond to movement away from, or out of, something are the delative case ( for movement from a surface or from a Hungarian city ) and the elative case ( for movement out of a container or from out of an international city ).

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