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# and Its
# Its seeds are a good source of protein.
Its first product was Turbo Pascal in 1983, developed by Anders Hejlsberg ( who later developed. NET and C # for Microsoft ) and before Borland acquired the product sold in Scandinavia under the name of Compas Pascal.
Its coining is explained in Dilbert Newsletter # 6.
# Its date varies from year to year ( by the Western system of calculation, it can fall on any of 35 different dates of the Gregorian calendar ).
# The Eschatological Nature of the Pilgrim Church and Its Union with the Church in Heaven ( 48 – 51 )
# Sacred Scripture, Its Inspiration and Divine Interpretation ( 11 – 13 )
# Its leading principal minors are all positive.
" Social Market Economy " and Its Impact on German European Policy in the Adenauer Era, 1949 – 1963 ," German Politics and Society Volume: 25 # 2 2007. pp 68 +.
# " Its analogy to your own state constitution "— covered in No. 85
# Its direction, which is along the orientation of a compass needle.
# Its magnitude ( also called strength ), which is proportional to how strongly the compass needle orients along that direction.
# Its key must be communicable and retainable without the help of written notes, and changeable or modifiable at the will of the correspondents ;
Its office is located at # 4, Rawal Arcade, F-8 Markaz Islamabad.
Its fullface mask's front plate was loose in its seating and acted as a very big, and therefore, very sensitive diaphragm for a demand regulator: see Diving regulator # Demand valve.
Its music video occupies the # 71 spot on Rolling Stone's 1993 list of the top 100 videos
# Its tape speed was half that of Stereo 8, producing theoretically lower sound quality
Its Order of the Arrow Lodge is Ka ' niss Ma ' ingan Lodge # 196.
Its Order of the Arrow Lodge is Ka ' niss Ma ' ingan Lodge # 196.
# redirect America Eats Its Young
# redirect America Eats Its Young
# redirect America Eats Its Young
# redirect America Eats Its Young
# redirect America Eats Its Young
# redirect America Eats Its Young

# and operation
# REDIRECT Binary operation
# REDIRECT Bitwise operation # AND
# is a finite relation from to, where the asterisk represents the Kleene star operation.
# A poly-T oligonucleotide primer is hybridized onto the poly-A tail of the mature mRNA template, or random hexamer primers can be added which contain every possible 6 base single strand of DNA and can therefore hybridize anywhere on the RNA ( Reverse transcriptase requires this double-stranded segment as a primer to start its operation.
# If V is a set of strings then V * is defined as the smallest superset of V that contains λ ( the empty string ) and is closed under the string concatenation operation.
# reshape is a binary operation with two arguments.
# The operation of the mine in an active sense
# REDIRECT unary operation
# Propagation: if a value is too large to be stored it can be assigned a special value indicating that overflow has occurred and then have all successive operation return this flag value.
# Data processing by means of one or more devices that use common storage for all or part of a computer program, and also for all or part of the data necessary for execution of the program ; that execute user-written or user-designated programs ; that perform user-designated symbol manipulation, such as arithmetic operations, logic operation, or character string manipulations ; and that can execute programs that modify themselves during their execution.
# For layered systems, information exchanged between entities of a given layer, via the service provided by the next lower layer, to coordinate their joint operation.
# That no Chirurgion or his man do trepan the head, pierce the body, dismember, or do any great operation on the body of any but with the approbation and the direction of the Doctor ..."
* " Shifting gears " on a railroad locomotive ; see Diesel locomotive # Propulsion system operation
# REDIRECT binary operation
In August of 2012 a group in the Anonymous irc channel # OpAlgeria started an operation against the ARPT ( Autorite postal et telecommunication ).
# When the ABS system is in operation the driver will feel a pulsing in the brake pedal ; this comes from the rapid opening and closing of the valves.
# Operation Overlord would be launched during May 1944, in conjunction with an operation against southern France.
# Disconnected operation for mobile computing
# Continued operation during partial network failures in server network
# Objective ( Direct every military operation towards a clearly defined, decisive, and attainable objective )
# REDIRECT Commercial vehicle operation
# REDIRECT Commercial vehicle operation
# redirect recoil operation

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