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Its and unusual
Its distance is unusual for a naked-eye star.
Its reproductive success is partly because of opportunistic feeding: it has a diet, unusual among anurans, of both dead and living matter.
Its sweat glands can be found in its haired skin surface, an unusual trait among rodents.
Its program in the sciences is likewise unusual – Reed's TRIGA research reactor makes it the only school in the United States to have a nuclear reactor operated entirely by undergraduates.
Its trajectory was designed to take advantage of an unusual alignment of the planets ( that occurs once every 177 years ) that allowed one space probe to fly by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, if everything went well.
Its unusual name, coined by Thomas Carlyle in 1858, refers to an ear severed from Robert Jenkins, captain of a British merchant ship.
Its main goal is to give an overview of the subject but, unusual for a popular science book, it also attempts to explain some complex mathematics.
Its summit, an alpine area above the tree line, is a nearly flat plateau about 13 km ( 8 mi ) across composed of serpentine bedrock and supporting a quite unusual flora.
Its unusual architecture and innovative communications solutions qualify him among the most interesting sights of the city.
Its onion dome is highly unusual for Northern Germany.
Its replacement, constructed by Roger Bigod, the Earl of Norfolk, was unusual for the time in having no central keep, but instead using a curtain wall with thirteen mural towers to defend the centre of the castle.
Its rare and unusual phonographs include models by Thomas A. Edison.
Its Classic Revival style, fashionable for private residences in the Bay Area at the time, was unusual for naval base housing.
Its grave is marked by an unusual stone, also known locally as the " Donkey Stone ".
Its ingredients include coriander and salt, which are unusual for German beers.
Its all welded construction was very unusual for the cycle industry at the time, and many years were to pass before other manufacturers adopted this method.
Its unusual mid-span height was a requirement of the New Jersey ports.
Its name originated because steel, instead of wrought iron, was used in its construction, very unusual for the time.
Its growth form is unusual in that it tends to spread by runners, offset from the parent plant by several centimeters.
Its unusual karst topography hillsides have often been compared to those at Halong Bay, Vietnam.
Its unusual cell wall, rich in lipids ( e. g., mycolic acid ), is likely responsible for this resistance and is a key virulence factor.
Its other famous landmark is the Fairhaven United Reformed Church, which is of unusual design, being built in Byzantine style and faced with glazed white tiles, and commonly known as the White Church.
Its plain, stark orange color and unusual fonts went against conventional design aesthetics.
Its many unusual locales include an intricately designed space station, and a 3D network of underground caverns.

Its and rock
Its focus is on individual moves or short sequences of moves, unlike traditional climbing or sport climbing, which generally demand more endurance over longer stretches of rock where the difficulty of individual moves is not as great.
Its blue sandstonish rock affords an opportunity to experience the use of smear holds while only a short bike ride away, Boulder Canyon provides Schawangunk-like edging on grey rock with its own plethora of bouldering and short climbs.
Its apparently solid ground is no rock, but thin air.
By the early 20th century Rock-paper-scissors had spread beyond Asia, especially through increased Japanese contact with the west. Its English-language name is therefore taken from a translation of the names of the three Japanese hand-gestures for rock, paper and scissors: elsewhere in Asia the open-palm gesture represents " cloth " rather than " paper ".
Its twenty-five ton capstone was most likely a glacial erratic ( a piece of rock / conglomerate carried by glacial ice some distance from the rock outcrop from which it came ), which the builders dug beneath and supported with upright stones to create a burial chamber.
Its probable derivation from depths greater than any other igneous rock type, and the extreme magma composition that it reflects in terms of low silica content and high levels of incompatible trace element enrichment, make an understanding of kimberlite petrogenesis important.
Its 1978 debut album, Van Halen — featuring guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony — is widely considered to be among the most " original " and " revolutionary " albums to " change rock and roll.
Its name is believed to be derived from something similar to " Part haella " meaning " split rock ".
Its format is progressive rock and string orchestra, using narration and leitmotifs to carry the story via rhyming melodic lyrics that express the feelings of the various characters.
Its name is derived from the Choctaw language, and means " red rock.
Its first single Nazaj ( Back ) featured legendary slovene rock and soul singer Janez Bončina Benč, that came to his fame in the mid seventies.
Its closest relative in the Columba genus is the Hill Pigeon, followed by the other rock pigeons: the Snow, Speckled and White-collared Pigeons.
Its combination of a simple heavy guitar riff and flirtatious lyrics helped it to quickly become a garage rock standard.
Its sound, the product of the musical influences of its numerous members, is an eclectic mix of traditional ska, jazz, and rock.
For instance, " The National Anthem " opens with radio transmissions, has a harder " fuzz bass " guitar sound and lacks the horns and free jazz ending of the studio version ; " I Might Be Wrong " emphasizes the rhythm section and is more of a rock tune ; " Morning Bell " is driven by Phil Selway's live drums rather than a drum machine ; " Idioteque " builds into a frenzied audience singalong ; " Dollars and Cents " replaces strings with synthesisers and ends with a guitar coda not heard on the album ; while " Everything in Its Right Place " is about three-and-a-half minutes longer, and makes use of improvised effects on a Korg Kaoss Pad.
Its fatalistic tone contrasted vividly with the sugary pop ballads and rock & roll just starting to dominate the charts at the time:
Its Chart Dozen ( Чартова дюжина ) is the main rock chart in Russia, and its Nashestvie rock festival attracts around 100, 000 fans annually and was dubbed " Russian Woodstock " by the media.
Its efforts to organize both hard rock miners and smelter workers brought it into sharp conflicts – and often pitched battles – with both employers and governmental authorities.
* Salty Dog ( band ), a hard rock / blues / sleaze band that released one album in 1990 Every Dog Has Its Day
Its membership embraces music styles including classical, bluegrass, go-go, R & B, reggae, jazz, rock, folk and electronic.
Its Cornish language name — literally, " the grey rock in the wood " — may represent a folk memory of a time before Mount's Bay was flooded.

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