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J and .
The theory predicts a linear dependence of Af on Af, where J is the experimentally determined Curie-Weiss constant.
The Stanford Achievement Test, Form J, was administered by classroom teachers, consisting of a battery of six sub-tests: Paragraph Meaning, Word Meaning, Spelling, Language, Arithmetic Computation, and Arithmetic Reasoning.
It is, of course, easy to see how `` J '' will mean Uncle Jack to one person and little Jane to another.
* Ackrill J. L. ( 2010 ).
* Barnes J.
* Loux, Michael J.
* in J. Barnes, M. Schofield, and R. R. K. Sorabji, eds .( 1975 ).
Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman, neuroscientists at the National Institutes of Health and LABS-D ' Or Hospital Network ( J. M.
H. J.
* J. L. Austin ( 1911 – 1960 ), British philosopher
* Miranda J.
This design-based analysis was discussed and developed by Francis J. Anscombe at Rothamsted Experimental Station and by Oscar Kempthorne at Iowa State University.
* Animal ( 2005 film ), US film by David J. Burke with Ving Rhames and Terrance Howard
Gen. Gideon J. Pillow, who had been initially in command in Tennessee as that State's top general.

J and Thomas
In American history important spokesmen included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur ( 1735 – 1813 ), and John Taylor of Caroline ( 1753 – 1824 ) in the early national period.
" Through Methodism, Wesley's teachings also inspire a large scholarly following, with vocal proponents including J. Kenneth Grider, Stanley Hauerwas, Thomas Oden, Thomas Jay Oord, and William Willimon.
* 1942 – B. J. Thomas, American singer
* 1944 – Thomas J. Murphy, Jr., American politician
* 1939 – Thomas J. Moyer, American judge
Although he had left the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, he remained closely connected to its management, namely Thomas A. Scott and J. Edgar Thomson.
by Thomas J. Sienkewicz and James E. Betts.
by Thomas J. Dunlap ), University of California Press, 1988, ISBN 0-520-06983-8
* Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. ( 1973 ) – Three-term mayor of Pittsburgh, PA, 1994 – 2006
The main magazine of this group from 1884 – 1957 was The Fraternal Visitor, whose editors included J. J. Bishop and J. J. Hadley ( d. 1912 ), then Thomas Turner, and finally Cyril Cooper ( till reunion in 1957 ).
* Thomas J. Dreibrodt ( 2000 ): Lang lebe das neue Fleisch.
In literature and journalism, Dartmouth has produced nine Pulitzer Prize winners: Thomas M. Burton, Richard Eberhart, Robert Frost, Paul Gigot, Jake Hooker, Nigel Jaquiss, Martin J. Sherwin, David K. Shipler, and Joseph Rago.
In May 1948 Thomas and his family moved to his final home, the Boat House at Laugharne purchased for him at a cost of £ 2, 500 in April 1949 by Margaret Taylor, first wife of historian A. J. P. Taylor.
In the 1890s, Thomas J. J.
In 1969, Sullivan presented the Jackson 5 with their first single " I Want You Back ", which ousted the B. J. Thomas song from the top spot of Billboard's pop charts.
In Shakespeare Identified, published in 1920, J. Thomas Looney, an English schoolteacher, proposed Oxford as a candidate for the authorship of Shakespeare's works.
* 3 May: Patrick Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh and Thomas J. Clarke
* Thomas J. Moore.
* Thomas J. Miller, US Ambassador to Greece, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

J and Looney
The Oxford theory was first proposed by J. Thomas Looney in his 1920 book Shakespeare Identified in Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.
In the opinion of J. Thomas Looney, as " far as forms of versification are concerned De Vere presents just that rich variety which is so noticeable in Shakespeare ; and almost all the forms he employs we find reproduced in the Shakespeare work.
Ma Baby " in a reference to Michigan J. Frog in the Warner Brothers Looney Tune " One Froggy Evening " ( including using the audio from the cartoon ) before zipping away.
Marvin was also cast as the referee in Space Jam ( though he did not stay to referee the whole game due to Bupkus beating him up ), and then later had a major villainous role in Looney Tunes: Back in Action where he was hired by the ACME chairman, Mr. Luther J.
Sylvester J. Pussycat, Sr., Sylvester the Cat or simply Sylvester, or Puddy Tat, is a fictional character, a three-time Academy Award-winning anthropomorphic Tuxedo cat in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies repertory, often chasing Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales, or Hippety Hopper.
Andrew J. Looney ( born November 5, 1963 ), better known as Andy Looney, is an award-winning game designer and computer programmer.
In that spirit, the following list of recurring semi-regulars ( and a few one-shots ) are unreferenced: Tobacco Rhoda, Joan L. Sullivan, Romeo McHaystack, Hamfat Gooch, Global McBlimp, Concertino Constipato, Jinx Rasputinburg, J. Sweetbody Goodpants, Reactionary J. Repugnant, B. Fowler McNest, Fleabrain, Stubborn P. Tolliver, Idiot J. Tolliver, Battling McNoodnik, Mayor Dan ' l Dawgmeat, Slobberlips McJab, One-Fault Jones, Swami Riva, Olman Riva, Sir Orble Gasse-Payne, Black Rufe, Mickey Looney, " Ironpants " Bailey, Henry Cabbage Cod, Flash Boredom, Priceless and Liceless, Hopeless and Soapless, Disgustin ' Jones, Skelton McCloset, Hawg McCall, " Good old " Bedly Damp ... and a host of others.
* J. Thomas Looney, ( 1870 – 1944 ), died in Swadlincote
Michigan J. Frog is an animated cartoon character who debuted in the Looney Tunes cartoon One Froggy Evening ( December 31, 1955 ), written by Michael Maltese and directed by Chuck Jones.
* J. Thomas Looney ( 1870 – 1944 ), originator of the Oxfordian theory regarding the authorship of Shakespeare's plays
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Announcer Tomm Looney was the announcer for the show's entire run and currently does sports updates and co-hosting on J. T. the Brick's show on Fox Sports Radio.
Milton J. Franklyn ( September 16, 1897, New York – April 24, 1962, Los Angeles ) was a musical composer and arranger who worked on the Warner Bros .' Looney Tunes animated cartoons.
* Michigan J. Frog, a Looney Tunes cartoon character
Other Looney Tunes characters make cameo appearances, including Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Tasmanian Devil, Pepe Le Pew, Beaky Buzzard, Babbit and Catstello, Hubie and Bertie, Witch Hazel, Michigan J. Frog, Rocky and Mugsy, Marvin the Martian, Hippety Hopper, Gossamer, Count Blood Count, Cecil Turtle, Nasty Canasta, The Crusher, Pete Puma, Goofy Gophers, and latter-day Warner cartoon star Cool Cat who appears in some form in most of the episodes.

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