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Jacob and Piatt
Jacob Piatt Dunn published The Word Hoosier in 1907, a serious study into the origin of the term " Hoosier " as a term used to describe the citizens of Indiana.
Jacob Piatt Dunn, with whom Marshall wrote a proposed constitution for Indiana
He and Jacob Piatt Dunn, a close friend and civic leader, wrote a new constitution that increased the state's regulatory powers considerably, set minimum wages, and gave constitutional protections to unions.
* Piatt brothers Daniel, William and Jacob
He funded it with $ 500 of his personal money, land donated by his father William Lytle, and $ 500 he solicited from a group of prominent first citizens of Cincinnati ( John H. Piatt, David E. Wade, Ethan Stone, William Corry, John H. Lytle, Gen. James Findlay, Andrew Mack, Jacob Burnet ).
Early state historians, like Jacob Piatt Dunn and William Woollen, gave Jennings high praise and credited him with the defeat of the pro-slavery forces in Indiana and with laying the foundation of the state.
The state ’ s early historians, like William Woollen and Jacob Piatt Dunn, wrote of Jennings in an almost mythical manner and focused on the strong positive leadership he provided Indiana in its formative years.
Jacob Piatt Dunn, the preeminent Indiana historian of the time, consulted several history and arrived at the conclusion that the sun was rising.

Jacob and Dunn
Jacob Dunn and Levi Clawson, both from Newton, New Jersey, were the first to purchase land here in 1835 and to then settle.
In 1933, Dunn married Lady Mary Sybil St. Clair-Erskine, daughter of James St Clair-Erskine, 5th Earl of Rosslyn, with whom he had two daughters: Serena Mary ( b. 28 April 1934 ), who married Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild ; and Nell Mary, Mrs. Jeremy Sandford ( born 9 June 1936 ), who became a playwright and author.

Jacob and longtime
Albert " The Mad Hatter " Anastasia was the troupe's operating head, or " Lord High Executioner ", assisted by Lepke's longtime associate Jacob " Gurrah " Shapiro.
The school's longtime dean, Jacob Diner, was also Jewish.

Jacob and secretary
His father-in-law was Jacob Theodor Klein ( 1685 – 1759 ), a city secretary and also a very distinguished scientist, nicknamed Gedanensium Plinius.
He was appointed assistant secretary to the new Governor of Penang in 1805 and married Olivia Mariamne Fancourt, a widow who was formerly married to Jacob Cassivelaun Fancourt, an assistant surgeon in Madras who had died in 1800.
The Academy's secretary Jacob Faggot appended a miscalculated set of pitches to the article, and these figures were reproduced by Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg in Versuch über die musikalische Temperatur in 1776.
Vallejo, his French secretary Victor Prudon, his brother Salvador Vallejo, and their brother-in-law Jacob P. Leese were taken as prisoners to John C. Frémont's camp in the Central Valley.
Martyn was one of the founders ( with Johann Jacob Dillenius and others ) and the secretary of a botanical society which met for a few years in the Rainbow coffee-house, Watling Street ; he also started the Grub Street Journal, a weekly satirical review, which lasted from 1730 to 1737.
A committee of four members – Andries Hessels, greffier ( secretary ) of the States of Brabant ; Jacques Tayaert, pensionary of the city of Ghent ; Jacob Valcke, pensionary of the city of Ter Goes ( now Goes ); and Pieter van Dieven ( also known as Petrus Divaeus ), pensionary of the city of Mechelen – was charged with drafting what was to become the Act of Abjuration.
The cartoon depicts a scene where the ANC president's ( Jacob Zuma ) staunchest supporters ( ANC Youth League president Julius Malema, secretary general of the ANC-Gwede Mantashe, SACP secretary general Blade Nzimande and Cosatu secretary general Zwelinzima Vavi ) are holding down Lady Justice, while Jacob Zuma is in a state of undress getting ready to " rape " Lady Justice.
The club later moved to the Fountain Tavern on The Strand ( now the site of Simpson's-in-the-Strand ), and latterly into a room especially built for the purpose at Barn Elms, the home of the secretary Jacob Tonson.
Party decision-making in the first year was handled by ILGWU executive secretary Fred Umhey, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union's Jacob Potofsky, and Alex Rose of the Milliners '.
COSATU's secretary general, Zwelinzima Vavi, has described Jacob Zuma's government as a " predator society.
* Jacob ha-Levi Lipschitz ( Spektor's secretary for twenty-six years ), Toledot Yiẓḥaḳ, Warsaw, 1897 ( in Yiddish, Gaon Yiẓḥaḳ, Wilna, 1899 );
" The two Jacobs ", says Jonathan Swift to Esther Johnson, " think it I who have made the secretary take from them the printing of the Gazette, which they are going to lose .... Jacob came to me t ' other day to make his court ; but I told him it was too late, and that it was not my doing.
The two sons, grandson, and grandson-in-law of President Jacob Gould Schurman were members, as was his private secretary.
According to a marker that was placed on the original bridge, the architect was Maj. Salmon Wheat, a farmer who lived near the present village of Howells ; and directors of the company were Jacob Powell, president ; George Manell, treasurer ; William H. Veller, secretary ; Jonathan Hedges, a Newburgh physician ; Charles Clinton ; Levi Dodge ; Daniel Stringham ; Jonathan Fisk, a Newburgh attorney ; Cyprian Webster, Jr .; Reuben Neely, member of New York State Assembly ; Daniel C. Verplank of Fishkill ; Hamilton Morrison, later a Commissoner of Common Schools for the Town of New Windsor ; and David Crawford, a Hudson River boat captain whose former residence now houses the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands.

Jacob and Indiana
In this story, a veteran of the Napoleonic wars, Col. John Jacob Lehmanowsky, settled in Indiana later in life and gave lectures on the " Wars of Europe " in which he extolled the virtues of the hussars, which his audience heard as " hoosiers ".
It was organized in 1813 and was named for Captain Jacob Warrick, an Indiana militia company commander killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.
The community and lake was built by land developer James Jacob Rupel, who was active in the Greater Dayton area and Indiana for over 50 years and the former owner of Centre City Building and the Carillon House in Downtown Dayton.
In 1816, Cloverport ferryman Jacob Weatherholt piloted the family of Abraham Lincoln, then a lad of seven, along with his parents, Thomas and Nancy, across the Ohio River as the family left Kentucky to move to a newly-acquired farm in Spencer County, Indiana.
He was the only child of Jacob Grant Hollenbeck ( 1867 – May 2, 1939 ), the ticket-clerk son of a grocer from an Indiana farming family, and his wife, the former Mabel A. Parmelee ( aka " Parmalee " or " Parmallee "; March 24, 1869 – October 17, 1960 ), the daughter of David Parmelee, a railroad conductor.
In 1888 Jacob Baur of Terre Haute, Indiana founded the Liquid Carbonics Manufacturing Company in Chicago, becoming the Midwest's first manufacturer of liquefied carbon dioxide.
Jacob Cox ( November 9, 1810 – January 2, 1892 ) was a landscape and portrait painter in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
* Jacob, Elin K. and Loehrlein, Aaron ( Indiana University, Bloomington, USA ).
Meeker was born in Huntsville, Ohio, to Jacob and Phoebe Meeker ; his family relocated to Indiana in 1840.
Jacob Worrell, the youngest of the three, is at Indiana Wesleyan.

Jacob and Historical
* Jacob Bailey Moore ( 1797 – 1853 ), newspaper editor, founder and first librarian of New Hampshire Historical Society
The Jacob J. Blauvelt house and its four remaining acres of land had been in the Blauvelt family since the time it was built, in 1832, up until when it was acquired by the Historical Society of Rockland County in 1970.
Shortly after other men started settling in the area ( according the Delaware Historical Society )- Moses Byxbe, William Little, Solomon Smith, and Elder Jacob Drake, Thomas Butler, and Ira Carpenter began building in the area.
De Wette, Jacob Burckhardt, and the Theological Origins of Nineteenth-Century Historical Consciousness, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
Jacob V. Brower, a land surveyor and president of the Minnesota Historical Society, after spending five months exploring the lakes, claimed that the lakes and streams further south of Lake Itasca were not the true source of the Mississippi because they were " too small.
* Maltz, Earl M., “ Radical Politics and Constitutional Theory: Senator Jacob M. Howard of Michigan and the Problem of Reconstruction ,” Michigan Historical Review, 32 ( Spring 2006 ), 19 – 32.
*‘ of H. T. Lambrick, John Jacob of Jacobland ’, English Historical Review, LXXIX ( January 1964 ).
Historical figures such as Lincoln Steffens, Jacob Riis, Anthony Comstock, and J. Pierpont Morgan appear briefly in the novel and interact with the fictional characters.
* The Peraltas and Their Houses, by Jacob N. Bowman, published by the Alameda County Historical Society ( 2001 )

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