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James and Colin
The 2009 novel Blood's a Rover by James Ellroy takes its title from Housman's poem " Reveille ", and a line from Housman's poem XVI " How Clear, How Lovely Bright ", was used for the title of the last Inspector Morse book The Remorseful Day by Colin Dexter.
Compositions for four double basses exist by Gunther Schuller, Jacob Druckman, James Tenney, Robert Ceely, Jan Alm, Bernhard Alt, Norman Ludwin, Frank Proto, Joseph Lauber, Erich Hartmann, Colin Brumby, Miloslav Gajdos and Theodore Albin Findeisen.
Other names connected to the city include Max Born, physicist and Nobel laureate ; Charles Darwin, the biologist who discovered natural selection ; David Hume, a philosopher, economist and historian ; James Hutton, regarded as the " Father of Geology "; John Napier inventor of logarithms ; chemist and one of the founders of thermodynamics Joseph Black ; pioneering medical researchers Joseph Lister and James Young Simpson ; chemist and discoverer of the element nitrogen, Daniel Rutherford ; mathematician and developer of the Maclaurin series, Colin Maclaurin and Ian Wilmut, the geneticist involved in the cloning of Dolly the sheep just outside Edinburgh.
Well-known currently active British actors and actresses include: Gemma Arterton, Rowan Atkinson, Christian Bale, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kate Beckinsale, Paul Bettany, Orlando Bloom, Emily Blunt, Helena Bonham Carter, Kenneth Branagh, Jim Broadbent, Daniel Craig, Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Rupert Everett, Ralph Fiennes, Colin Firth, Michael Gambon, Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons, Ben Kingsley, Keira Knightley, Hugh Laurie, Jude Law, James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Thandie Newton, Bill Nighy, Gary Oldman, Clive Owen, Robert Pattinson, Daniel Radcliffe, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Alan Rickman, Tim Roth, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jason Statham, Patrick Stewart, Alex Pettyfer, Gerard Butler, Emma Thompson, Emma Watson, Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet, Tom Hiddleston, Ray Winstone and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Notable graduates include former U. S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell, U. S. Senator John McCain, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Wesley Clark, former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace and Hugh Shelton, former National Security Advisor and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe James L. Jones, former U. S Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki, former U. S. Chief of Naval Operations Elmo Zumwalt, retired Air Force General Arnold W. Braswell, U. S. Ambassador to Russia John Beyrle, World War II submarine officer and best-selling novelist Edward L. Beach, Jr., former military aide to President John F. Kennedy Godfrey McHugh, murdered U. S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, and U. S. Air Force Chief of Staff Norton A. Schwartz.
More infrequent visitors included Percy Bates, Charles Leslie Wrenn, Colin Hardie, James Dundas-Grant, John David Arnett, Jon Fromke, John Wain, R. B. McCallum, Gervase Mathew, and C. E. Stevens.
* Fuse ( Colin James album ), a 2000 album by Colin James
* Timms, Colin, Nigel Fortune, Malcolm Boyd, Friedhelm Krummacher, David Tunley, James R. Goodall, and Juan José Carreras.
The cast includes Margaret Colin ( Lady Croom ), Billy Crudup ( Bernard Nightingale ), Raúl Esparza ( Valentine Coverly ), Glenn Fleshler ( Captain Brice ), Grace Gummer ( Chloë Coverly ), Edward James Hyland ( Jellaby ), Byron Jennings ( Richard Noakes ), Bel Powley ( Thomasina Coverly ), Tom Riley ( Septimus Hodge ), Noah Robbins ( Gus Coverly / Augustus Coverly ), David Turner ( Ezra Chater ), and Lia Williams ( Hannah Jarvis ).
As of 2012, the selection committee consists of: co-chairmen James M. Gregory and Pat Quinn as well as Scotty Bowman, David Branch, Brian Burke, Colin Campbell, John Davidson, Eric Duhatschek, Mike Emrick, Michael Farber, Marc de Foy, Mike Gartner, Anders Hedberg, Igor Larionov, Lanny McDonald, Serge Savard, Peter Stastny and Bill Torrey.
* Colin James Townsley-London Fire Brigade station officer
* 1982: Blues Alive VHS ( re-released on DVD in 2004 as Jammin ' With the Blues Greats ), a concert filmed in June 1982 at New Jersey's Capitol Theater with a lineup of Mayall, Mick Taylor, John McVie, and Colin Allen, and guests Etta James, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, and Albert King
** James Mallinson ( producer ), Simon Rhodes ( engineer ), Colin Davis ( conductor ), Michelle DeYoung, Ben Heppner, Petra Lang, Peter Mattei, Stephen Milling, Sara Mingardo, Kenneth Tarver & the London Symphony Orchestra for Berlioz: Les Troyens
** James Mallinson ( producer ), Simon Rhodes ( engineer ), Colin Davis ( conductor ), Michelle DeYoung, Ben Heppner, Petra Lang, Peter Mattei, Stephen Milling, Sara Mingardo, Kenneth Tarver & the London Symphony Orchestra & Chorus for Berlioz: Les Troyens
There is a statue of him ( leaning over his desk ) by James Walter Butler ( bronze, 18 September 1998 ) located in the canal basin by Leicester Row, Coventry, and another by Colin Melbourne ( bronze, 20 July 1990 ) in Lower Bedford Street, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent, at the junction of the Trent and Mersey Canal with the Caldon Canal, opposite Etruria Industrial Museum.
* " The Diceman " is the alias used for certain projects of Colin James ( Jolly James, Gregg Retch, formerly of Meat Beat Manifesto )
" Kim Wilson, Jeff Healey, Charlie Sexton, ZZ Top, Colin James, and Buddy Guy attended the event.
Cover artists of Moondance songs include: The Allman Brothers Band, Michael Bolton, Michael Bublé, Vicki Carr, Paul Carrack, Joe Cocker, Rita Coolidge, The Dead, Glen Hansard, Colin James, Helen Reddy, Rod Stewart and The Wallflowers.
* Merlin ( TV series ), also known as The Adventures of Merlin, starring Colin Morgan and Bradley James
Colin James Farrell ( born 31 May 1976 ) is an Irish actor, who has appeared in such films as Tigerland, Miami Vice, Minority Report, Phone Booth, The Recruit, Alexander, S. W. A. T., and the 2012 Total Recall remake.

James and Ramsey
* Dutiful Son: Louis W. Hill Sr. Book, Book about Louis W. Hill Sr., son and successor of empire builder James J. Hill at Ramsey County Historical Society.
Notable exceptions include RUC Chief Constable Sir James Flanagan KBE ( Derry ), Deputy Chief Constable Michael McAtamney, Assistant Chief Constable Cathal Ramsey, Chief Superintendent Frank Lagan as well as RUC Superintendents Kevin Benedict Sheehy ( Glengormley ) and Brendan McGuigan.
* James R. Ramsey, President University of Louisville
* Dutiful Son: Louis W. Hill Sr. Book, Book about Louis W. Hill Sr., son and successor of empire builder James J. Hill at Ramsey County Historical Society.
* " Away In A Manger " w. anon m. James Ramsey Murray
Rabi chaired Columbia's physics department from 1945 to 1949, during which time it was home to two Nobel Laureates ( Rabi and Enrico Fermi ) and eleven future laureates, including seven faculty ( Polykarp Kusch, Willis Lamb, Maria Goeppert-Mayer, James Rainwater, Norman Ramsey, Charles Townes and Hideki Yukawa ), a research scientist ( Aage Bohr ), a visiting professor ( Hans Bethe ), a doctoral student ( Leon Lederman ) and an undergrad ( Leon Cooper ).
In 1976, Moynihan was elected to the U. S. Senate from the State of New York, defeating U. S. Representative Bella Abzug, Ramsey Clark, Paul O ' Dwyer and Abraham Hirschfeld in the Democratic primary, and Conservative Party incumbent James L. Buckley in the general election.
Put in alphabetical order: John Sullivan, Nathaniel Ramsey, Aaron Burr, Isaac Huger, William Stephens Smith, James Lingan, Henry Lee III, Lachlan McIntosh, William Jackson and several of the first U. S. Marshals, including Robert Forsyth and Allan Maclane.
Her early affiliation with the legendary Chicago-based Chess Records afforded her the opportunity to sing backup for various established artists such as Etta James, Fontella Bass, Ramsey Lewis, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and Muddy Waters.
Former Franklinites appointed to lower government offices included Joseph Hardin, William Cage, James White, Dr. James White and Francis Alexander Ramsey.
While Pitino's contract allows for his firing for " acts of moral depravity or misconduct that damages the university's reputation ," University of Louisville president James Ramsey announced on August 13 that Pitino would be retained in his position.
* James Ramsey ( 1920 – 1921 )
Other actors include: Willie Aames, Anne Archer, Parley Baer, Jonathan Banks, Don " Red " Barry, Billy Barty, Richard Basehart, Ralph Bellamy, Lucille Benson, Ray Bolger, Ernest Borgnine, Todd Bridges, Joshua Bryant, Red Buttons, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Tom Clancy, Matt Clark, Jeff Corey, Nicolas Coster, Johnny Crawford, James Cromwell, David Faustino, Gil Gerard, Louis Gossett, Jr., Mariette Hartley, Eileen Heckart, Arthur Hill, John Hillerman, Rance Howard, Ernie Hudson, Rick Hurst, John Ireland, Burl Ives, Richard Jaeckel, Celia Kaye, Tom Lester, Robert Loggia, Mike Lookinland, Chuck McCann, Jan Merlin, Richard Mulligan, Patricia Neal, Georg Olden, Sean Penn ( uncredited ), Chris Petersen, Bill Quinn, Anne Ramsey, Madeleine Stowe, Ford Rainey, Kim Richards, Bing Russell, William Schallert, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Ronnie Scribner, Paula Shaw, Eric Shea, Raymond St. Jacques, Liam Sullivan, and Dolph Sweet.
* Prof James B. Ramsey, Professor of Economics at New York Univiersity
* James R. Ramsey, president of the University of Louisville.
Ramsey was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, to Mary Jane ( née Bennett ) and James Dudley " Jay " Ramsey.
Argo become well known for its jazz offerings and jazz performers affiliated with the label included Ahmad Jamal, James Moody, King Fleming, Sonny Stitt and the Ramsey Lewis Trio.
The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith was established in 1928 as an extension of the public school system in Fort Smith, Arkansas, with the superintendent, James William Ramsey, acting as the college president and the high school principal as dean.
Those in the Karamu ranks include some of Cleveland's native-born ; Norma Powell, Charles Brown, Darnell Suttles, Lucia & Licia Colombi, Brenda Butler, Willie Goodson, Larry Bey, Mary Dorsey, Kevin Willingham, Jean " Granny " Hawkins, Mary Connley-Dismuke, Al Kirk, Cornell Calhoune, Sue H. Johnson, Hank Marone, Steve Larry, Calvin Thomas, Al Fann, Conni Blair, Dale R. Shields, Debra Byrd, Sarah May, Gina Taylor, Wayne Elbert, Joe Lynn, Tony Sanders, Valerie Robinson, Tyrone Jenkins, Jackie Thompson, Willie Boyd, Evelyn Irby, Robert Williams, Jeff & Denise Doggett, " Mississippi " Charles Bevel, Prestor Pickett, Yvetta, Rezina, Vaness Bell-Calloway, Reuben & Dorothy Silvers, Rick Williams, Greg Deltorto, Asante Jones, Brandi Amin, Dianne Weaver, Felton Richards, Buddy Butler, Matthew Dickens, Angela Winborn, Richard Morris, Willie Gipson, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Mike Malone, Joyce Meadows, Gwen Frost, Tracie Rose, Reggie Kelly, Gwen Wright, Adora & Eric Schmiedl, Trish Johnson, Anthony Talley, Jack Robinson, Kathy Bibbs, Allen Johnson, Parks Taylor, JoAnn Hawkins, Tora Bey, Dorae Vactor, Tshombe, Eddie Baccus Sr. & jr., Kalief Haynes, Morgan Lund, Michael Bell, Sr., Desmond Storm E Jones, Kenny Johnson, John Lynch, Kenneth Parker, William & Sandra True, Sandy Bass, Lawerence Maurice, Calvin Knight, Marcus Dana, Kyle Primous, Don Evans, Vickie Buster, Butch Terry, Charles Robinson, Leroy Jones, Brenda Butler, Kenny Bell, Kathy Walker, Chico, Michael Metcalf, Anthony E. Nickerson-El, James Spriggs, Reggie Kelly, Trish Johnson, Sheraine Newman, Linda Thomas Jones, Eva Withers-Evans, Hassan Rogers, Michael May, Shelia Ramsey, Caroline Jackson-Smith, Ron Hester, Reyno Crayton, Doug Jewell, Bill Cobbs, Lillie Brown-Oden, Daniel Kontar-Gray, and countless others, far too many to mention ...
* Dead Rising-Ed Deluca, James Ramsey, Sam Franklin, Additional voices ( as Dave Wittenburg )
On the next play, Redskins quarterback Patrick Ramsey threw a touchdown pass to James Thrash.
* James Almanzar ... Sheriff Ramsey

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