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Janet and Maslin
In her review for the New York Times, Janet Maslin praised, " Mr. Campbell's manly, mock-heroic posturing is perfectly in keeping with the director's droll outlook ".
Referring to his 1991 film releases, The New York Times ’ critic, Janet Maslin, praised Reeves ’ versatility, saying that he “ displays considerable discipline and range.
Critic Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote that the film was the greatest adaptation of the novel and remarked on Dunst's performance, " The perfect contrast to take-charge Jo comes from Kirsten Dunst's scene-stealing Amy, whose vanity and twinkling mischief make so much more sense coming from an 11-year-old vixen than they did from grown-up Joan Bennett in 1933.
Janet Maslin of The New York Times said: " Generations is predictably flabby and impenetrable in places, but it has enough pomp, spectacle and high-tech small talk to keep the franchise afloat.
Janet Maslin praised Bridges ' performance in her review for The New York Times: " Mr. Bridges finds a role so right for him that he seems never to have been anywhere else.
" The New York Times ' Janet Maslin wrote, " The Professional is much too sentimental to sound shockingly amoral in the least.
In her New York Times review Janet Maslin wrote, Natalie Portman got film's " archest dialogue ", and called her " a budding knockout, and scene-stealingly good even in an overly showy role.
Janet Maslin wrote a strongly positive review in the New York Times, describing the film as " a delightful and witty compendium of the film maker's favorite things.
Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote that film was " the best and funniest Clint Eastwood movie in quite a while ", and praised Eastwood's directing and the way he intricately juxtaposes the old West and the new.
Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote that the film marked the highest point of Eastwood's directing career, and the film has since been cited as one of his most underrated directorial achievements.
The film received a mixed reception, with Janet Maslin of The New York Times writing, " his direction is galvanized by a sense of second chances and tragic misunderstandings, and by contrasting a larger sense of justice with the peculiar minutiae of crime.
Janet Maslin in The New York Times said Spacey was at his " wittiest and most agile " to date, and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times singled Spacey out for successfully portraying a man who " does reckless and foolish things who doesn't deceive himself ".
Janet Maslin of The New York Times called it " as breezily escapist as a film this facile can be " and added, " Ms. MacDowell ... has a lovely, demure ease that makes George's appreciative gaze quite understandable.
In her review in The New York Times, Janet Maslin called the film a " romantic comedy with barely a laugh or a spark, and with a pace that makes it feel longer than Mr. Kasdan's previous work, Wyatt Earp.
New York Times critic Janet Maslin praised DiCaprio's performance, writing " the film's real show-stopping turn comes from Mr. DiCaprio, who makes Arnie's many tics so startling and vivid that at first he is difficult to watch.
Janet Maslin, in a review of an Addams biography for The New York Times, wrote, " Addams's persona sounds cooked up for the benefit of feature writers ... was at least partly a character contrived for the public eye ," noting that one outré publicity photo showed the humorist wearing a suit of armor at home, " but the shelves behind him hold books about painting and antiques, as well as a novel by John Updike.
Janet Maslin of the New York Times called it Almodóvar's " best film by far ," noting he " presents this womanly melodrama with an empathy to recall George Cukor's and an eye-dampening intensity to out-Sirk Douglas Sirk.
Sixty years later, Janet Maslin called it " one of the most haunting of all war films " and an " oasis of subtlety, moral intelligence and deep emotion on the cinematic landscape "; according to Maslin:
In August 1999, Rialto Pictures re-released the film in the United States, based on the Cinematheque negative found in Toulouse ; after watching the new print at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, Janet Maslin called it " beautifully refurbished " and " especially lucid.
As noted by the New York Times reviewer Janet Maslin " Yes, there are enough spilled guts and severed limbs to satisfy the bloodthirstiest fan.
Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote negatively of the film and stated that the beginning of the movie " is the only part of the film that is remotely engaging.
Although Janet Maslin of The New York Times admitted the film's plot was " demented ", she wrote that the film " has done a great deal to ensure the series ' longevity.
" Janet Maslin of The New York Times also gave a positive review.
In her review for The New York Times, Janet Maslin wrote, " Mr. Hopper finds nice new ways to convey crazy menace with each new role.

Janet and writing
" Janet Malcolm interviewed Masson at length when writing her long New Yorker article on this controversy, which she later expanded into In the Freud Archives, a book that also dealt with Eissler and Peter Swales.
According to his widow Janet Asimov ( in her biography of Isaac, It's Been a Good Life ), he had no idea how to continue after Foundation and Earth, so he started writing the prequels.
Janet Maslin, writing for the New York Times, felt that much of the film was absurd but that Jon Voight's performance was excellent, and she credits the film for " crude energy and bravado ".
In 1995 there was a made-for-TV film, which was generally well-received, with critics like the New York Times ' Janet Maslin writing that this screen version " gets it exactly right.
Janet Maslin, writing in The New York Times, was broadly praising of the film, saying she thought that Never Say Never Again " has noticeably more humor and character than the Bond films usually provide.
New York Times film critic Janet Maslin praised DiCaprio's performance, writing " the film's real show-stopping turn comes from Mr. DiCaprio, who makes Arnie's many tics so startling and vivid that at first he is difficult to watch ....
She is also known for writing both comedic and dramatic series, which first started when the executives at Search for Tomorrow hired her as a writer in 1980, while she was still playing the role of Janet.
The latter is the theory proposed by Janet Flanner, writing as Genêt, in her " Letter from Paris " column in the New Yorker.
Janet Maslin from The New York Times agreed, writing that Coppola, known for his dark approach on his previous films, " found the directorial range to actually make a feel-good movie.
" Janet Maslin, writing for The New York Times, finds that " The film's synthesis of fact and fiction is gracefully achieved ," and expressed hope that after the screening of Lamerica at the 1995 New York Film Festival, Amelio would " emerge ... much more widely known.
Farber criticized the lyricists for writing " so many cliches ", and said that Milian's voice " suggests a slightly more forceful version of Janet Jackson's pant ".
Critic Janet Maslin spoke well of the actors, writing,
A Native American writing series, Earthworks edited by Janet McAdams, began in 2005, winning the business the 2006 Publisher of the Year award from the Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers.
Janet Maslin of the New York Times characterized the film as " perhaps the first eviction thriller ," writing that it " taps into a previously unexplored subject, the source of so much excitement and so many conversational gambits within young urban professional circles.
With Janet, he also set about writing books about the subject, most notably Eight Sabbats for Witches ( 1981 ) and The Witches ' Way ( 1984 ).
Prior to that date Freud had freely acknowledged his debt to Janet, particularly in his work with Josef Breuer, writing for example of " the theory of hysterical phenomena first put forward by P. Janet and elaborated by Breuer and myself ", and stating further that " we followed his example when we took the splitting of the mind and dissociation of the personality as the centre of our position "-although he was also careful to point out where " the difference lies between our view and Janet's ".
Again, writing of the neurotic's withdrawal from reality in 1911, Freud states: " Nor could a fact like this escape the observation of Pierre Janet ; he spoke of a loss of ' the function of reality '".
Janet ’ s writing had a great impact on Guthrie ’ s thinking.
Janet Cooke of the Washington Post won the prize for feature writing, for her September 28, 1980 story " Jimmy's World ", about an 8-year old heroin addict.
In The New York Times, Janet Maslin also lauded the film, writing, " Mr. Tamahori, who gives Mulholland Falls a smashing, insidious L. A .- noir style meant to recall Chinatown, along with a high-testosterone swagger that is distinctively his own.

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