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Jawbreaker and began
Fearless Fosdick — and Capp's other spoofs like " Little Fanny Gooney " ( 1952 ) and " Jack Jawbreaker "— were almost certainly an early inspiration for Harvey Kurtzman's Mad Magazine, which began in 1952 as a comic book that specifically parodied other comics in the same distinctive style and subversive manner.
When Schwarzenbach relocated to Brooklyn, New York, after Jawbreaker had disbanded, he reunited with friend Jeremy Chatelain and the two began working on four-track recordings aided by drum machines.
In August 2007 filmmakers Keith Schieron and Tim Irwin began work on a documentary film about Jawbreaker, having previously made the 2005 Minutemen documentary We Jam Econo.
" A couple years ago, I began to have a really nice time with the memory of Jawbreaker ," said Schwarzenbach, " I just thought, ' That's good, people finally get it.

Jawbreaker and recording
In 2007 Jawbreaker briefly reunited in the studio during the recording of a documentary film about the band, but rumors of a full reunion have repeatedly been dispelled by the members and the film has no projected release date.

Jawbreaker and their
The band Jawbreaker references El Sobrante as " El Sob " in their song Boxcar.
The band soon changed their name to Jawbreaker and Schwarzenbach, Pfahler, and Bauermeister decided to continue as a trio with Schwarzenbach on vocals.
In October 1993, prior to 24 Hour Revenge Therapy < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s release, Jawbreaker were asked to open for Nirvana on six dates of their In Utero tour.
Public interest in Jawbreaker increased in the years following their breakup, due in part to chart-toppings acts such as Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance publicly citing Jawbreaker as an influence.
The band played their first show as Jawbreaker on March 16, 1989 at Club 88 in Los Angeles, CA.
The American punk rock band Jawbreaker used the Morton Salt Girl logo on one of their band promo shirts, together with the original motto changed to " when it pains it roars.

Jawbreaker and Dear
* 1995Dear YouJawbreaker

Jawbreaker and February
Following the release of 24 Hour Revenge Therapy in February 1994, Jawbreaker received contract offers from major record labels.

Jawbreaker and 1995
The femme fatale has carried on to the present day, in films such as Body Heat ( 1981 ) and Prizzi's Honor ( 1985 )-both with Kathleen Turner ; The Last Seduction ( 1994 ) with Linda Fiorentino ; To Die For ( 1995 ) with Nicole Kidman ; Basic Instinct ( 1992 ) with Sharon Stone ; Femme Fatale ( with Rebecca Romijn ); Jawbreaker and Devil in the Flesh ( both with Rose McGowan ); Mini's First Time ( 2005 ) with Nikki Reed, and Jennifer's Body ( 2009 ) with

Jawbreaker and at
Besides Dick Tracy, Capp parodied many other comic strips in Li ' l Abner — including Steve Canyon, Superman ( at least twice ; first as " Jack Jawbreaker " in 1947, and again in 1966 as " Chickensouperman "), Mary Worth, Peanuts, Rex Morgan, M. D., Little Annie Rooney and Little Orphan Annie ( in which Punjab became " Punjbag ," an oleaginous slob ).
Prior to forming Jawbreaker, Blake Schwarzenbach and Adam Pfahler were childhood friends in Santa Monica, California and classmates at Crossroads High School.
Bauermeister, meanwhile, returned to his job at the toy store he had worked at before Jawbreaker had begun touring.
In his 2005 book, Jawbreaker, he alleges that Osama bin Laden could have been captured at Tora Bora if the US military ( specifically United States Central Command ) had devoted more resources to the operation.

Jawbreaker and with
During this time the configuration experienced a renaissance of sorts with groups such as Nirvana, Silverchair, Meat Puppets, Violent Femmes, Babes in Toyland, Primus, Hüsker Dü ( and spin off bands Nova Mob and Sugar ), Walt Mink, the Minutemen, Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, Melvins, Fudge Tunnel, Galaxie 500, DC3, Nomeansno, The Presidents of the United States of America, Low, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Killdozer, Cosmic Psychos, Therapy ?, Placebo, Jawbreaker, Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney, the Screaming Blue Messiahs, Gov't Mule, Morphine ( bass, sax and drums ) and Ben Folds Five ( piano, bass and drums ).
* Nirvana-October 26, 1993, with Jawbreaker and Mudhoney
Jawbreaker toured with Nirvana in 1993 and released 24 Hour Revenge Therapy in 1994, attracting the attention of major labels.
In the summer of 1990 Jawbreaker embarked on the " Fuck 90 " tour with Econochrist, which proved to be a grueling experience that briefly broke up the band.
The trio decided to continue with Jawbreaker and relocate to San Francisco, where they had already earned the acceptance of local acts Econochrist and Samiam.
Jawbreaker travelled to Chicago in May 1993 and recorded the bulk of the album with engineer Steve Albini.
Fans and critics, however, still associated him primarily with Jawbreaker and did not warm to his new project: " Schwarzenbach was so adored for what he had done that few were willing to allow him to gracefully move on ", writes Greenwald, " Jets to Brazil, though popular, has received unspeakably scathing reviews, boiling with the bitterness usually reserved for a cheating lover.
When what was believed to be his body ( but was, in actuality, a clone of him ) was located in the Thames river by entrepreneur Richard Branson, Overbite ( called Jawbreaker in his UK appearances ) was dispatched with some of the Decepticon jets to bring the body to Shockwave.
Sting countered with a Jawbreaker.

Jawbreaker and Cavallo
Cavallo has also produced records for Jawbreaker, Alanis Morissette, Sixpence None the Richer, Less Than Jake, Fleetwood Mac, Jewel, My Chemical Romance, Kid Rock, Avril Lavigne, Paramore, David Cook, Shinedown, Dave Matthews Band, Adam Lambert, Switchfoot, and Meat Loaf, among others.

Jawbreaker and who
The mid-90s sound of emo was defined by bands like Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate who incorporated elements of grunge and more melodic rock.
They are contemporaries of numerous other groups who emerged from this same " scene ," including Green Day, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Jawbreaker, The Donnas, Tilt, and NOFX.

Jawbreaker and had
** On January 3, drummer Adam Pfahler announces that Jawbreaker had recently got back together.
In an interview for Ben Weasel's Panic Button zine following the Nirvana tour, Schwarzenbach had stated flatly that Jawbreaker was not interested in signing to a major record label.

Jawbreaker and Green
In the months leading up to the album's release, a number of music publications positioned Jawbreaker as the next stars of the Bay Area punk scene, sometimes referring to them as " the thinking man's Green Day ".

Jawbreaker and album
Tracks from the album were featured on a number of film soundtracks, including Night Watch, Wild Things, Jawbreaker, Never Been Kissed, Charlie's Angels and Cheaters.
Produced by Bob Rock, the album generated the hit lead single " Volcano Girls ", which gained exposure as the opening theme to the teen comedy film Jawbreaker.
* Bivouac ( album ), a 1992 album by the punk band Jawbreaker
His song Jawbreaker was put on the FIFA Street 2 Soundtrack and is to date, one of his strongest releases off The Elocution album.
" Shield Your Eyes " was the first Jawbreaker song to be released, on the 7 " vinyl compilation album The World's in Shreds Volume Two on independent record label Shredder Records.
He continued to release Jawbreaker material through his Blackball Records label, issuing the live album Live 4 / 30 / 96 in 1999 and the compilation album Etc.
In 2003 Dying Wish Records released the tribute album Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault: Jawbreaker Tribute, featuring 18 acts including Fall Out Boy, Bayside, Face to Face, and Sparta performing cover versions of Jawbreaker songs.
They later released a new live 7 " single Fucked In Finland and later on they released the album Scandinavian Jawbreaker.
Empirical evidence of this includes the release of a Jawbreaker tribute album – Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault – in 2003.

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