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Jay's and for
Double Jay's banner for its original AM frequency of 1540 kHz
The buildings on this historic site, including the 1838 Peter Augustus Jay House built by Jay's eldest son, are being restored for educational programs in American History, Architecture and Environmental Stewardship.
Many consider the top societal landmark to be Jay's Tavern, a local bar and restaurant known for its exceptional cheeseburgers, wings, and raviolis.
In 1942, Roach started to go out in the jazz clubs of the 52nd Street and at 78th Street & Broadway for Georgie Jay's Taproom ( playing with schoolmate Cecil Payne ).
In turn, the signing of Treaty of London of 1794, or Jay's Treaty, convinced many of the French people that the United States were traitors who had surrendered to British demands and abandoned them, despite the assistance they had provided the United States in their own fight for independence during the American Revolutionary War.
" Jay's failure to obtain compensation for " lost " slaves galvanized the South into opposition.
In southern portions of the Gray Jay's range, food is not cached during summer because of the chance of spoilage and the reduced need for winter stores.
" Jay's meaning would be better expressed by substituting " negative liberty " in place of " natural rights ", for the argument here is that the power or authority of a legitimate government derives in part from our accepting restrictions on negative liberty.
During Jay's career, picture postcards were immensely popular, and Jay was photographed for over 400 different postcards.
Jay's Grave was the inspiration for John Galsworthy's short story The Apple Tree, written in 1916.
She stops taking methadone, and prepares for Jay's arrival.
* Introduced as " The Jay Leno Tank Car " on Gran Turismo 4, it ended up in the game " by accident " when the game development team visited Jay's garage for some engine noises.
NBC also cited Conan's poor ratings against David Letterman as being responsible for the timeslot change, though it was widely speculated that Conan's numbers were down as a result of Jay's poor lead-in.
The late Jam Master Jay's reference to the song as a classic beat in the early days of hip hop has paid great dividends for Squier.
Davis built a similar pavilion for his colleague and fellow NYYC founder, John Clarkson Jay, on Jay's Hudson River waterfront property in Rye, New York in 1849.
Schwartz has played drums for every " Weird Al " Yankovic concert since 1981, except for three shows during the 2003 Poodle Hat Tour ; a minor illness prevented him from playing the drums, and bassist Steve Jay's friend and collaborator Pete Gallagher, who was working as a tech on that tour, sat-in on the drums while Schwartz handled the electronics, cues, and vocals from behind the drum riser.
Morning show host Hal Jay recently celebrated his 25 year anniversary with WBAP by organizing a charity fund-raising event for Cook Children's Hospital (" Hal Jay's Celebrity Roast ").
Louis ' skills were developed while working alongside producer Narada Michael Walden with whom he produced hits for Shanice " I Love Your Smile ", Whitney Houston " I'm Every Woman " from the Grammy winning album The Bodyguard and " All The Man That I Need ", Tevin Campbell " Tell Me What You Want Me To Do ", Elton John " True Love ", Lisa Fischer " How Can I Ease The Pain ", Al Jarreau the Grammy winning " Heaven and Earth ", and various other tracks from artist such as Mariah Carey, The O ' Jay's, Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Taylor Dayne, and Al Green.

Jay's and Justice
George Washington first claimed privilege when Congress requested to see Chief Justice John Jay's notes from an unpopular treaty negotiation with Great Britain.
George Washington first claimed privilege when Congress requested to see Chief Justice John Jay's notes from an unpopular treaty negotiation with Great Britain.

Jay's and Music
In 2003, Kingsmill was promoted to the position of Music Director after the retirement of Arnold Frolows, who had been in the position since Double Jay's inception in 1975.
It also produces a weekday local news program, The Craig Fahle Show, and seven local music programs: Ann Delisi's Essential Music, Rob Reinhart's Essential Music, Modern Music w / Jon Moshier, Destination Jazz: The Ed Love Program, Nick Austin's New Soul Sunday, Jay's Place w / Jay Butler, and This Island Earth w / Ismael Ahmed.

Jay's and was
In 1645, an edited copy of Codex B was published in Le Jay's ( Paris ) Polyglot by Jean Morin.
Antony Jay's How to Beat Sir Humphrey: Every Citizen's Guide to Fighting Officialdom ( ISBN 0-9528285-1-0 ) was published in April 1997.
Jay Treaty, also known as Jay's Treaty, The British Treaty, the Treaty of London of 1794, and officially the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, Between His Britannic Majesty and The United States of America, was a treaty between the United States and Great Britain that is credited with averting war, resolving issues remaining since the Treaty of Paris of 1783, which ended the American Revolution, and facilitating ten years of peaceful trade between the United States and Britain in the midst of the French Revolutionary Wars, which began in 1792.
" They add " Jay's record on the ' soft ' was open to many objections ; on the ' hard ' side, it was a substantial success, which included the prevention of war with Great Britain.
Jay's Treaty: A Study in Commerce and Diplomacy ( 1923 ) remains the standard narrative of how treaty was written
From 1795 to 1801 Livingson was a Democratic-Republican U. S. Representative in the United States Congress from the state of New York, where he was one of the leaders of the opposition to Jay's Treaty, and introduced the resolution calling upon President George Washington to furnish Congress with the details of the negotiations of the peace treaty with the Kingdom of Great Britain, which the President refused to share.
Besides being the governor's daughter, she was John Jay's sister-in-law.
He also had a rivalry with Jay Leno, after the latter was named host of The Tonight Show, during which Hall said that he would " kick Jay's ass " in the ratings game.
Fort George was built by the British Army after Jay's Treaty ( 1796 ) required Britain to withdraw from Fort Niagara.
When the Pony House building was torn down in 1967, the bar was saved and today is the bar at Jay's Seafood in Dayton.
Jay's wings were amputated in issue # 20 and he was killed in issue # 26 by Reverend Stryker.
Its high-minded and somewhat starchy approach, summed up in chief executive Peter Jay's phrase " mission to explain ", sat uneasily at that time of day, and was easily upstaged by Breakfast Time's sure-footed and accessible magazine style, which effortlessly mixed heavy news and light-hearted features ( famously moving cabinet ministers, after a serious interview, to help with a cookery demonstration ).
* Spiderus in Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends ( Note: This was Jay's final role before his death.
Sam explained his personal feelings about leaving to Cyclops, saying that he felt he needed to leave because of Jay's death and said that every time he walks through the door, he felt he was stepping on Jay's grave.
Once the St. Croix River was unambiguously identified following a commission provided by Jay's Treaty of 1794, it became clear that Machias Seal Island, as well as Grand Manan Island, was within 20 leagues of the shores of the United States (, 110 km ) and south of the line drawn due east from the mouth of the St. Croix River, but it remained unclear whether they were within the defined limits of Nova Scotia.
It was here that he was inspired by the nearby Jay's Grave and its legend to write his short story The Apple Tree in 1916.

Jay's and by
* Peter Jay's appointment as British Ambassador to the U. S. by his father in law, the then Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan.
* 1794: Jay's Treaty concluded between Great Britain and the United States, by which the Western outposts in the Great Lakes are returned to the U. S., and commerce between the two countries is regulated.
In foreign policy, the Democratic-Republicans denounced the Federalists over Jay's Treaty, perceived as too favorable to Britain, while the French ambassador embarrassed the Democratic-Republicans by publicly backing them and attacking the Federalists right before the election.
She believes they are the prophets by Jay's statement that he " could have stayed in Jersey and at least made himself a profit ".
With the northern border redefined by Jay's Treaty, the settlement became part of United States territory.
According to a book written by Barrett's brother Scott ( A Place in the Sun: The Truth Behind Jay's Journal ), and interviews with the family, Sparks used roughly 25 entries of 212 total from Barrett's actual journal.
Jay's unconscious body is discovered by a Mexican Good Samaritan, who slowly nurses him back to health.
Prior to becoming a music venue, the building housed a restaurant named Mrs. Jay's, next to which was Mrs. Jay's Beer Garden that was frequented by a polyglot community of tourists, high school and college students and bikers.
The company was started as HES by Jay Balakrishnan and Cy Shuster in 1980, in Jay's apartment in Los Angeles.
Following his divorce from Helen, Harry's father founded Jay's 20th Century Esoterica in Austin in 1985, and was later joined by Harry after he graduated from high school and moved back to Austin in 1989, and by Dannie in 1992.
John Clarke and Female Scripture Characters, along with Jay's Works ( first published in the early 1840s, and again in 1856, followed by a new edition in 1876 ).
* architecture by Jay's son in America
" Nas responds to Jay's claims by rapping, " I got this, locked since Nine-One ( 1991 ), I am the truest / Name a rapper that I ain't influenced.

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