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Jay and Sherman
Some circus examples include Pipo Sossman, François Fratellini ( the Fratellini family ), Felix Adler, Paul Jung, Harry Dann, Chuck Burnes, Albert White, Ernie Burch, Bobby Kaye, Jack and Jackie LeClaire, Joe and Chester Sherman, Keith Crary, Charlie Bell, Tim Tegge, Kenny Dodd, Frankie Saluto, Tammy Parish, David Konyot ( Circus Barum and The Toni Alexis trio ), Jay Stewart and Prince Paul Albert.
* Jay Sherman, the main character in The Critic
However, Sherman had trouble in getting permission to record for profit from some of the well-known composers and lyricists, who did not tolerate parodies or satires of their melodies and lyrics, including Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers, George and Ira Gershwin, Alan Jay Lerner, and Frederick Loewe, as well as the estates of Lorenz Hart, Oscar Hammerstein, Kurt Weill, and Bertolt Brecht, which prevented him from releasing parodies or satires of their songs.
In another episode, " A Star is Burns ", Homer tricks Jay Sherman into insulting MacGyver in front of Patty and Selma ; Sherman ends up being hung from the rain gutter by his underpants, and Bart asks " You badmouthed MacGyver, didn't you?
In the episode of The Critic, Jay Sherman shows a clip of a movie entitled " Field Of Dreams 2 " where after Kevin Costner's character completes his new ball field, Martin emerges and punches Costner.
In the episode, Siskel and Ebert split and each wants Jay Sherman, the titular critic, as his new partner.
Groening felt that the episode was a thirty-minute advertisement for Brooks ' show The Critic, ( which had moved to Fox from ABC for its second season ) and was created by former The Simpsons show runners Al Jean and Mike Reiss, and whose lead character Jay Sherman appears in the episode.
In the series The Critic, he played the title character of Jay Sherman ( using his regular speaking voice ).
He has made several appearances on The Simpsons, including as Marge's prom date Artie Ziff in " The Way We Was ", the art teacher in " Brush with Greatness ", theater director Llewellyn Sinclair and his sister who owned a daycare center in " A Streetcar Named Marge ", Andre in " Homer's Triple Bypass ", and numerous other appearances ( including the character of Jay Sherman in the episode A Star Is Burns, which was a crossover with The Critic ).
Notable Hamilton alumni include US Secretary of State Elihu Root ( 1864 ), US Vice President James S. Sherman ( 1878 ), poet Ezra Pound ( 1905 ), theatre critic Alexander Woollcott ( 1909 ), jurist and diplomat Philip Jessup ( 1919 ), psychologist B. F. Skinner ( 1926 ), Nobel Prize Winner Paul Greengard ( 1948 ), civil rights leader Bob Moses ( 1956 ), novelist Terry Brooks ( 1966 ), playwright Richard Nelson ( 1971 ), US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack ( 1972 ), composer Jay Reise ( 1972 ), Pulitzer-Prize winning composer Melinda Wagner ( 1979 ), novelist Peter Cameron ( 1982 ), actor Tony Goldwyn ( 1982 ), author Garret Kramer ( 1984 ), novelist Kamila Shamsie, actor and writer for The Office Paul Lieberstein ( 1989 ), actor Grayson McCouch ( 1991 ), Academy Award-winning screenwriter Nat Faxon ( 1997 ), and politician and author Matthew Zeller ( 2004 ).
A notable example of this is The Simpsons episode A Star Is Burns, in which the character of Jay Sherman ( from The Critic ) appeared.
# REDIRECT The Critic # Jay Sherman
* One episode of the short lived TV series, The Critic, features main character Jay Sherman reviewing a movie titled Dennis the Menace II Society, in which Dennis the Menace pulls out two machine guns and shoots up George Wilson's house.
Killed in the explosion were: Mrs. Elsie Mitchell, 26, wife of minister Archie E. Mitchell ; Edward Engen, 13 ; Richard Patzke, 14 ; Jay Gifford, 13 ; Sherman Shoemaker, 11 ; and Joan Patzke, 13.
In the animated prime time series, The Critic, Jay Sherman reviews a sub par movie titled " Dirty Harry K-9-Robo-Cop-and-a-half 2 " in which the title parodies numerous " buddy cop " films.
He resembles the character Jay Sherman from The Critic as well as the actor who plays Jay Sherman, Jon Lovitz.
Alumni of WBAI include Margot Adler, Abraham Aig, Jan Albert, Chris Albertson, Nancy Allen, Matt Alperin, Archie Altman, Lindsay Audin, Robbie Barish, Deborah Begel, Olenka Bohachevski, Delphine Blue, Peter Bochan, Bunny Bruce, Janice K. Bryant, Doreen Canto, Pepsi Charles, Frank Coffee, Candy Cohen, Janet Coleman, Neal Conan, Pat Conte, John Corigliano, Deloris Costello, Liza Cowan, Larry Cox, Joe Cumo, Ken Davis, Barbara Day, Ife Dancy, Dick Demenus, Kathy Dobkin, Mike Edl, Barika Taheer Edwards, Matt Edwards, Dick Elman, Bob Fass, Mike Feder, Charlie Finch, Richard Fioravanti, Paul Fischer, John Fisk, Sara Fishko, Joe Frank, Gary Fried, Jim Freund, Paul Gorman, Joanne Grant, Jeff Greenfield, Edward Haber, Doug Henwood, Lex Hixon, Charles Hobson, Milton Hoffman, Mary Houston, Susan Howe, Jimmy Howes, Rob Hunter, Timothy Jerome, Reggie Johnson, Larry Josephson, Sam Julty, Citizen Kafka, Jesse Keyes, Glo Kirby, Robert Knight, Alen Pol Kobryn, Chris Koch, Robert Kuttner, Richard Lamparski, Andy Lanset, Julius Lester, Al Lewis, John Lithgow, Sari Locker, Leonard Lopate, The Mighty G-Man, Ann MacMillan, Marian McPartland, Samori Marksmen, Margaret Mercer, Frank Millspaugh, Dale Minor, Kathy O ' Connell, Andrew Phillips, Betty Pilkington, Charles Pitts, Steve Post, Charles Potter, Robert Potts, David Rapkin, Desiree K. Robinson, David Rothenberg, Jay Rothman ( Zeke ), Charles Ruas, Eric Salzman, Lynn Samuels, Bill Schechner, Baird Searles, Judy Sherman, John J. Simon, Miles Smith, Peter Cedric Rock Smith ( aka: Rocky ), Jay Smooth, Bruce Soloway, A.
Actors and celebrities that guest starred during the series run are: Paula Abdul, Adrienne Barbeau, Beau Billingslea, Earl Billings, Johnny Brown, Orlando Brown, Angelle Brooks, Monica Calhoun, Héctor Camacho, Bill Cobbs, Kelly Coffield, Busta Rhymes, Gary Coleman, Dee Jay Daniels, Melissa De Sousa, Michael Clarke Duncan, Missy Elliott, Chip Fields, En Vogue, Antonio Fargas, Carmen Filpi, Gloria Gaynor, Pam Grier, Pat Harrington, Jr., Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Shari Headley, Sherman Hemsley, Roy Jones, Jr., Tamala Jones, Tracey Cherelle Jones, Andre Jamal Kinney, Tembi Locke, Kenny Lofton, Faizon Love, Barney Martin, Bernie Mac, Christopher Michael, Garrett Morris, Iona Morris, Elise Neal, Ron O ' Neal, Devika Parikh, Jack Plotnick, Richard Roundtree, Ronnie Schell, Kellita Smith, Nick Spano, BernNadette Stanis, Keith Sweat, Tammy Townsend, Thea Vidale, Steve Vinovich, Adam West, Kym Whitley and Fred Willard
He is perhaps best known as the voice of " Sherman " in the Jay Ward-Bill Scott " Mr. Peabody " TV cartoons.
In " A Star Is Burns ", guest-star Jay Sherman, on advice from Homer, tells them MacGyver is gay ; as a result, they stripped him to his boxers and hung him from the gutters.

Jay and from
Yet when, at war's end, the ex-Tory made the first move to resume correspondence, Jay wrote him from Paris, where he was negotiating the peace settlement:
Alan Jay Lerner's pattern of financial mismanagement continued until his death from cancer in 1986, when he reportedly owed the US Internal Revenue Service over US $ 1, 000, 000 in back taxes, and was unable to pay for his final medical expenses.
Jay Lynch graduated from undergrounds to alternative weekly newspapers to Mad and children's books.
Scheme predates CL, and comes not only from the same Lisp tradition but from some of the same engineers — Guy L. Steele, with whom Gerald Jay Sussman designed Scheme, chaired the standards committee for Common Lisp.
A troop of students dressed as Continental Army soldiers carry the eponymous log from the sun-dial to the lounge of John Jay Hall, where it is lit amid the singing of seasonal carols.
In 1797, Thompson was sent south by his employers to survey part of Canada-U. S. boundary along the water routes from Lake Superior to Lake of the Woods to satisfy unresolved questions of territory arising from the Jay Treaty between Great Britain and the United States.
The young talent joined holdovers from the Landry era such as wide receiver Michael Irvin, guard Nate Newton, linebacker Ken Norton Jr., and offensive lineman Mark Tuinei, defensive lineman Jim Jeffcoat, and veteran pickups such as tight end Jay Novacek and defensive end Charles Haley.
He avoided war with Great Britain and guaranteed a decade of peace and profitable trade by securing the Jay Treaty in 1795, despite intense opposition from the Jeffersonians.
Hamilton and Washington designed the Jay Treaty to normalize trade relations with Great Britain, remove them from western forts, and resolve financial debts left over from the Revolution.
Although cognitive-behavioural theories of hypnosis must be distinguished from cognitive-behavioural approaches to hypnotherapy, they share similar concepts, terminology, and assumptions and have been integrated by influential researchers and clinicians such as Irving Kirsch, Steven Jay Lynn, and others.
* 1796 – The United States takes possession of Detroit from Great Britain under terms of the Jay Treaty.
He, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay wrote the Federalist Papers, a series of 85 newspaper articles published in New York to explain how the proposed Constitution would work, mainly by responding to criticisms from anti-federalists.
Work on KQML was led by Tim Finin of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Jay Weber of EITech and involved contributions from many researchers.
Stephen Jay Gould said that Agassiz's theories sprang from an initial revulsion in his encounters with African-Americans upon moving to the United States.
Despite his support for SBS, the Fraser government imposed stringent budget cuts on the national broadcaster, the ABC, which came under repeated attack from the Coalition for its supposed left-wing bias and for allegedly " unfair " or critical coverage on TV programs including This Day Tonight and Four Corners, and on the ABC's new youth-oriented radio station Double Jay ( 2JJ ).
The 26 founding members came from the group of 32 members who had paid dues by March 13, including strip cartoonists Wally Bishop ( Muggs and Skeeter ), Martin Branner ( Winnie Winkle ), Ernie Bushmiller ( Nancy ), Milton Caniff, Gus Edson ( The Gumps ), Ham Fisher ( Joe Palooka ), Harry Haenigsen ( Penny ), Fred Harman ( Red Ryder ), Bill Holman ( Smokey Stover ), Jay Irving ( Willie Doodle ), Stan MacGovern ( Silly Milly ), Al Posen ( Sweeney and Son ), Clarence Russell ( Pete the Tramp ), Otto Soglow ( The Little King ), Jack Sparling ( Claire Voyant ), Raeburn Van Buren ( Abbie an ' Slats ), Dow Walling ( Skeets ) and Frank Willard ( Moon Mullins ).
International supporters of Bukharin, Jay Lovestone of the Communist Party USA among them, were also expelled from the Comintern.
The film is rumored to depict the life and story of the group beginning from their inception in Hollis, Queens, and leading up to the 2002 murder of Jam-Master Jay.
These conclusions are derived from the studies conducted by Jay Hall on a number of laboratory-based group ranking and prediction tasks.
In addition to Coaches Noll and Landry, 14 players would end up being voted into the Hall of Fame: Nine Pittsburgh players: Bradshaw, Harris, Swann, Stallworth, Webster, Greene, Lambert, Ham, and Blount, and five from Dallas: Staubach, Dorsett, White, Wright, and Jackie Smith, who the Cowboys lured out of retirement from the St. Louis Cardinals due to injuries to Cowboy tight ends, most notably, Jay Saldi.
The Bills ' defense dominated the Raiders ' offense, which was without running back Bo Jackson, who suffered a career-ending injury against the Cincinnati Bengals the week before, limiting them to an early field goal and intercepting five passes from quarterback Jay Schroeder.

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