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Jay and played
Mark Bortz holds the record for most Bear playoff appearances, with 13 between 1983 and 1994, and is followed by Kevin Butler, Dennis Gentry, Dan Hampton, Jay Hilgenberg, Steve McMichael, Ron Rivera, Mike Singletary, and Keith Van Horne, who have each played in 12 playoff games.
The traditional view is that developmental biology (' evo-devo ') played little part in the synthesis, but an account of Gavin de Beer's work by Stephen Jay Gould suggests he may be an exception.
In the 2010 film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, modern day New Yorker David Stutler, played by Jay Baruchel, discovers he is the last descendant of Merlin and is trained as a sorcerer by Balthazar Blake, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, a former student of the great wizard, so that he may ultimately do battle with Merlin's old nemesis Morganna, played by Alice Krige.
Among the musicians with whom he has played are Eddie Harris, Lee Konitz, Dave Liebman, Sam Rivers, Bob Mintzer, Terry Gibbs, Buddy DeFranco, Roscoe Mitchell, Evan Parker, Jay McShann, Herbie Mann, Randy Brecker, Jerry Goodman and Ramsey Lewis and many others.
After Duchovny's semi-departure following the seventh season of the show, the producers introduced Special Agent John Jay Doggett, played by actor Robert Patrick.
The band was then featured on MTV's Becoming, TRL, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and played the Late Show with David Letterman on February 14, 2002, all before heading off to play dates in Japan and Australia for the remainder of February and March.
The reconstituted version of Love, which included Jay Donnellan and then Gary Rowles on guitars, Frank Fayad on bass guitar, and George Suranovich on drums, played in a blues-rock style, different from the band's previous line-up.
In his book Wonderful Life, Stephen Jay Gould argues that if the tape of life were re-wound and played back, life would have taken a very different course.
In response to a sarcastic interjection about " starving permanent secretaries ", Sir Humphrey patronises her as " dear lady " ( as he did " that Wainwright female " in the TV series ).< ref >< Jay & Lynn ( 2010 ) Yes, Prime Minister, especially pages 14, 32 and 81-3 .</ ref > Emily Joyce, who played Claire both at Chichester and in London, was forty-one when the play opened.
By sheer luck, they land in the dressing room of James Van Der Beek ( of Dawson's Creek ) and Jason Biggs ( of American Pie ), who happen to be playing Jay and Silent Bob in The Bluntman and Chronic Movie ; Silent Bob is somewhat upset that his comic-book counterpart is being played by the " pie fucker ".
However, Holden tells Jay and Silent Bob that he sold his part of the creative and publishing rights of the comic over to his former friend Banky Edwards ( also played by Jason Lee ).
* Jay North, played the character Dennis the Menace, from the TV series ( 1959 – 1963 )
Tonto was played by, among others, John Todd, Roland Parker, and in the television series, Jay Silverheels.
Norman, having not played competitive golf regularly in the last several years, stayed in contention all week and wound up three shots behind eventual winner Jay Haas (+ 7 ), tying for sixth place.
Harvey played King Arthur in the 1964 London production of the Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe musical Camelot, at Drury Lane.
In a 1998 movie Playing by Heart, Ellen Burstyn is reciting it to her son dying of AIDS, played by Jay Mohr.
In the episode of The Simpsons entitled " Insane Clown Poppy " Christopher Walken ( played by Jay Mohr ) reads " Goodnight Moon " to a group of children, who recoil from his scary visage and tone despite his reassurances and exhortations for them to come closer.
He also played the character Quark on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Regis & Kathie Lee.
On television, Douglas appeared briefly as Garry Shandling's love interest on The Larry Sanders Show, starred in the series Action ( 1999 ) with Jay Mohr, guest starred on Seinfeld, Frasier and The Drew Carey Show, and has played a public defender on several episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2002 and 2003.
* Tito was portrayed by Gerrick Winston in the 2004 film Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, the biopic of Michael Jackson which first aired on VH1 and was satirized by comedian Aries Spears in an episode of MadTV that featured La Toya Jackson as she played in a skit attacking TV host Jay Leno for his constant jokes on her family.
Based in Los Angeles, he played in the bands of Benny Carter and Jay McShann among others.
In 2001, Fisher played a nun in the Kevin Smith comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
The Gladiators ' new Quarterback for 2002 was Jay McDonagh, who had played under Haege.
The host of the fictitious $ 99, 000 Answer was one Herb Norris, played by former Twenty Questions emcee and future Tic-Tac-Dough host Jay Jackson.

Jay and Bad
* 1962 – Jay Ziskrout, American drummer and producer ( Bad Religion )
Bad Religion was formed in Los Angeles in 1979 by high school students Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley, Jay Ziskrout, and Brett Gurewitz.
In June 2008, Jay Bentley said in an interview at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands that Gurewitz had already begun writing new material for the next Bad Religion album.
Jay ( who goes by jabberwock on The Bad Religion Page ) mentioned on the site's message board that Bad Religion had finished recording their new album and was mixing it.
On June 4, 2012, Jay Bentley confirmed on the Bad Religion fan site The Bad Religion page that they were expected to begin recording their new album in July and August.
* Mixed by Mudrock, except " Mistakes " and " Goin ' Down ", mixed by Mudrock and Jay Baumgardner, and " Vampires " and " Bad Magick ", mixed by Jay Baumgardner
However, Bad Religion reformed in 1986 with a new line-up, consisting of Graffin on vocals, Brett Gurewitz and Greg Hetson on guitars, Jay Bentley on bass, and Pete Finestone on drums.
Despite Bad Religion's many member changes over their 30-year history, the current line-up of Graffin, Gurewitz, Hetson, Brian Baker, Jay Bentley and Brooks Wackerman has remained constant since 2001.
In a June 2008 interview with Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley, he mentioned that Graffin would be teaching there from January to March 2009.
Gurewitz joined Bad Religion in 1979 at the age of 17, when he, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley and Jay Ziskrout agreed to form a band.
Then-17 year old Brett Gurewitz formed Bad Religion in Woodland Hills in 1979 with Greg Graffin ( vocals ), Jay Ziskrout ( drums ) and Jay Bentley ( bass ).
" Hate You " was allegedly about the Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley, who said that Brett left Bad Religion for money.
* Jay Bentley, bassist for Bad Religion
* Bad Religion members Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley make a guest appearance on the album.
* Jay Leno appeared as himself in " Caroline and the Bad Trip ".
Jay Dee Bentley ( born on June 6, 1964 in Wichita, Kansas ) is the bassist and co-founding member of the punk rock group Bad Religion.
After the original recording sessions, Jay Ziskrout left Bad Religion and was replaced by his friend roadie Pete Finestone, who was brought in to complete the rest of the album.

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