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Jesse and had
Bill Doolin's ambition, it appeared, was to carve out his name with bullets alongside those of Jesse James and Billy the Kid, and Bill Tilghman had sworn he would stop him.
Married circa 1970, the Nolands had one son, Samuel Jesse.
Spenser and Hawk live in the same Boston literary universe as Parker's other, newer series characters: private investigator Sunny Randall and small town police chief Jesse Stone, the former of whom was possibly mentioned in passing as a blonde jogging with an English bull terrier ( named Rosie in the Randall novels ) while the latter had a much larger role in Back Story.
They had two sons, Jesse and Ethan.
When word of Saul's needs reach Jesse, he sends David, who had been looking after a flock, and David is appointed as Saul's armor bearer.
Although Sydney had an extra player, Darren Jolly who was supposed to come off for Jesse White, on the field who was directly involved in the play.
He and Julia had four children: Frederick Dent Grant ; Ulysses S. " Buck " Grant, Jr .; Ellen Wrenshall " Nellie " Grant ; and Jesse Root Grant.
Rudolph had a special, personal reason to hope for victory — to pay tribute to Jesse Owens, the celebrated American athlete who had been her inspiration, also the star of the 1936 Summer Olympics, held in Berlin, Germany.
* October 21 – Lebanese kidnappers release Jesse Turner, a mathematics professor who had been held hostage for more than 4 years.
Bo and Luke had previously been sentenced to probation for illegal transportation of moonshine ; their Uncle Jesse made a plea deal with the U. S. Government to stop brewing moonshine in exchange.
" Jesse apparently had no children of his own, and happily provided for his nephews and niece in the unexplained absence of all of their parents ( Gy Waldron, the creator of the show, states on the DVDs that their parents were killed in a car wreck, but it was never mentioned in the show ).
Jesse Duke, in his youth, had been a ridgerunner in direct competition with J. D.
Perot did not give an endorsement during Jesse Ventura's run for governor of Minnesota in the 1998 election, and this became suspicious to detractors when he made fun of Ventura at a conference after Ventura had a falling out with the press.
Thurmond appointed Thomas Moss, an African American, to his staff in 1971, described as the first such appointment by a member of the South Carolinian congressional delegation ( it was incorrectly reported by many sources as the first senatorial appointment of an African American, but Mississippi Senator Pat Harrison had hired clerk-librarian Jesse Nichols in 1937 ).
During this time Valentino began to contemplate not returning to Famous Players, although Jesse Lasky already had his next picture, The Spanish Cavalier, in preparation.
A maternal great-grandfather, Jesse W. Fell, had been a close friend and campaign manager for Abraham Lincoln ; Stevenson often referred to Fell as his favorite ancestor.
He returned to Bloomington where he wrote for the family newspaper, The Daily Pantagraph, which was founded by his maternal great grandfather Jesse W. Fell, who had also served as Abraham Lincoln's campaign manager in his 1858 race for the US Senate.
By 1872 Jacob Samuels, William Jesse Boaz, and William Henry Davis had opened general stores.
Street & Smith had New Nick Carter Weekly, Tip Top Weekly, Buffalo Bill Stories, Jesse James Stories, Brave & Bold Weekly and many others.
There had been reports that officials from the Libertarian Party have tried to persuade Ventura to run for the presidency on a Libertarian ticket although the party chairman Mark Hinkle stated, " Jesse is more interested in 2016 than he is in 2012.
He returned to college in 1946 and resumed athletics, to which he had been inspired by Jesse Owens, who was also from Cleveland and had attended East Technical High School as well.

Jesse and seven
Franzwa completed seven books: The Lincoln Highway: Iowa ( 1995 ), The Lincoln Highway: Nebraska ( 1996 ), The Lincoln Highway: Wyoming ( 1999 ), The Lincoln Highway: Utah ( with Jesse G. Petersen, 2003 ), The Lincoln Highway: Nevada ( with Jesse G. Petersen, 2004 ), The Lincoln Highway: California ( 2006 ), and The Lincoln Highway: Illinois ( 2009 ).
After seven films he sold his company to Jesse Lasky, who was a partner of the founder of Paramount Pictures.
Evidently ( from 1 Samuel 16 ) Jesse had more sons than these seven, and it is likely that he had more daughters as well.
He had seven fights in 1993, including one against veteran Jesse Magana.
Paul Kramer was the sponsor in 1994 in the New Jersey General Assembly of a package of seven bills known as Megan's Law that were approved one month after the rape and murder of seven-year-old Megan Kanka by Jesse Timmendequas, a sex offender who had been previously convicted of sex crimes and had lived across the street from Kanka together with four other sex offenders.
The seven gifts were often represented as doves in medieval texts and especially figure in depictions of the Tree of Jesse which shows the Genealogy of Jesus.
He fought against Jesse Brinkley in the Semi-Final and defeated him after seven rounds, earning a place to box against Peter Manfredo in the final.
Issue # 3 also reveals that these new children have the ability to induce the seven deadly sins in any living being ; the children in # 3 induce wrath ( Jared ), envy ( Jacob ) and lust ( Jesse ).
Madison was also named a 2002 American Track & Field Outdoor All-American, earned Nine career state championships, including seven in individual events, became only the third athlete in Ohio history to win four events at a state championship meet two years in a row ( Susan Nash 1983-84 and Jesse Owens 1932-33 ), helped her team to earn the Ohio Division I team title in 2003 and
" And rather than a standard " band ", this was a full Wall of Sound orchestra, as various observers had noted: two drummers ( Ringo Starr and Jim Keltner ), two keyboard players ( Billy Preston and Leon Russell ), six horn players ( led by Jim Horn ), three electric guitarists ( Harrison, Eric Clapton and Jesse Ed Davis ), a trio of acoustic guitars to be " felt but not heard " ( Badfinger's Pete Ham, Tom Evans and Joey Molland ), the seven members of Don Nix's " Soul Choir ", together with bassist Klaus Voormann and a dedicated percussion player, Mike Gibbins of Badfinger.
His Olive Leaf was produced in the seven shape notes of Jesse B. Aikin and contained only eight of his compositions from the older book.

Jesse and sons
Daniel's nephews, Jesse and Jonathan ( sons of brother Israel Boone ), were founders of the town's first church, Three Forks Baptist, still in existence today.
The prophet Samuel seeks a new king from the sons of Jesse of Bethlehem:
Dining together, Jesse's sons are brought one by one to Samuel, each time being rejected by him, speaking for God ; running out of sons, Jesse sends for David, the youngest, who was tending sheep.
The second of the eight sons of Jesse ().
Soon Mrs. Murphy and three other sons — Isaac, Jesse and Dubart — her only daughter, Sarah, a grandson William Evans ; a hired hand and African American woman and boy followed.
The next settlement was made near the mouth of Deer Creek by Major James Parsons, and his two sons, Jesse and James, and Mr. Duncan.
Dovray is home of the White family, patriarch being Tom White along with his four sons Cole, Cody, Lucas and Jesse, who are beloved local rounders and heroes.
Hamilton then killed two of the Parson's three sons, Frankie and Jesse, by striking them on the head with the barrel and then cutting their throats with a knife Carney had produced in the scuffle.
In 1869 Jesse, Spencer, Horace and Jame Siler, sons of Solomon Siler, and John, Josiah, James and Edward Siler, the sons of James Siler, purchased the land after moving from Siler City, North Carolina.
Diamond then married Marcia Murphey, a production assistant ; they also had two children, both sons, Jesse and Micah.
Arriving by stagecoach, Pearl is met by Jesse McCanles ( Joseph Cotten ), one of Laura Belle's two grown sons.
Jesse is stated as having eight sons, including David the youngest.
The prophet asked Jesse to present his sons, after seeing them, he realized that God has not chosen any of them.
Then he said to Jesse if he had any other sons, Jesse told him that David the youngest was tending the flock.
Chuvalo lost three sons, Jesse Chuvalo in 1985 to suicide, Georgie Lee Chuvalo in 1993 to a drug overdose and Steven Louis Chuvalo in 1996 to drug overdose.
After the war, on February 13, 1866, two sons of co-founder and Baptist minister, Robert S. James, Jesse and Frank James, along with Cole and Jim Younger staged the first peace-time, daylight bank robbery in the United States at the Clay County Savings Association four blocks west of the campus, thus beginning the notorious history of what newspapers dubbed the James-Younger gang.

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