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John and Altschuler
Scripps Co. President and CEO Ken Lowe, who was known in the early 1970s by his WKIX air name of Steve Roddy ; Peyton Reed ( director of The Weird Al Show and other films ); Jim Bond, retired founder of the prestigious Washington D. C. broadcast consulting firm of Bond and Pecaro ; Bob Heymann, former NBC and CBS radio announcer and current national radio and TV station broker at Media Services Group ; CBS News producer Randy Wolf and John Altschuler ( IMDB entry executive producer and writer for King of the Hill ).
* Television writer / producers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky ( Executive producers of King of the Hill ).

John and formerly
Presently, the four tallest buildings in the city are Willis Tower ( formerly the Sears Tower, also a building with its own zip code ), Trump International Hotel and Tower, the Aon Center ( previously the Standard Oil Building ), and the John Hancock Center.
His successor is Mr. John Anderson Fry, formerly the president of Franklin & Marshall College and the Executive Vice President of University of Pennsylvania.
Dartmouth has one secondary school — formerly ( Dartmouth Community College ) now Dartmouth Academy — an all-through school for those aged 3 – 18, and two primary schools: ( Dartmouth Primary school ( now part of Dartmouth Academy ) and St John the Baptist R. C.
* John Walker, alter ego of U. S. Agent, a comic book hero, who is an ultra-patriotic crime fighter, formerly Super-Patriot and Captain America VI
John-F .- Kennedy-Platz ( John F. Kennedy Square ), formerly Rudolph-Wilde-Platz, in Berlin-Schöneberg is the square in front of the former city hall of West Berlin ( Rathaus Schöneberg ).
Neil was replaced by John Corabi ( formerly of Angora and The Scream ).
** ( formerly MV 2nd Lt. John P. Bobo )
The Secretary of War appointed Brigadier General John Magruder ( formerly Donovan's Deputy Director for Intelligence in OSS ) as the director to oversee the liquidation of the OSS, and more importantly, the preservation of the clandestine intelligence capability of the OSS.
A few months after the Sex Pistols ' breakup, John Lydon ( no longer " Rotten ") cofounded Public Image Ltd. Lora Logic, formerly of X-Ray Spex, founded Essential Logic.
* Road Show ( 2008 ) ( book by John Weidman ; directed by John Doyle ); ( formerly titled Bounce, Wise Guys and Gold!
Prost and John Barnard, formerly chief designer at McLaren, came close to founding a team in 1990 ; but a lack of sponsorship meant that this was not possible, so Prost moved to Ferrari.
* Bonds, formerly the name of a department store in Norwich, England, now called John Lewis Norwich
* Boy – formerly Sir John Falstaff's page
* John Schumann ( born 1953 ), Australian singer, songwriter, guitarist, formerly in Redgum
Warwick and Margaret were previously sworn enemies, but Margaret's attendants ( in particular Sir John Fortescue, formerly Chief Justice during Henry VI's reign ) and Louis eventually persuaded her to ally the House of Lancaster with Warwick.
Richard Dawkins, formerly Professor for Public Understanding of Science at Oxford, writes that the same three names of British scientists who are also sincerely religious crop up with the " likable familiarity of senior partners in a firm of Dickensian lawyers ": Arthur Peacocke, Russell Stannard, and John Polkinghorne, all of whom have either won the Templeton Prize or are on its board of trustees.
** Muskoday First Nation ( formerly: John Smith First Nation ) – Muskoday, Saskatchewan
Fazlur Khan, another engineer at SOM, is considered " the greatest structural engineer of the second half of the 20th century "; he is best known for his design and construction of the Willis Tower ( formerly the Sears Tower ), and John Hancock Center and for his designs of structural systems that remain fundamental to all high-rise skyscrapers.
The band was labeled a supergroup as it included former members of several veteran progressive rock bands, namely bassist / vocalist John Wetton ( formerly in Mogul Thrash, Family, King Crimson, Roxy Music, Uriah Heep, U. K. and Wishbone Ash ), guitarist Steve Howe ( formerly, and subsequently in Yes ), keyboardist Geoff Downes ( of Yes and The Buggles ) and drummer Carl Palmer ( formerly in The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster and Emerson, Lake & Palmer ).
Described scientifically by English naturalist John Latham in 1790, the Black Swan was formerly placed into a monotypic genus, Chenopis.
In 2004 British guitarist John Squire ( formerly of The Stone Roses ) released a concept album based on Hopper's work entitled Marshall's House.

John and writer
* John W. Campbell, an influential science fiction writer who " shaped the Golden Age of Science Fiction "
* 1871 – John Millington Synge, Irish writer ( d. 1909 )
However, its intermediate result storage mechanism, a paper card writer / reader, was unreliable, and when inventor John Vincent Atanasoff left Iowa State College for World War II assignments, work on the machine was discontinued.
Washington Irving, a prominent American writer with a European reputation, was approached by John Jacob Astor to mythologize the three-year reign of his Pacific Fur Company.
* 1735 – Freedom of the press: New York Weekly Journal writer John Peter Zenger is acquitted of seditious libel against the royal governor of New York, on the basis that what he had published was true.
* 2006 – Julia Thorne, American writer, ex-wife of John Kerry ( b. 1944 )
* 1923 – John Mortimer, English barrister and writer ( d. 2009 )
* 2009 – John Michell, English writer ( b. 1933 )
Fans of the strip ranged from novelist John Steinbeck, who called Capp " possibly the best writer in the world today " in 1953, and even earnestly recommended him for the Nobel Prize in literature — to media critic and theorist Marshall McLuhan, who considered Capp " the only robust satirical force in American life.
* 1: John Arcudi, writer / Lee Moder, pencils / Ande Parks, inks.
It was first popularized in the 1920s by John J. Fitz Gerald, a sports writer for the New York Morning Telegraph.
Astrophysicist and science writer John Gribbin describes it as having fallen from primacy after the 1980s.
In 1950, St. John Publications produced the digest-sized, adult-oriented " picture novel " It Rhymes with Lust, a 128-page digest by pseudonymous writer " Drake Waller " ( Arnold Drake and Leslie Waller ), penciler Matt Baker and inker Ray Osrin, touted as " an original full-length novel " on its cover.
He remains the only person, along with John Finch, to have held the three posts of script editor, writer and producer.
In the wake of John Byrne's reboot of Superman continuity in The Man of Steel, many traditional aspects of Clark Kent were dropped in favor of giving him a more aggressive and extroverted personality ( although not as strong as Lois ), including such aspects as making Clark a top football player in high school, along with being a successful author and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer.
This fact was one of the main inspirations for the 1980s reboot of the Clark Kent half of the Superman character, according to writer and artist John Byrne in the article " Super-Discussions " published by Attic Books in Comics Values Monthly Special # 2 ( 1992 ).
In connection with this interpretation, David and Margaret Leeming describe Genesis 1 as a " demythologized myth ", and John L. McKenzie asserts that the writer of Genesis 1 has " excised the mythical elements " from his creation story.
She is the niece of Diana Barrymore and the grandniece of Lionel Barrymore, Ethel Barrymore and Helene Costello, the great-great-granddaughter of John Drew and actress Louisa Lane Drew, and the great grandniece of Broadway idol John Drew, Jr. and silent film actor / writer / director Sidney Drew.
* 2003 – John Gregory Dunne, American writer ( b. 1932 )
* 1954 – John Raymond Hubbell, American writer ( b. 1879 )
* John Disney ( Unitarian ), English writer
Now in his thirties, Oxford bought a sublease of the premises used by the boy companies in the Blackfriars sometime after November, 1583, and then gave it to his secretary, the writer John Lyly.
In 1993, USA Today included a weekly columnist on fantasy baseball, John Hunt, and he became perhaps the most visible writer in the industry before the rise of the Internet.

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