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John and Lahr
* Lahr, John.
** John Lahr, " New Yorker " senior drama critic
Hicks expressed his feelings of betrayal in a letter to John Lahr of The New Yorker.
" The critic John Lahr wrote in a 1999 New Yorker profile that, " To a large extent, Schreiber's professional shape-shifting and his uncanny instinct for isolating the frightened, frail, goofy parts of his characters are a result of being forced to adapt to his mother's eccentricities.
* John Lahr
Booth is married to John Lahr, author and senior drama critic of The New Yorker.
* Dame Edna Everage and the Rise of Western Civilization: Backstage with Barry Humphries by John Lahr.
In his book Notes on a Cowardly Lion, John Lahr describes the problems as being caused partly by the choices of the director, including the decision to limit Bert's movement on stage, filling the stage with platforms, a misguided advertisement of the play as a light comedy, and other issues.
His son, New Yorker theater critic John Lahr, wrote a biography of his father's life titled Notes on a Cowardly Lion-The Biography of Bert Lahr ( 1969 ).
* Lahr, John.
Coward himself pronounced the play " psychologically unstable ", and John Lahr in a 1982 study of Coward's plays writes, " Elyot and Amanda's outrageousness is used to propound the aesthetics of high camp – an essentially homosexual view of the world that justifies detachment.
* Lahr, John.
* Lahr, John.
The screenplay was written by Alan Bennett, based on the book by John Lahr.
* Lahr, John.
" Bert Lahr's biography, written by his son John Lahr, is entitled Notes on a Cowardly Lion.
The cast included John Davidson, Stanley Holloway, Bert Lahr, Ricardo Montalban and Susan Watson, who had appeared in the original Barnard College production.
* John Lahr ( ed.
* Lahr, John.
During her editorship she let 79 go and engaged 50 new writers and editors including most of whom remain to this day: David Remnick ( whom she nominated as her successor ), Malcolm Gladwell, Anthony Lane, Jane Mayer, Jeffrey Toobin, Hendrik Hertzberg, Simon Schama, Lawrence Wright, Connie Bruck, John Lahr and editors Pamela McCarthy and Dorothy Wickenden.
John Lahr writes in his book Show and Tell: New Yorker Profiles that when Mamet married Crouse in 1978, he " married into show business aristocracy.
Newsweek noted: Now we see how At Liberty, the amazing one-woman show Stritch is moving to Broadway from the Public Theater this week, acquired the credit, " Constructed by John Lahr.
According to John Lahr, " The heroes of ' Golden Boy ' and ' The Big Knife ' are both torn between commercial success and artistic fulfillment, driven crazy by their decision to live against their natures ; both murder themselves out of nostalgia for their lost integrity.

John and wrote
John Adams fashioned much of pre-Revolutionary radical ideology, wrote the constitution of his home state of Massachusetts, negotiated, with Franklin and Jay, the peace with Britain and served as our first Vice President and our second President.
It has been said of John Stuart Mill that he wrote so clearly that he could be found out.
Concerning the sentence, Foss wrote, `` If it be possible that mercy shall override vengeance and that John Brown's sentence shall be commuted to imprisonment, it would be well -- well for the country and for Virginia ''.
Upon arriving at Baltimore, Selkirk on December 22 wrote to John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State at Washington, inquiring about laws covering trade with `` Missouri and Illinois Territories ''.
Jefferson wrote in 1785 in a letter to John Jay that
Given that John of Worcester wrote his chronicle after the eruption of the Canterbury – York supremacy struggle, the story of Ealdred renouncing any claims to Worcester needs to be considered suspect.
This became the dominant form in the Restoration, when composers such as Henry Purcell ( 1659 – 1695 ) and John Blow ( 1649 – 1708 ) wrote elaborate examples for the Chapel Royal with orchestral accompaniment.
* John Hull, a university lecturer, wrote about going blind in Touching the Rock: An Experience of Blindness.
“ A visit to the ground has only confirmed me ,” Lucas wrote in 1921 ; “ and it was interesting to find that Mr. Apostolides, son of the large local landowner, the hospitality of whose farm at Tekés I enjoyed, was convinced too that the site was by Driskole Krini, for the very sound reason that neither the hills nor the river further east suit Caesar ’ s description .” John D. Morgan in his definitive “ Palae-pharsalus – the Battle and the Town ”, arguing for a site closer still to Krini, where he places Palaepharsalos, writes: “ My reconstruction is similar to Lucas ’ s, and in fact I borrow one of his alternatives for the line of the Pompeian retreat.
John Napier wrote, " I do not feel impressed with Mr. Wallace's story " regarding having over of film showing Bigfoot.
Citing research by John Green, who found that several contemporary British Columbia newspapers regarded the alleged capture as very dubious, Clark notes that the Mainland Guardian of New Westminster, British Columbia, wrote, " Absurdity is written on the face of it.
" Our dragoons ," wrote John Deane, " pushing into the village … made terrible slaughter of the enemy.
The traditional theory holds that John the Apostle — considered to have written the Gospel and the epistles of John — was exiled on Patmos in the Aegean archipelago during the reign of Domitian, and there wrote Revelation.
Charles Erdman ( 1866 – 1960 ) advocated apostolic authorship and wrote that only the Apostle John fits the image of the author derived from the text.
Those who favour the later date appeal to the earliest external testimony, that of the Christian father Irenaeus ( c. 150-202 ), who wrote that he received his information from people who knew John personally.
In 1981, nominee John Banville wrote a letter to The Guardian requesting that the prize be given to him so that he could use the money to buy every copy of the longlisted books in Ireland and donate them to libraries, " thus ensuring that the books not only are bought but also read — surely a unique occurrence.
John W. Haley, his eldest son, wrote Sound and Glory, a biography of Haley, while his youngest daughter, Gina Haley, is a professional musician based in Texas.
* In 1982, John Swenson wrote Bill Haley: The Daddy of Rock and Roll ( published in the UK under the title, Bill Haley ).
* In 1990, Haley's eldest son, John W. Haley, along with John von Hoëlle wrote Sound and Glory, a biography focusing mostly on Haley's early life and peak career years.
In 1944, Jones wrote to John Walvoord of Dallas Theological Seminary that while the university had " no objection to educational work highly standardized …. We, however, cannot conscientiously let some group of educational experts or some committee of experts who may have a behavioristic or atheistic slant on education control or even influence the administrative policies of our college.
John and Roy Boulting also wrote and directed a series of successful satires, including Private's Progress ( 1956 ) and I'm All Right, Jack ( 1959 ).
John Shirley wrote articles on Sterling and Rucker's significance.
That the assessment of the contemporary situation advanced by John Paul II is not binding on the faithful was confirmed by Cardinal Ratzinger when he wrote in 2004 that,

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