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John and Marin
The performers included: Laura Benanti, Matt Cavenaugh, Michael Cerveris, Victoria Clark, Jenn Colella, Jason Danieley, Alexander Gemignani, Joanna Gleason, Nathan Gunn, George Hearn, Patti LuPone, Marin Mazzie, Audra McDonald, John McMartin, Donna Murphy, Karen Olivo, Laura Osnes, Mandy Patinkin, Bernadette Peters, Bobby Steggert, Elaine Stritch, Jim Walton, Chip Zien, the 2009 Broadway revival cast of West Side Story and a ballet performed by Blaine Hoven and Maria Riccetto set to Stephen Sondheim's score of Warren Beatty's Reds.
Modernists embraced his work: John Marin painted it several times ; even Frank Lloyd Wright praised the lines of the building, though he decried the ornamentation.
In New Mexico, he was introduced to notables from Alfred Stieglitz's circle, including painter Georgia O ' Keeffe, artist John Marin, and photographer Paul Strand, all of whom created famous works during their stays in the Southwest.
Artists represented include Josef Albers, Donald Baechler, Thomas Hart Benton, Lucile Blanch, Louise Bourgeois, Charles Burchfield, Alexander Calder, Greg Colson, Dan Christensen, Ronald Davis, Stuart Davis, Richard Diebenkorn, Arthur Dove, William Eggleston, Helen Frankenthaler, Arshile Gorky, Keith Haring, Grace Hartigan, Marsden Hartley, Robert Henri, Eva Hesse, Hans Hofmann, Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Ronnie Landfield, John Marin, Knox Martin, John McCracken, John McLaughlin, Robert Motherwell, Bruce Nauman, Louise Nevelson, Barnett Newman, Kenneth Noland, Jackson Pollock, Maurice Prendergast, Kenneth Price, Robert Rauschenberg, Man Ray, Mark Rothko, Morgan Russell, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Cindy Sherman, John Sloan, Paul Pfeiffer, Andy Warhol, and hundreds of others.
The Weehawken Sequence, an early 20th century series of approximately 100 oil sketches by local artist John Marin, who worked in the city, is considered is considered among, if not the first, abstract paintings done by an American artist.
* John Marin ( 1870 – 1953 ), modern American artist.
* John Marin ( 1870 – 1953 ), early modernist artist.
Actors Lorne Greene and Lee Majors, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Leonid Brezhnev, composer John Williams, author Graham Greene, and former Mauritian QC and Politician Sir Gaetan Duval ( 1930 – 1996 ), football player Johan Cruijff, drummer Charlie Watts, Cheech Marin, Thomas Chong, television host and comedian Jay Leno, Mike Hailwood and composer John Barry musician Carlos Santana, all owned SMs.
On May 6, 1936, the section of what became NJ 139 / I-78 between Jersey Avenue and Marin Boulevard was named in memory of John F. Boyle, the former interstate tunnel commissioner.
Among the many 20th century artists who produced important works in watercolor, mention must be made of Wassily Kandinsky, Emil Nolde, Paul Klee, Egon Schiele and Raoul Dufy ; in America the major exponents included Charles Burchfield, Edward Hopper, Georgia O ' Keeffe, Charles Demuth, and John Marin, 80 % of whose total output is in watercolor.
Antheil's trips to New York also permitted him to meet important figures of the modernist movement including the musicians Leo Ornstein and Paul Rosenfeld, the painter John Marin, photographer Alfred Stieglitz, and Margaret Anderson, editor of the The Little Review.
* John Reed ( Early Californian ) ( 1805 – 1843 ), American early California settler and noted landowner in Marin County
In 1920, with Stieglitz's support, he organized the first exhibition of modern art in L. A., " The Exhibition of American Modernists " at the Los Angeles County Museum of History, Science, and Art, showing his own large-scale abstract synchromies as well as works by John Marin, Arthur Dove, and Marsden Hartley.
* 1953 in art-Death of John Marin
* 1870 in art-Birth of William Glackens, John Marin
Beginning in 1918, O ' Keeffe came to know the many early American modernists who were part of Stieglitz's circle of artists, including Charles Demuth, Arthur Dove, Marsden Hartley, John Marin, Paul Strand and Edward Steichen.
The others were devoted to artists Georgia O ' Keeffe, Arthur Dove, Charles Duncan, Marsden Hartley, John Marin, and writers Gertrude Stein, Eugene O ' Neill, and Wallace Stevens.
* John Marin
Young American Artists of the Modern School, L. to R. Jo Davidson, Edward Steichen, Arthur B. Carles, John Marin ; back: Marsden Hartley, Laurence Fellows, c. 1911, Bates College Museum of Art
* John Marin

John and Marsden
In November 1900 surveying was done under John Marsden on the east mountains to ascertain if it would be possible to get sufficient water and fall to operate an electric power plant.
The first directors of the Manchester Light and Power Company were John Marsden, M. L. Manley, William F. Orvis, George Smith, and John Blackmer.
The officers were John Marsden, president ; ;
* The Tomorrow series by John Marsden about guerrilla warfare after a fictional invasion and occupation of Australia.
" Other egoists include James L. Walker, Sidney Parker, Dora Marsden, John Beverly Robinson, and Benjamin Tucker ( later in life ).
* Marsden, John Alba of the Ravens: In Search of the Celtic Kingdom of the Scots Constable, 1997, ISBN 0-09-475760-7.
* Marsden, John ( 1992 ) Northanhymbre Saga
Peter Marsden has attracted new investors to the club, with a new board of directors ; Phillip Carruthers, Anthony Christofis, Joe Cirino, John Glasson, Robert Heys, Robert Houseman, Jim Kenyon, David Lloyd, Demetrakis Nicou, John Norris, Alan Pickup, Oliver Sanker and Peter Shaw.
It starred, among others, John Travolta ( Grease ), Michelle Pfeiffer ( Stardust ), Allison Janney ( Juno ), James Marsden ( Enchanted ), Christopher Walken ( Catch Me If You Can ) and Zac Efron ( High School Musical ).
* John Marsden ( lawyer ), ( 1942-2006 ), Australian solicitor
* John Marsden ( writer ) ( born 1950 ), Australian writer of books for children and young adults
* John Marsden ( archaeologist ) ( 1803 – 1870 ), English antiquary and vicar
Drummer Freddie Marsden, born Fredrick John Marsden, 23 November 1940, at 8 Menzies Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, died on 9 December 2006 in Southport, age 66.
* Marsden, John ( 2008 ) " Somerled and the Emergence of Gaelic Scotland ".
* Hell, a locale in the Tomorrow series novels by John Marsden
* John Marsden ( 1942 – 2006 ) – high profile lawyer

John and Hartley
After a forty-five minutes or so of jokes and music, the procession then moves out to the lawn in front of Hartley, Wallach and John Jay residence halls to entertain the residents there.
Leigh was born Vivian Mary Hartley in the campus of St. Paul's School, Darjeeling, Bengal, India ( British India ), to Ernest Hartley, an English officer in the Indian Cavalry, and Gertrude Mary Robinson Yackjee ( 1888-1972 ), a devout Roman Catholic of Irish and Armenian descent, the daughter of Mary I. Robinson and John G. Yackjee, who wed in 1872.
* August 21 – John Hartley, English tennis player, double winner of Wimbledon ( b. 1849 )
* January 9 – John Hartley, English tennis player, double winner of Wimbledon ( d. 1935 )
Many of Church's doctoral students have led distinguished careers, including C. Anthony Anderson, Peter B. Andrews, George A. Barnard, William W. Boone, Martin Davis, Alfred L. Foster, Leon Henkin, John G. Kemeny, Stephen C. Kleene, Simon B. Kochen, Maurice L ' Abbé, Isaac Malitz, Gary R. Mar, Michael O. Rabin, Nicholas Rescher, Hartley Rogers, Jr., J. Barkley Rosser, Dana Scott, Raymond Smullyan, and Alan Turing.
* John Hartley Lawton, British ecologist
* John Hartley Williams ( born 1942 ), English poet
John Smith's Brewery ( John Smith Ltd ) is a brewing company that traces its origins to the founding of the Backhouse & Hartley brewery in 1778 at Tadcaster in North Yorkshire, England.
In 1847 John Smith purchased the Backhouse & Hartley brewery, a small, run-down brewery in Tadcaster, Yorkshire.
A six-piece lineup — consisting of Mayall, Mick Taylor on lead guitar, John McVie still on bass, Hughie Flint or Hartley on drums, and Rip Kant and Chris Mercer on saxophones — recorded the album Crusade on 11 and 12 July 1967.
His Black Roots label featured his productions of these artists plus others such as Barry Brown, Tenor Saw, Little John, Tony Tuff, Barrington Levy, Horace Andy, and one of his discoveries from England, Trevor Hartley.
The treaty document was signed at the Hotel d ' York – which is now 56 Rue Jacob – by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay ( representing the United States ) and David Hartley ( a member of the British Parliament representing the British Monarch, King George III ).
* Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship – John Hartley ( GB ) defeated Vere St. Leger Goold ( GB ) 6 – 2, 6 – 4, 6 – 2
* Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship – John Hartley ( GB ) defeats Herbert Lawford ( GB ) 6 – 3, 6 – 2, 2 – 6, 6 – 3
* Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship – William Renshaw ( GB ) defeated John Hartley ( GB ) 6 – 0 6 – 1 6 – 1
Principal cast members included Maurie Fields ( John Quinney ), Carl Bleazby ( Colonel Jim Emerson ), Lynette Curran ( Rhoda Lang ), Elspeth Ballantyne ( Lori Chandler ), Gerda Nicolson ( Fiona Davies ), Peter Aanensen ( Jim Bacon ), Carmel Millhouse ( Marge Bacon ), Moira Charleton ( Olive Turner ), Terry Norris ( Joe Turner ), Robin Ramsay ( Charlie Cousens ), Penne Hackforth-Jones ( Ginny Hill ), Ian Smith ( Russell Ashwood ), Anne Phelan ( Kate Murray ), Dennis Miller ( Constable Des Davies ), Michael Preston ( Father John Kramer ), Gabrielle Hartley ( Maggie Emerson ), Tom Oliver ( Tom Grey ), Sean Scully, ( Ron Wilson ), Brian James ( Ian Bennett ), John Stanton ( Leo Hill ), Rod Mullinar ( Scott Leighton ), Maggie Millar ( Georgia Moorhouse ), Sheila Florance ( Dossie Rumsey ), Brian Hannan ( Roger Green ), Anne Charleston ( Wendy Robinson ), Louise Philip ( Christine Jackson ), Patsy King ( Kate Andrews ), and Alan Hopgood ( Matthew Reed ).

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