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Johnson and presented
These logs were not available before President Johnson ’ s resolution was presented to Congress.
The Hanyok article stated that intelligence information was presented to the Johnson administration " in such a manner as to preclude responsible decision makers in the Johnson administration from having the complete and objective narrative of events.
* Wiener won the Bôcher Memorial Prize in 1933 and the National Medal of Science in 1963, presented by President Johnson at a White House Ceremony in January, 1964, shortly before his death.
Its 889-page final report was presented to President Johnson on September 24, 1964 and made public three days later.
In the report, presented to Congress on January 19, 1829, Johnson argued that government was " a civil, and not a religious institution ", and as such could not legislate the tenets of any particular denomination.
He was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon Johnson, one of 20 to receive the medal " in the last 24 hours of presidency in January 1969 ".
Bird argues evidence presented in The Color of Truth reveals the brothers " registered deep doubts about the American enterprise in Vietnam and did so far earlier than most historians had thought ," although they never ceased promoting it during their time with the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.
Michael Coats, director of NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, presented Cronkite with the Ambassador of Exploration Award.
To further support this, Johnson presented oral histories from the Wintu and Maidu that told of the tribes ' intermarrying with the Yahi.
In 1964, Lunt and Fontanne were presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by US President, Lyndon Johnson.
Jervis Johnson produced a new official Fourth Edition of Blood Bowl and presented it in the Fanatics Game's Official Blood Bowl magazine issue 1, with follow-up rules presented in issue 2.
In 1961, Manning was awarded a lifetime membership in the Society, that award being presented by then Vice President of the US Lyndon B. Johnson.
Together with her diaries which were known as Thraliana, and were not published until 1949, these sources help to fill out the often biased picture of Johnson presented in Boswell's Life.
They were presented as translations of ancient ballads, a fraud caustically dismissed by Dr. Samuel Johnson.
In the US the original CBS syndication prints had a few variants to the original UK prints, after the brief title sequence the US prints would repeat this sequence but with " Brought to You By " and after the arrow strikes the tree the sponsors name " Wildroot Cream-Oil " superimposed, " Johnson and Johnson " sponsored episodes had a voice-over over the opening titles " Richard Greene in The Adventures of Robin Hood " and over the repeated sequence " presented by " followed by the names of two Johnson and Johnson products, images of which would appear over the shot of the arrow in the tree, a commercial featuring one of the products would then be shown, the Wildroot Cream-Oil sponsored episodes would then feature an animated commercial showing a Robin Hood type figure with lanck hair and a dinosaur.
In the fall of 1991 former church Archivist Lee Johnson presented a six-page letter of the book's unusual history.
Meiklejohn was selected by John F. Kennedy to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which was presented by Lyndon B. Johnson shortly after Kennedy's death.
: Image: Killian memos MSWord animated. gif | The animated GIF image created by Charles Johnson and posted at LGF, comparing a 2004-era Microsoft Word document made with default settings to the document that CBS presented as a typewritten memo from 1973. LGF was one of four sources, along with the Power Line and Allahpundit blogs and the Free Republic discussion forum, who conducted the initial investigation of Dan Rather's assertions on 60 Minutes that the Killian documents were genuine.
On 6 December 1963, Monnet was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, with Special Distinction, by President Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson and line
In his study Samuel Johnson, Joseph Wood Krutch takes this line when he says that what Aristotle really means by his theory of catharsis is that our evil passions may be so purged by the dramatic ritual that it is `` less likely that we shall indulge them through our own acts ''.
As a Jeffersonian and Jacksonian, Johnson refused to toe any party line throughout his political career – though he primarily ran as a Democrat, with the exception of his vice-presidency.
The song's title derives from the line " when two great warrior tribes go to war ", from the film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior ( the line is also spoken by Holly Johnson at the beginning of the session version ).
Although Johnson would attest in a 1984 radio interview that the " two tribes " of the song potentially represented any pair of warring adversaries ( giving the examples of " cowboys and Indians or Captain Kirk and Klingons "), the song does contain the line " On the air America / I modelled shirts by Van Heusen ", a clear reference to then US President Ronald Reagan, who had advertised for Phillips Van Heusen in 1953 ( briefly reviving the association in the early 1980s ), and whose first film had been titled Love Is On The Air.
Johnson also noted: " There's two elements in the music — an American funk line and a Russian line.
" This line was not, as widely believed, about patriotism in general, but the false use of the term " patriotism " by John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute ( the patriot-minister ) and his supporters ; Johnson opposed " self-professed Patriots " in general, but valued what he considered " true " patriotism.
After two incomplete passes, Tarkenton's pass intended for wide receiver Jim Lash was intercepted by Dolphins cornerback Curtis Johnson at the goal line.
But late in the quarter, a 12-yard punt return by Cowboys receiver Butch Johnson gave Dallas good field position on their 42-yard line.
Nose tackle Charlie Johnson anchored the line, and even managed to record 3 interceptions.
Johnson then later successfully converted on a fourth down run, giving the Bengals a first down on the 3-yard line.
On first down, Johnson drove into the line and gained 2 yards down the 49ers 1-yard line.
The Bengals then tried to run Johnson into the line on second down, but lost a yard when a charging rush prevented the Bengals from executing their blocking assignments.
Rather than attempting a field goal on fourth down, the Bengals sent Johnson into the middle of the line one last time.
Denver's defense forced San Francisco to punt on their next drive after 3 plays, and receiver Vance Johnson gave his team good field position with a 7-yard return to the Broncos ' 49-yard line.
Elway's 13-yard completion to Johnson, a 34-yard run from Humphrey, and a pass interference penalty on 49ers linebacker Bill Romanowski moved the ball to the San Francisco 1-yard line.
But then linebacker John Mobley sacked Chandler for a 6-yard loss, and cornerback Darrius Johnson intercepted Chandler's pass and returned it 28 yards to the Falcons 42-yard line on the next play.
** Chihuicahui ( lived in SE Arizona in the Huachuca Mountains west of the San Pedro River, in the northwest along a line of today's Benson, Johnson, Willcox, and north along the San Simon River to east of SW New Mexico, controlled the southern Pinaleno, Winchester, Dos Cabezas, Chiricahua, Dragoon and Mule Mountains, southwestern local group )
When President Andrew Johnson, who had no vice president, was impeached and tried in 1868, Senate President pro tempore Benjamin Franklin Wade was next in line to the presidency.
Vice President Andrew Johnson had taken a hard line and spoke of hanging rebel Confederates, but when he succeeded Lincoln as President, Johnson took a much softer line, pardoning many Confederate leaders and former Confederates.

Johnson and Kashmir
W. H. Johnson, a civil servant with the Survey of India proposed the " Johnson Line " in 1865, which put Aksai Chin in Kashmir.
* 2010: Archive, Band of Skulls, Beatsteaks, Biffy Clyro, Bigelf, Billy Talent, Bonaparte, Boys Noize, Charlie Winston, Coheed and Cambria, Cosmo Jarvis, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Danko Jones, Deftones, Deichkind, Dendemann, Does It Offend You, Yeah ?, Donots, Dropkick Murphys, Element of Crime, Enter Shikari, Erol Alkan, Faithless, Florence and the Machine, FM Belfast, Frank Turner, Frittenbude, Horse the Band, Hot Water Music, Ignite, Jack Johnson, Jennifer Rostock, K's Choice, Kashmir, Katzenjammer, La Roux, LaBrassBanda, LCD Soundsystem, Madsen, Mando Diao, Marina and the Diamonds, Massive Attack, Moneybrother, Mr. Oizo, Paramore, Phoenix, Porcupine Tree, Revolverheld, Shout Out Louds, Skindred, Skunk Anansie, Stone Temple Pilots, Tegan and Sara, The Bloody Beetroots, The Gaslight Anthem, The Get Up Kids, The Hold Steady, The Prodigy, The Specials, The Strokes, The Temper Trap, The xx, Timid Tiger, Turbostaat, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend, We Are Scientists, White Lies and Zebrahead

Johnson and who
It was Baker, working through Provost Marshal Enoch Crowder and Major Hugh S. ( `` Old Ironpants '' ) Johnson, who arranged for a secret printing by the million of selective service blanks -- again before the Act was passed -- until corridors in the Government Printing Office were full and the basement of the Washington Post Office was stacked to the ceiling.
John Foster Dulles escaped by keeping his personal show on the road and because Lyndon Johnson, who was then operating the Senate, refused to let it become an Inquisition.
Among his staff was Isham G. Harris, the Governor of Tennessee, who had ceased to make any real effort to function as governor after learning that Abraham Lincoln had appointed Andrew Johnson as military governor of Tennessee.
Johnson was the only Southern senator who did not resign his seat during the Civil War ; he became the most prominent War Democrat from the South and supported Lincoln's military policies.
Johnson supported the Democratic nominee, Lewis Cass, who thought it up to the people in each state to decide on the issue.
Not long thereafter Johnson gave a speech in Nashville, denouncing the Know Nothing Party, and rebuked a prominent Whig lawyer, Thomas T. Smiley, who took issue with him.
Johnson took to the Senate floor after the election demonstrated the schism in the country, giving a sensational speech headlined by the New York Times: "... I will not give up this government ... No ; I intend to stand by it ... and I invite every man who is a patriot to ... rally around the altar of our common country ... and swear by our God ... that the Constitution shall be saved, and the Union preserved.
At his and Lincoln's inaugural ceremony on March 4, 1865, Johnson, who had been drinking with John W. Forney that morning, as well as the night before, gave a rambling speech and appeared intoxicated to many.
The records of many who worked with Johnson throughout his career corroborate that this was an isolated incident.
On April 14, 1865, President Lincoln was shot and mortally wounded by John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer, who conspired to coordinate assassinations of others, including Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant and Secretary of State William H. Seward that same night.
Johnson recommended that black voting begin with black troops, those who could read and write, and those who had property of at least $ 200 or $ 250.
Sen. Ross, who was the deciding vote in the Senate, reportedly received a bribe of $ 20, 000 to acquit Johnson.
To fulfill promises made during the impeachment trial, Johnson nominated John M. Schofield as War Secretary, who was confirmed.
Johnson is one of only four presidents who did not appoint a justice to serve on the Supreme Court.
Johnson appointed one judge to the United States Court of Claims, Samuel Milligan, who served from 1868 to 1874.
Eric Foner denounced Johnson as a " fervent white supremacist " who foiled Reconstruction ; Sean Wilentz wrote that Johnson " actively sided with former Confederates " in his attempts to derail Reconstruction.
Footage of the waves of the Andaman Islands also appeared in the film " Thicker than Water ", shot by cinematographer Jack Johnson, who later achieved worldwide fame as a popular musician.
They then entered into a three-way deal with the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers: Randy Johnson was sent to the New York Yankees, for Javier Vázquez, Brad Halsey, and Dioner Navarro who was then dealt to the Dodgers for Shawn Green.
Writers Sam Johnson and Chris Marcil suggested the idea of a character that the lads idolize even though he beats them up ; Judge based Todd on a teenaged bully who lived near him and terrified him as a kid.
Walter Johnson, Carl Hubbell, and Hal Newhouser are the only pitchers who have won multiple times, Newhouser winning consecutively in 1944 and 1945.
The service was officiated by Ben D. Johnson, who had presided at the Hollys ' wedding just months earlier.
A set of ontological distinctions related by a single conceptual metaphor was called an ontological metaphor by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, who claimed that such metaphors arising from experience were more basic than any properties or symbol-based comparisons.
Johnson, a Cincinnati-based reporter, had been recommended by his friend Charles Comiskey, former major league star with the St. Louis Browns in the 1880s, who was then managing the Cincinnati Reds.

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