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Johnston and sang
During its short duration, Sandy Nelson, Torrence's neighbor, played drums, and future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, occasionally sang and played piano.
Bassist Porter wrote and sang a tribute to the absent Johnston, entitled " For Someone Special.
Knudsen sang lead vocals while Johnston, Simmons and McFee traded licks on guitar.
Johnston wrote and sang many of the Doobie Brothers ' early hits, including " Listen to the Music ," " Rockin ' Down the Highway ," " China Grove ," and " Long Train Runnin '.

Johnston and contributed
He also contributed a version of Daniel Johnston's " King Kong " to the tribute album The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered, released on Gammon Records.
Confederate ladies visiting Beauregard's army contributed silk material from their dresses to create the first three flags, for Beauregard, Johnston, and Earl Van Dorn ; thus, the first flags contained more feminine pink than martial red.
Nicolette Larson, and departed former bandleader Johnston, contributed guest vocals on the album.
Johnston often took photographs for his mother's newspaper and contributed articles to his school's newspaper.
Kynaston also contributed to the Musæ Aulicæ by Arthur Johnston, a rendering in English verse of Johnston's Latin poems, London, 1635, and was author of an heroic romance in verse, Leoline and Sydanis, containing some of the legendary history of Wales and Anglesey, published with Cynthiades: Sonnets to his Mistresse ( technically not precisely of the sonnet form ) addressed by Kynaston to his mistress under the name of Cynthia ( London, 1642 ).

Johnston and guitar
In addition to vocalist Reese Roper, the band was formed by fellow Five Iron member Sonnie Johnston ( guitar ), Ethan Luck ( guitar ), John Warne ( bass, background vocals ), and Josh Abbott ( drums ).
* James Johnston – organ, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
Rose Tattoo was formed in Sydney in 1976 with Leigh Johnston on rhythm guitar, Tony Lake on lead vocals and were led by slide guitarist Peter Wells — who had just departed as bass guitarist of heavy metal band Buffalo.
That year Rose Tattoo, as Anderson, Johnston, Meyer, Andy Cichon ( bass ) and Tim Gaze ( slide guitar ), released a cover of Steppenwolf's " Born to be Wild ", their first release for Mushroom Records.
* Leigh Johnston – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Rose Tattoo was formed in Sydney in 1976 with Leigh Johnston on rhythm guitar, Tony Lake on lead vocals and were led by Peter Wells — who had just departed as bass guitarist of heavy metal band Buffalo — drummer Michael Vandersluys completed the line-up.
Wilson and Darlington were replaced in Blood Duster by Tony Forde ( vocals ) of death metal band Entasis, and Brad Johnston ( guitar ), formerly of death metal band Hecatomb, which also supplied drummer Shane Rout.
* Brad Johnstonguitar ( 1992 – 1994 )
Machine Gun Fellatio was formed in 1997 by Glenn Dormand ( Chit Chat Von Loopin Stab ) on vocals and keyboard, Warrick Leggo ( LoveShark ) on guitar and Ross Johnston ( 3kShort ) on bass, guitar and keyboards.
* 3kShort ( Ross Johnston )— bass, guitar and keyboard
Tom Johnston ( guitar, vocals ) left the band early in the sessions.
Among uncredited sessions musicians it is known that Ron Cornelius played acoustic and electric guitar, Charlie Daniels played bass, fiddle and acoustic guitar, Elkin " Bubba " Fowler participated on banjo, bass and acoustic guitar, while producer Bob Johnston played keyboards.
Johnston toured with Cohen in 1970 and ' 72 ( playing keyboards, harmonica and guitar ), leading to termination of his collaboration with Bob Dylan.
The members of the Beach Boys in the video are: Carl Wilson ( playing guitar ), Al Jardine ( playing tambourine ), Bruce Johnston ( playing bass guitar ), and Mike Love ( playing saxophone ).
* Ben Johnstonguitar, vocals
Led by original band members Rick Richards ( lead guitar and vocals ) and Rick Price ( bass and vocals ), with Kenny Head on keyboards and Todd Johnston on drums, they continue to perform.

Johnston and solo
Johnston was a well-known session musician and Melcher ( the producer of The Byrds records and the son of actress / singer Doris Day ) had a minor solo career as Terry Day before becoming the youngest staff record producer in Columbia Records ' history.
Johnston currently plays in the bands Ghost Mice and Imperial Can, as well as his solo acts Captain Chaos and Chris Clavin, and is a former band member of Operation: Cliff Clavin, The Devil Is Electric, The Ted Dancin ' Machine, Peanucle, The Sissies, and The Jammy Dodgers.
After a few years of restored health but diminished influence in the group, Johnston finally left in 1977 to pursue a solo career that produced two albums with Warner Bros: Everything You've Heard Is True and Still Feels Good ( reissued on compact disc by Wounded Bird Records ).
Later, Matthew Good released the solo album Hospital Music, containing two covers: Moon Over Marin by Dead Kennedys, and True Love Will Find You In the End by Daniel Johnston.
In 2006 Harvey undertook his first ' solo ' tours of Europe and Australia accompanied by fellow Bad Seeds Thomas Wydler and James Johnston, plus Melbourne-based double bassist Rosie Westbrook.
Pauline Murray worked sporadically as a solo artist under the name ' Pauline Murray and The Storm ' with Robert Blamire, Tim Johnston and Paul Harvey.
Johnston also has US dance chart entries as a solo artist.
Johnston has made two solo albums.
In a network reshuffle in 1996, Keyte terminated her employment after the Seven Network attempted to pair her with David Johnston, who went to present solo for three years.
The first release of I Write the Songs as a single was by then teen-idol David Cassidy from his 1975 solo album The Higher They Climb, which was also produced by Bruce Johnston.

Johnston and group's
( However, Rieley claims he fired Johnston, both to prevent him from voting in the group's democratic processes and because of the supposed disrespect and contempt Johnston was showing the eldest Wilson at the time.
On Urso's recommendation, and after hearing several bass players, the group recruited bassist Ken Johnston, who joined the group's road tours for two years until June 1981.
Johnston chaired the Toronto Seniors ' Assembly and has been appointed as the group's Seniors ' Advocate.

Johnston and last
A petition bearing the signatures of more than 1,700 Johnston taxpayers was presented to the town council last night as what is hoped will be the first step in obtaining a home rule charter for the town.
" Johnston glanced down at his leg wound, then faced Harris and replied with his last words: " Yes, and I fear seriously.
* Reginald Johnstonthe English tutor to Aisin-Gioro Puyi the last emperor of China.
It was the last official battle of the Civil War between the armies of Major General William T. Sherman and General Joseph E. Johnston.
Ransom Canyon was developed from 576 acres which was the last acreage of " Johnston Ranch ".
At their last concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, they were joined onstage by founder Tom Johnston for what was presumed to be the final rendition of his staple, " China Grove ".
British intelligence warns Austin that one of Dr Evil ’ s agents is after him, and during a photo shoot the wanton Ivana Humpalot ( Kristen Johnston ) seduces him, but at the last moment she admits to her orders and claims he is too sexy for her to go through with killing him.
Johnston made the fatal decision to wait for the last battalion to arrive before making the attack.
With drummer Scott Johnston, the band recorded 1984's Southern Stars, their last album for Albert Productions and Vanda & Young as producers.
In addition to various Spielberg films, Amblin has produced movies by other directors such as Joe Dante ( Gremlins, Small Soldiers, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Innerspace ), Robert Zemeckis ( the Back to the Future trilogy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit ), Brian Levant ( the Flintstones duology ), Matthew Robbins (* batteries not included ), Penelope Spheeris ( the 1994 film remake of The Little Rascals ), Brad Silberling ( Casper ), Don Bluth ( An American Tail, The Land Before Time ), Clint Eastwood ( The Bridges of Madison County, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Hereafter-except for the last named the Amblin logo does not appear on Eastwood's films, or on Schindler's List & True Grit ), Gil Kenan ( Monster House ), Martin Campbell ( The Mask of Zorro, The Legend of Zorro ), Richard Donner ( The Goonies ), Jan de Bont ( Twister ), Barry Sonnenfeld ( the Men in Black trilogy ), Martin Scorsese ( Cape Fear ), Joe Johnston ( Jurassic Park III ), J. J. Abrams ( Super 8 ), The Coen Brothers ( True Grit ), and Simon Wells ( An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, and We're Back!
Johnston said to his wife that he felt when he killed off Scratch or when Scratch died he wouldn't last too long afterwards, and he died of colon cancer on March 25, 2001, only a month after being diagnosed.
In the last year of his life, Johnston developed an interest in the health, agricultural, and environmental effects of both volcanic and anthropogenic emissions to the atmosphere.
However, Preki didn't last the 2010 MLS season with Toronto, being fired along with General Manager Mo Johnston on September 14, 2010.
Marla Gibbs ( born Margaret Theresa Bradley ; June 14, 1931 ) is an American television and film actress and singer, who in her four decades of television is probably best remembered for playing Louise and George Jefferson's sarcastic maid, Florence Johnston, on The Jeffersons and spinoff Checking In, who is also the series ' last surviving original cast member.
The family's last letter from Johnston was posted from Revelstoke, British Columbia early in 1931.
Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston, KCMG, CBE, ( 1874 – 1938 ) was a Scottish academic, diplomat and tutor to Puyi, the last emperor of China, and later appointed as the last Commissioner of Weihaiwei.
After several commissioners held the post of British commissioner of Weihaiwei ( Arthur Powlett Blunt 1921 – 1923 and Walter Russell Brown 1923 – 1927 ), the outstanding sinologist Reginald Johnston ( previously tutor to the last Chinese emperor ) was the last.
Pleasants attempted to put the puzzle of Johnson's life together, however, questions on Johnson's race, life dates and even his last name ( Johnson or Johnston ) remained.
An eager participant in Group activities, Johnston went on all the Algoma trips except the last.
Together, Harvey and Johnston they had added 39 for the last wicket and halved the runs required.
The Senate passed the conference report on the last day before their month's vacation, on Friday, August 6, 1993, by a vote of 51 to 50 ( 50 Democrats plus Vice President Gore voting in favor, 6 Democrats ( Lautenberg ( D-NJ ), Bryan ( D-NV ), Nunn ( D-GA ), Johnston ( D-LA ), Boren ( D-OK ), and Shelby ( D-AL ) now ( R-AL )) and 44 Republicans voting against ).

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