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Johnston and was
Garth was prepared to be helpful in what he referred to with fastidious distaste as this unfortunate Johnston affair, which would not, he said more than once, have ever come about if Mrs. Meeker had only seen fit to consult Mr. Hohlbein or him about it.
A petition bearing the signatures of more than 1,700 Johnston taxpayers was presented to the town council last night as what is hoped will be the first step in obtaining a home rule charter for the town.
Several signers affixed their names, it was learned, after being told that no tax increase would be possible without consent of the General Assembly and that a provision could be included in the charter to have the town take over the Johnston Sanitary District sewer system.
John Pezza, 69, of 734 Hartford Avenue, Providence, complained of shoulder pains after an accident in which a car he was driving collided with a car driven by Antonio Giorgio, 25, of 12 DeSoto St., Providence, on Greenville Avenue and Cherry Hill Road in Johnston yesterday.
Mr. Pezza was taken to a nearby Johnston physician, Dr. Allan A. DiSimone, who treated him.
Mr. Parrillo was given first aid at Johnston Hose 1.
Thomas Lincoln's new wife was the widow Sarah Bush Johnston, the mother of three children.
Davis believed the loss of Johnston " was the turning point of our fate ".
Although Albert Johnston was born in Kentucky, he lived much of his life in Texas, which he considered his home.
Johnston was assigned to posts in New York and Missouri and served in the Black Hawk War in 1832 as chief of staff to Bvt.
One month later, Johnston was promoted to major and the position of aide-de-camp to General Sam Houston.
Gen. Felix Huston, challenging each other for the command of the Texas Army ; Johnston refused to fire on Huston and lost the position after he was wounded in the pelvis.
Johnston was to provide the defense of the Texas border against Mexican invasion, and in 1839 conducted a campaign against Indians in northern Texas.
Johnston remained on his plantation after the war until he was appointed by President Taylor to the U. S. Army as a major and was made a paymaster in December 1849.
At the outbreak of the Civil War, Johnston was the commander of the U. S. Army Department of the Pacific in California.
On September 10, 1861, Johnston was assigned to command the huge area of the Confederacy west of the Allegheny Mountains, except for coastal areas.
Johnston's initial call upon the governors for more men did not result in many immediate recruits but Johnston had another, even bigger, problem since his force was seriously short of arms and ammunition even for the troops he had.
Beauregard, who was supposed to attract recruits because of his victories early in the war and give Johnston a competent subordinate.
Within a few minutes, Johnston was observed by his staff to be nearly fainting off his horse.
Johnston was the highest-ranking casualty of the war on either side, and his death was a strong blow to the morale of the Confederacy.
Johnston was initially buried in New Orleans.

Johnston and born
She was born into an upper-middle-class family: her father, Robert Simpson Cassat ( later Cassatt ), was a successful stockbroker and land speculator, and her mother, Katherine Kelso Johnston, came from a banking family.
Gardner was born in the big farming community of Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina, the youngest of seven children ( she had two brothers, Raymond and Melvin, and four sisters, Beatrice, Elsie Mae, Inez, and Myra ).
Andie MacDowell was born in Gaffney, South Carolina, the daughter of Pauline " Paula " Johnston ( née Oswald ), a music teacher, and Marion St. Pierre MacDowell, a lumber executive .< ref >
Burr was born Raymond William Stacey Burr in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, to William Johnston Burr ( 1889 – 1985 ), an Irish hardware salesman, and his wife Minerva ( née Smith, 1892 – 1974 ), a concert pianist and music teacher, who was of English and Scottish descent.
The Ava Gardner Museum located in Smithfield is home to an incredible collection of artifacts such as scripts, movie posters, costumes and personal belongings of screen legend, Ava Gardner, who was born and raised in Johnston County.
* Donald O. Johnston ( born 1929 ) composer, music publisher and educator.
Opera singer Nicky Spence was born in Dumfries as was Britain's Got Talent singer Andrew Johnston.
* Frances Benjamin Johnston, early photographer and photojournalist ; born in Grafton
Grayson married twice, first to actor John Shelton ( born Edward S. Price ) and then to the actor / singer Johnnie Johnston.
On October 7, 1948, Grayson's only child, daughter Patricia " Patty Cake " Kathryn Johnston was born.
Lynn Johnston, CM, OM ( born May 28, 1947 ) is a Canadian cartoonist, well known for her comic strip For Better or For Worse, and was the first woman and first Canadian to win the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Award.
Rita Margaret Johnston ( born April 22, 1935 ; née Leichert ) was a politician in British Columbia, Canada.
He had especially good relations with both of his senatorial colleagues from Louisiana, first Allen J. Ellender and, then, J. Bennett Johnston, Jr., who like Long was born in Shreveport.
* date unknown-Arthur Johnston, poet ( born 1587 )
Benjamin Burwell Johnston, Jr. ( born March 15, 1926 in Macon, Georgia ) is a composer of contemporary music in just intonation: " one of the foremost composers of microtonal music " ( Bush 1997 ).
* Thomas E. Johnston ( born 1967 ), US federal judge
* Tom Johnston ( musician ) ( born 1948 ), US musician, co-founder of The Doobie Brothers
On 25 May 2005, Kewell became the only Australian-born player ( Craig Johnston was born in South Africa ) to win the UEFA Champions League, playing in Liverpool's win over Milan in the 2005 Champions League Final on penalties.
King was born in Johnston, Providence County, Rhode Island to William Borden King and Welthian Walton.
* Joe Johnston ( born 1950 ), American film director
Castle was born in Wilmington, Delaware, the son of Louisa Johnston ( née Bache ) and James Manderson Castle, Jr. One of Castle's maternal great-great-grandfathers was Virginia Senator John W. Johnston, and Castle's fifth great-grandfather was founding father Benjamin Franklin.

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