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Joseph and Ellicott
Andrew Ellicott continued the survey with his brothers Benjamin and Joseph Ellicott and other assistants through 1791 and 1792.
The town is named after Joseph Ellicott, an agent of the Holland Land Company.
The town derives its name from David E. Evans, an agent of the Holland Land Company and nephew of land agent Joseph Ellicott.
* Shelby Center – Joseph Ellicott, an agent of the Holland Land Company, purchased land near here in order to use a waterfall on Oak Orchard River.
The village is named after Joseph Ellicott, principal land agent of the Holland Land Company.
The town is named after Joseph Ellicott, principal land agent of the Holland Land Company.
Named after Joseph Ellicott.
The town was separated from the Town of Hamburg in 1850 and was first named the town of Ellicott, after Joseph Ellicott, an agent of the Holland Land Company.
The regional office of the Holland Land Company, the owner of all this territory, was located in the town, in the Village of Batavia, founded by Joseph Ellicott, the company's land agent.
The land was then surveyed under the supervision of Joseph Ellicott, a monumental task of the biggest land survey ever attempted to that time.
Joseph Ellicott lived in Batavia for many years although he thought Buffalo would grow to be larger.
To build as Mills did on what is now the National Mall, he had to contend with the planning strictures of Pierre Charles L ' Enfant, as well as Andrew and Joseph Ellicott.
In 1798, Joseph Ellicott was hired and he, along with his brother Benjamin and 130 men surveyed the purchase for the next three years at a total cost of $ 70, 921. 69½.
* Joseph Ellicott and the Holland Land Company bibliography of books and manuscripts in the library collection at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society.
Both locations are named after Joseph Ellicott, an agent for the Holland Land Company.
A sales office for the Holland Land Company was opened in 1801 by surveyor and agent Joseph Ellicott in Batavia where land was sold until 1846 when the company was dissolved.
Joseph Ellicott ( November 1, 1760 Bucks County, Pennsylvania – August 19, 1826 New York City ) was an American surveyor, city planner, land office agent, lawyer and politician of the Quaker faith.
He was the son of Joseph Ellicott ( 1732 – 1780 ).
Joseph Ellicott was subsequently sent to Georgia to survey the boundary line, established by treaty with the Creek tribe.
Joseph Ellicott Obelisk, Batavia Cemetery, April 2011
* Biography of Joseph Ellicott
* " The Holland Land Company in Western New York ", by Robert W. Silsby, Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society, Adventures in Western New York History, volume VIII, 1961, ( provides account of Joseph Ellicott, downloadable from http :// bechsed. nylearns. org /, click on Adventures in WNY History )

Joseph and agent
In attendance were Mr. Lee, Joseph Priestley and the agent of the Massachusetts Colony, Mr. Benjamin Franklin.
In November 1696, a subsequent claim was made to the island by Sir Peter van Bell, the agent of Sir Joseph Shepheard, a Rotterdam merchant, who claimed to have purchased Tortola on 21 June 1695, for 3, 500 guilders.
While serving as a financial agent for the City of Philadelphia's treasurer Joseph Marcer, Yerkes risked public money in a colossal stock speculation.
Collins was born in Paddington, London, the daughter of Elsa Collins ( née Bessant ), a dance teacher and nightclub hostess, and Joseph William Collins ( died 1988 ), an agent whose clients would later include Shirley Bassey, the Beatles and Tom Jones.
He appointed his friend Joseph Martin, an explorer, as state agent to the Cherokee nation.
Former CIA agent Joseph B. Smith recalled that, in 1957, he was briefed by the National Security Agency on the need for secrecy and that Leslie Howard's death had been brought up.
* 2010 Republican Jim Landtroop, an insurance agent in Plainview, is elected as the District 85 member of the Texas House of Representatives, after having lost the 2006 legislative contest to Joseph P. Heflin of Crosby County.
In January 1855, Joseph D. Warner, who was the first railroad station agent, finished his house on South Elida Street.
O ' Brian has his chief of British Naval Intelligence, Sir Joseph Blaine, tell Stephen Maturin that " she was first and foremost an intelligence agent.
After much diligent pursuit, the station was built and Mr. Joseph, a land agent for Charles Potwin, began development of a town site around the Potwin station.
It was named Dunlap after its founder, Joseph Dunlap, an Indian agent for the Kaw tribe.
Skidmore itself was platted in 1880 when M. Skidmore donated to the Nodaway Valley Railroad Company ( the agent for the Kansas City, St. Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad which was eventually taken over by the Burlington Northern Railroad ).
Hackman's character ( Agent Rupert Anderson ) and Dafoe's character ( Agent Alan Ward ) are loosely based on the partnership of FBI agent John Proctor and agent Joseph Sullivan.
They claim that the informant who revealed the location of the bodies was highway patrolman Maynard King, who gave the information willingly to FBI agent Joseph Sullivan.
In 1875, Henry B. Sanborn, a regional sales agent for Joseph Glidden ’ s Bar Fence Company of DeKalb, Illinois traveled to Texas.
* Joseph Sullivan, FBI agent, was born in Montreal.
His name heads the decree of excommunication directed against Daud, Joseph Nasi's agent ; and it was Karo who condemned Dei Rossi's Me ' or Enayim to be burned.
Joseph Hall came of a large family, being one of twelve children born to John Hall, agent in Ashby-de-la-Zouch for Henry Hastings, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon.
Sumner was surveyed in 1849 by Edward Jollie for Captain Joseph Thomas, the advanced agent of the Canterbury Association.

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