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Joseph and H
* Greenberg, Joseph H. 1955.
* Greenberg, Joseph H. 1963.
# 1893 – 1897 Dr. Joseph H. Senner ( Democrat )
* Hoyt L. Edge, Robert L. Morris, Joseph H. Rush, John Palmer, Foundations of Parapsychology: Exploring the Boundaries of Human Capability, Routledge Kegan Paul, 1986, ISBN 0-7102-0226-1
Joseph H. Lewis directed noirs as diverse as Gun Crazy ( 1950 ) and The Big Combo ( 1955 ).
The repertory system ensured that the comic patter character who performed the role of the sorcerer, John Wellington Wells, would become the ruler of the Queen's navy as Sir Joseph Porter in H. M. S.
Authors such as Virginia Woolf, D. H. Lawrence, and Joseph Conrad have written works that are Impressionistic in the way that they describe, rather than interpret, the impressions, sensations and emotions that constitute a character's mental life.
*" Complete bibliography of the publications of Joseph H. Greenberg " by William Croft ( 2003 )
da: Joseph H. Greenberg
pt: Joseph H. Greenberg
yo: Joseph H. Greenberg
* Greenberg, Joseph H. ( 1966 ).
* Joseph H. Peterson, Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica ( Esoteric Archives: Occult Literature )
* Brusher, Joseph H. Popes Through The Ages.
Other books on Le Fanu include Wilkie Collins, Le Fanu and Others ( 1931 ) by S. M. Ellis, Sheridan Le Fanu ( 1951 ) by Nelson Browne, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu ( 1971 ) by Michael H. Begnal, Sheridan Le Fanu ( third edition, 1997 ) by W. J. McCormack, Le Fanu's Gothic: The Rhetoric of Darkness ( 2004 ) by Victor Sage and Vision and Vacancy: The Fictions of J. S. Le Fanu ( 2007 ) by James Walton.
Joseph H. Fichter.
Key gave the poem to his brother-in-law, Judge Joseph H. Nicholson, who saw that the words fit the popular melody " The Anacreontic Song ", by English composer John Stafford Smith.
Lagrange's theorem, in the mathematics of group theory, states that for any finite group G, the order ( number of elements ) of every subgroup H of G divides the order of G. The theorem is named after Joseph Lagrange.
* Greenberg, Joseph H. ( 2000 ).
* Greenberg, Joseph H. ( 2005 ).
* St. Joseph, Missouri via the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad ( H & SJ ).
* Understanding and Using Antenna Radiation Patterns By Joseph H. Reisert
Minnesota elected Humphrey to the United States Senate in 1948 on the DFL ticket, unseating incumbent Republican Joseph H. Ball with 60 % of the vote, and he took office on January 3, 1949.
* Sherman at War, edited by Joseph H. Ewing ( Dayton, OH: Morningside, 1992 ) – approximately thirty war time letters to Sherman's father-in-law, Thomas Ewing, and one of his brothers-in-law, Philemon B. Ewing.

Joseph and .
`` Put the rifle down, Joseph '', the girl said.
`` I said go home, Joseph.
His name's Joseph Sanchez.
This hysteria reached its height under the leadership of Senator Joseph McCarthy.
The writer took a class of college students to the state hospital for the mentally ill in St. Joseph, Missouri.
In truth, we can say that this broke the power of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was finally exposed in full light to the American people.
He chose a medieval legend of incest, Gregorius Vom Stein, and freely borrowed and parodied other myths of the West, mixing themes, language, peoples and times in a master myth in which the old forms continually renew themselves, as in his previous treatment of Joseph.
A characteristic expression of such concern and inquiry is found in Joseph P. Lyford's Introduction To The Agreeable Autocracies, a recent paperback study of the institutions of modern democratic society.
From Philadelphia came Cyrus Adler and Joseph Jastrow.
Joseph Jastrow, the younger son of the distinguished rabbi, Marcus Jastrow, was a friendly, round-faced fellow with a little mustache, whose field was psychology, and who was also a punster and a jolly tease.
They went to the pawnshop of Joseph Miller of 1162 Sixth Avenue.
In his study Samuel Johnson, Joseph Wood Krutch takes this line when he says that what Aristotle really means by his theory of catharsis is that our evil passions may be so purged by the dramatic ritual that it is `` less likely that we shall indulge them through our own acts ''.
The Americans lost forty-four men, among them Major Joseph Morris of Morgan's regiment, an officer who was regarded with high esteem and affection, not only by his commander, but by Washington and Lafayette as well.
The younger men, Vere, and Pembroke, who was also Edward's cousin and whose Lusignan blood gave him the swarthy complexion that caused Edward of Carnarvon's irreverent friend, Piers Gaveston, to nickname him `` Joseph the Jew '', were relatively new to the game of diplomacy, but Pontissara had been on missions to Rome before, and Hotham, a man of great learning, `` jocund in speech, agreeable to meet, of honest religion, and pleasing in the eyes of all '', and an archbishop to boot, was as reliable and experienced as Othon himself.
The Space Merchants, like such humanist documents as Joseph Wood Krutch's The Measure Of Man and C. S. Lewis's The Abolition Of Man, considers what may result from the scientific study of human nature.
Mrs. Dwyer's husband, M. Joseph Dwyer, was taking a 10-year-old boy from Union County on the tour of the Capitol during the final weeks of the last session.
They tried to outface him, but Joseph Simmons was as wide as two average men, and it would have taken braver men than these were to outface him.
Listed as present at the Descent were Mary, Mary's sister, Mary Magdalene, John, Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus.
Perhaps after the soldiers had laid him on the ground, while Joseph of Arimathea was at Pontius Pilate's asking for Christ's body, Nicodemus was gathering his mixture of myrrh and aloes, and the others had gone home to mourn.
`` Joseph Maria Ballestre meet Francis Xavier Bowman.
With its history standing astride all but the very beginnings of the industrial revolution, Brown & Sharpe has become over the years a singular monument to the mechanical foresight of its founder, Joseph R. Brown, and a world-renowned synonym for precision and progress in metalworking technology.
Joseph R. Brown grew up in the bustle and enterprise of New England between 1810 and 1830.
Joseph Brown continued in business by himself, quickly rebuilding the establishment which had been lost in the fire and beginning those first steps which were to establish him as a pioneer in raising the standards of accuracy of machine shop practice throughout the world.
It must have been with some pleasure and relief that on September 12, 1848, Joseph Brown made the momentous entry in his job book, in his characteristically cryptic style, `` Lucian Sharpe came to work for me this day as an apprentice ''.
Joseph Horne, Pittsburgh.

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