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Josiah and had
If the Christian faith fell into ruin in his kingdom, if the clergy were too ignorant to understand the Latin words they butchered in their offices and liturgies, if the ancient monasteries and collegiate churches lay deserted out of indifference, he was answerable before God, as Josiah had been.
King Josiah also had the Ark put in the Temple ( 2 Chron.
Josiah Franklin had 17 children with his two wives.
Josiah wanted Ben to attend school with the clergy, but only had enough money to send him to school for two years.
Prior to this time, Judah had been a vassal of the Assyrian empire, but the rapid decline of Assyria after c. 630 led Josiah to assert his independence and institute a religious reform stressing loyalty to Yahweh, the national God.
Hayek saw the British philosophers Bernard Mandeville, David Hume, Adam Smith, Adam Ferguson, Josiah Tucker, Edmund Burke and William Paley as representative of a tradition that articulated beliefs in empiricism, the common law, and in traditions and institutions which had spontaneously evolved but were imperfectly understood.
In the late 19th century, Josiah Willard Gibbs had formulated a theory to predict whether a chemical reaction is spontaneous based on the free energy
Three months later, Josiah Child and his deputy had an audience with James II, and as per the ensuing discussions, a Charter was issued by the king on December 30, 1687 which established the Corporation of Madras.
The sons of Montgolfier obtained an English patent for an improved version in 1816, and this was acquired, together with Whitehurst's design, in 1820 by Josiah Easton, a Somerset-born engineer who had just moved to London.
Commemorating the landing of the First Fleet in Botany Bay, the Sydney Cove medallion was made by Josiah Wedgwood after he was given a sample of clay from Sydney Cove by Sir Joseph Banks, who had received the sample from Governor Arthur Phillip.
Josiah Russell calculates that all of Syria had about 2. 3 million people at the time of the crusades, with perhaps eleven thousand villages ; most of these, of course, were outside of crusader rule even at the greatest extent of all four crusader states.
He had two brothers, Nathaniel and Josiah.
The 3rd Duke lent the vase to Josiah Wedgwood, who had already had it described to him as " the finest production of Art that has been brought to England and seems to be the very apex of perfection to which you are endeavoring " by the sculptor John Flaxman.
In the last two decades of the 18th century polygenism, the belief that different races had evolved separately in each continent and shared no common ancestor, was advocated in England by historian Edward Long and anatomist Charles White, in Germany by ethnographers Christoph Meiners and Georg Forster, and in France by Julien-Joseph Virey, and prominently in the US by Samuel Morton, Josiah Nott and Louis Agassiz.
His given name, which he shared with his father and several other members of his extended family, derived from his ancestor Josiah Willard, who had been Secretary of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in the 18th century.
His daughter Renée had a supporting role in The West Wing, as one of President Josiah Bartlet's ( Sheen ) secretaries.
Zech 3. 8 and 6. 12 refer to a man called “ The Branch .” In Zech 6, the Lord tells Zechariah to gather silver and gold from the returned exiles ( who had come back to Judah from Babylonia ), and to go to the house of Josiah son of Zephaniah ( members of the Davidic lineage ).
The Book of Chronicles gives a lengthier account and 2 Chronicles 35: 20 states that when Josiah had prepared the temple, Necho king of Egypt came up to fight against the Babylonians at Carchemish on the Euphrates River and that King Josiah was fatally wounded by an Egyptian archer.
On his return march, he found that the Judeans had selected Jehoahaz to succeed his father Josiah, whom Necho deposed and replaced with Jehoiakim.
Stowe was partly inspired to create Uncle Tom's Cabin by The Life of Josiah Henson, Formerly a Slave, Now an Inhabitant of Canada, as Narrated by Himself the 1849 slave narrative of Josiah Henson, a former enslaved black man who had lived and worked on a tobacco plantation in North Bethesda, Maryland, owned by Isaac Riley.
About a year after King Josiah of Judah had turned the nation toward repentance from the widespread idolatrous practices of his father and grandfather.
The Lord called Jeremiah to prophetic ministry in about 626 BC, about one year after Josiah king of Judah had turned the nation toward repentance from the widespread idolatrous practices of his father and grandfather.

Josiah and four
* In March 2003, Josiah Sutton was released from prison after serving four years of a twelve-year sentence for a sexual assault charge.
In addition, he won four men's doubles titles at Wimbledon, in 1907 and 1914 with Norman Brookes and in 1908 and 1910 partnering with Josiah Ritchie.
He is best known for being Deputy White House Communications Director in the Josiah Bartlet administration throughout the first four seasons of the series.
When the fort was taken over by North Carolina troops under Captain Josiah Solomon Pender on April 14 ( before the state had seceded from the Union ), only four guns were mounted.
Tyree is married to Leilah, and they have four children: two sons — Teyon and Josiah, and twin daughters — Sophia and Hannah.
Though there was certainly a movement against goddess-worship at the Jerusalem Temple in the time of king Josiah, it did not long survive his reign, as the following four kings " did what was evil in the eyes of Yahweh " ( 2 Kings 23: 32, 37 ; 24: 9, 19 ).

Josiah and sons
In 1869 Jesse, Spencer, Horace and Jame Siler, sons of Solomon Siler, and John, Josiah, James and Edward Siler, the sons of James Siler, purchased the land after moving from Siler City, North Carolina.
Jesse's sons, Josiah and Harvey, moved to Primrose where they established new farms and participated in local government.
Famous sons of the province include :- Zimbabwe's first vice-president, nationalist and founding father of Zimbabwe, Simon Muzenda ; Harvard trained lawyer, nationalist and politician Edson Zvobgo, Nationalist Crispen Mandizvidza, ambassador Stanslaus Mudenge and Alois Chidoda ; Member Of Parliament Shuvai Mahova ; Chief Air-Marshall Josiah Tungamirai ; Governor Josiah Hungwe.
They had two sons, Josiah and Samuel, and daughters Anne, Sarah and Ellen.
One notable unit was a colored unit, known as the 102nd United States Colored Troops, which included two sons of Sojourner Truth and Josiah Henson ( the man Harriet Beecher Stowe used as the model for Uncle Tom ).
Three of Williams sons, including Josiah, the eldest, eventually moved to Genesee County, Michigan.
The seals of the two brothers Hanan and Azaryah, engraved by the same master engraver, belong to what has been called the “ generation of sonsand date, not from Josiah ’ s reign but from one of his successors ’ ( before 586 ).
Josiah Lilly inherited the company following his father's death, and continued to build the company before passing it on to his own sons, Eli Lilly and Josiah K. Lilly Jr. Josiah and his two sons continued the philanthropy practiced by Lilly and later established the Lilly Endowment that in 1998 became the largest philanthropic endowment in the world in terms of assets and charitable giving ; it has since been surpassed but still remains in the top ten.

Josiah and born
Josiah was born at Ecton, Northamptonshire, England, on December 23, 1657, the son of Thomas Franklin, a blacksmith-farmer, and Jane White.
According to the information given in the book, Ezekiel ben-Buzi was born into a priestly family of Jerusalem c. 623 BCE, during the reign of the reforming king Josiah.
According to, while Jeroboam was engaged in offering incense at Bethel, a " man of God " warned him that " a son named Josiah will be born to the house of David " who would destroy the altar ( referring to King Josiah of Judah who would rule approximately three hundred years later ).
* Sir Josiah Mason, an English pen-manufacturer, was born in Mill Street on 23 February 1795.
Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez ( born August 3, 1940 ), better known by his stage name Martin Sheen, is an American film actor best known for his performance as President Josiah Bartlet in the television series The West Wing ( 1999 – 2006 ).
* Josiah was born about 1633 and died in Preston CT on March 19, 1690.
* Josiah Gardner Abbott ( 1814 – 1891 ), born in Chelmsford, member of the United States House of Representatives, the Massachusetts House of Representatives and the Massachusetts Senate
Their house became a haven for all manner of visitors, mostly writers such as Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and Sir Walter Scott, but also the military leader Duke of Wellington and industrialist Josiah Wedgwood ; aristocratic novelist Caroline Lamb, who was born a Ponsonby, came to visit, too.
* Josiah M. Anderson — born near Pikeville, United States Congressman from Tennessee
Josiah Bartlett was born in Amesbury, Massachusetts, to Stephen and Hannah-Mary ( Webster ) Bartlett.
He was born in Dublin, the great-grandson of Josiah Hort, Archbishop of Tuam in the eighteenth century.
Boydell was born, according to his monument in St Olave Old Jewry, London, at Dorrington, in the parish of Woore, Shropshire, to Josiah and Mary Boydell ( née Milnes ) and was educated at least partially at Merchant Taylors ' School.
* Josiah Bunting III ( born 1939 ), American educator
Josiah Henson was born on a farm near Port Tobacco in Charles County, Maryland.
La Follette was born in a log cabin in the Town of Primrose, Wisconsin, just outside New Glarus, to Josiah La Follette and Mary Ferguson ( widow of Alexander Buchanan ).
Willard was born to Josiah Flint Willard and Mary Thompson Hill Willard in Churchville, near Rochester, New York, but spent most of her childhood in Janesville, Wisconsin.
Edward Whymper was born in London, England on 27 April 1840 to Josiah Wood Whymper and Elizabeth Claridge.
* November 18 – John Josiah Robinette, lawyer ( born 1906 )
Josiah Robins " Jo " Bonner, Jr. ( born November 19, 1959 ), is the U. S. Representative for, having served since 2003.
Bonner was born in Selma, Alabama ( but was reared in Camden, Alabama ), to Josiah Robins Bonner, Sr., and the former Imogene Virginia Lyons.
Sir Ivor Bertie Guest was born at Dowlais, near Merthyr Tydfil, the son of Lady Charlotte Guest, translator of the Mabinogion, and Sir John Josiah Guest, owner of the world's largest iron foundry: Dowlais Ironworks.
Cady was the son of Josiah Cady and his wife Lydia, of Providence, Rhode Island, where he was born.
Josiah Spode was born in a village that is now part of Stoke-on-Trent.

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