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Judith and Wright
Vincent Irizarry, Sharon Case, Genie Francis, Maura West, Eden Riegel, Billy Miller, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Marcy Rylan, Amelia Heinle Luckinbill, Sarah Brown, Laura Wright, Veleka Gray, Robin Mattson, Lenore Kasdorf, Roscoe Born, Judith Chapman, David Canary, and Michael Sabatino have all played multiple soap roles.
Significant political poets of the 20th century included Dame Mary Gilmore and Judith Wright.
Judith Arundell Wright ( 31 May 191526 June 2000 ) was an Australian poet, environmentalist and campaigner for Aboriginal land rights.
Judith Wright was born in Armidale, New South Wales the eldest child of Phillip Wright and his first wife Ethel, but spent most of her formative years in Brisbane and Sydney.
With David Fleay, Kathleen McArthur and Brian Clouston, Judith Wright was a founding member and, from 1964 to 1976, President, of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland.
In " In the Garden ", Fiona Capp revealed the story of the 25-year secret love affair between two of Australia's most well-known and well-loved public figures, " the famous poet-come-activist " Judith Wright and " the distinguished yet down-to-earth statesman " H. C. " Nugget " Coombs.
Judith Wright was the author of several collections of poetry, including The Moving Image, Woman to Man, The Gateway, The Two Fires, Birds, The Other Half, Magpies, Shadow and much much more.
The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley is named after her.
* The Equal Heart and Mind: Letters between Judith Wright and Jack McKinney.
* With Love and Fury: Selected letters of Judith Wright, edited by Patricia Clarke and Meredith McKinney ( National Library of Australia, 2006 ) ISBN 978-0-642-27625-4
* Portrait of a friendship: the letters of Barbara Blackman and Judith Wright, 1950-2000, edited by Bryony Cosgrove ( Miegunyah Press, 2007 ) ISBN 978-0-522-85355-1, ISBN 0-522-85355-2
* Brady, Veronica ( 1998 ) South of My Days: A Biography of Judith Wright, Angus & Robertson ISBN 0-207-18857-2
* Vale Judith Wright Interview at Radio National
* Uncertain Possession: The Politics and Poetry of Judith Wright by Gig Ryan
* The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts Website
de: Judith Wright
fr: Judith Wright
ga: Judith Wright
pt: Judith Arundell Wright
fi: Judith Wright
* Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry: Judith Wright
* Judith Wright, poet
* Judith Wright McKinney, poet ( d. 2000 )

Judith and died
In late 1992, friends introduced him to the artist Judith Kliban, widow of B. Kliban, a cartoonist who had died of a pulmonary embolism.
His first wife died in 1845, and on 16 August 1846, he married Olympe Pélissier, who had sat for Vernet for his picture of Judith and Holofernes.
On this basis, it is assumed that Judith died between 1171 and 1175.
On 20 June 840, he died, in the presence of many bishops and clerics and in the arms of his half-brother Drogo, though Charles and Judith were absent in Poitiers.
On 2 March 1997, Judith Beatrice Bari died at home of breast cancer.
Gerard Labuda stated that Judith spent her last years of life in Regensburg with her ( supposed ) daughter Adelaide, wife of Count Dietpold III of Vohburg and Cham ; since the date of the marriage between Adelaide and Count Dietpold III was ranked between 1110 – 1118, it's assumed that Judith died after the latter year, in a relative advanced age.
* Dame Judith Anderson ( died 1992 )
He and his wife, who died in October 2002 at the age of 96, had eight children, among them the writers Lady Antonia Fraser, Lady Rachel Billington, Lady Judith Kazantzis, diplomat Sir Michael Pakenham and Thomas Pakenham ( the 8th Earl of Longford ).
* Judith ( died 1136 ), married Robert I of Bassunvilla
* February 10-Dame Judith Anderson, Australian actress ( died 1992 )
She tells him that she is related to Michael Myers and mistakenly says that her older sister, Judith Myers, died at the age of 17 years.
Queen Judith died in 1297.
He married a wealthy heiress named Judith Robinson at the age nineteen, but she died two years later, leaving him two daughters, and he journeyed to England for two years.
Judith Arlene Resnik ( April 5, 1949 – January 28, 1986 ) was an American engineer and a NASA astronaut who died in the destruction of Space Shuttle Challenger during the launch of mission STS-51-L.
Taylor died in 1989 but Charles died in 1997 after which his widow Noreen and sister Judith Taylor Mappin took charge of the business.
Today, the Maryland State archives has a painting of Tench Tilghman and " The two swords belonging to Tench Tilghman " left for the State of Maryland on the death on one of Tilghman's relatives, " Mrs. Judith Goldsborough Oates who died on December 26, 1997.
First came princess Judith, daughter of Ditrich I duke of Brenna i Wettin, who died before 1275, then he married Piast princess Euphrosyne of Opole circa 1275 and they divorced in 1288, and finally married rather unknown Sulisława who died in 1292.
Judith died in February 1951 in a motorbike accident.
Judith Lieberman, ( born August 14, 1904, died 1978 ), wife of Jewish religious scholar Saul Lieberman, daughter of Rabbi Meir Berlin ( Bar-Ilan ), leader of the Mizrachi.
* Judith ( died 1173 ), married Stephen II, count of Auxonne ( 1170 )
" " Blast " had been chosen in honor of Akron-born astronaut Judith Resnik ( who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster ), but changed when many misinterpreted it.

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