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Judith and is
The Book of Judith is not a part of the Jewish or most Protestant Bibles, who exclude the Book of Judith as apocryphal ), though it is a part of the Catholic Bible.
Also, Judith is Avram Noam's sister in-law.
One notable advocate of this view is Judith Martin (" Miss Manners ").
In relation the beauty of the Norse elves, some further evidence is given by old English words such as ælfsciene (" elf-beautiful "), used of seductively beautiful Biblical women in the Old English poems Judith and Genesis A.
( A story was later circulated that, to prevent further escapes, Henry had Robert's eyes burnt out: this is not accepted by Henry's recent biographer, Judith Green.
Nothing is known about the political role that Judith had to play in Germany.
In documents from 1170 Judith is named as a living person, but according to chronicles from 1177 her husband Otto I was already married to his second wife, Ada of Holland.
On this basis, it is assumed that Judith died between 1171 and 1175.
Judy Blume ( born Judith Sussman ; February 12, 1938 ) is an American author.
“ A church is the place, par excellence, of architecture ,” he said in an interview with architectural historian Judith Dupré.
The historical data is derived from the work done by United States scholar Nicholas Eberstadt and demographer Judith Banister in 1992.
His second wife is Judith Anne Shulevitz, who was a columnist for Slate and The New York Times Book Review ; married on November 7, 1999, they have a son and a daughter.
Writers whose work is often characterised as post-structuralist include Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Judith Butler, Jaques Lacan and Julia Kristeva.
A major American thinker associated with post structuralist thought is Judith Butler.
Ralph Merkle is the grandnephew of baseball star Fred Merkle, the son of Theodore Charles Merkle, director of Project Pluto and the brother of Judith Merkle Riley, a historical writer.
Night of the Living Dead is an American independent horror film directed by George A. Romero and starring Duane Jones, Judith O ' Dea and Karl Hardman.
The story follows characters Ben Huss ( Duane Jones ), Barbra ( Judith O ' Dea ), and five others trapped in a rural farmhouse in Pennsylvania which is attacked by " living dead " monsters known as zombies.
Veit Stoss is featured in Judith Weir's opera, The Black Spider.
The notion that a white gown might symbolize sexual purity has been long abandoned, and is criticized by etiquette writers like Judith Martin as distasteful.
Directed by Judith Ivey, the play is about her mixed feelings over the success of The Simpsons, her parents, her relationships and her struggles with bulimia.
* Christianity is introduced throughout Nubia by a high official of Queen Judith.
However, the word genre is increasingly used to refer to gender in queer or academic contexts, such as the word transgenre ( transgender ) or the translation of Judith Butler's book Gender Trouble as Trouble dans le genre.

Judith and 1966
Gary K. Wolfe, professor of humanities and English at Roosevelt University, identifies the introduction of the term New Wave to SF as occurring in 1966 in an essay for the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction written by Judith Merril, who was indirectly yet it seems unambiguously referring to that term in order to comment on the experimental fiction that had begun to appear in the English magazine New Worlds, after Michael Moorcock assumed editorship in 1964.
* Judith ( 1966 )
During this period in Kertész's career, in 1966, he also recorded Bluebeard's Castle with Christa Ludwig singing the role of Judith and Walter Berry in the title role.
* Judith ( 1966 film ), a 1966 film set in Palestine shortly before the end of the British mandate
Over the years it has been presented by Joan Griffiths, Olive Shapley, Jean Metcalfe ( 1947, 1958 ), Marjorie Anderson ( until 1972 ), Judith Chalmers ( 1966 – 1970 ), Sue MacGregor ( 1972 – 1987 ), Jenni Murray ( 1987 – present ), and Martha Kearney ( 1998 – March 2007 ).
* Judith ( 1966 )
* Judith Wiesner, tennis player, born March 2, 1966 in Hallein
* The Book of the Body ( with Judith Wehlau, 1966 )
He was married for many years to Beverley Keith ( died of lung cancer, 1966 ), married briefly to Christine Conrad, a possibly bigamous relationship, ended either by annulment or divorce, then to Judith Evans.
* Judith ( 1966 )
* Judith ( 1966 )
Lawrence Schoonver had four daughters with his wife, Gertrude Hedwig Bonn: Judith Hedwig Schoonver ( 1940 ), married to James D. Regan ; chilren: James L. Regan ( 1964 ) and Tracy Regan ( 1966 ) Mary Elizabeth Schoonover ( 1942 ), married to George Marshall ; children: Christopher Marshall ( 1966 ) Caroline Grace Schoonver ( 1944 – 2005 ), married to Herve J. Pensec ; children: Danielle A. Pensec ( 1965 ), Monique S. Pensec ( 1968 ), Michele H. Pensec ( 1968 ); married to Alois J. Mathe Virginia Schoonover, ( 1946 )

Judith and drama
" Later that year, she departed from her usual lighthearted comic roles when she won the highly coveted lead role in the drama Looking for Mr. Goodbar, based on the novel by Judith Rossner.
The Book of Judith has a tragic setting that appealed to Jewish patriots and it warned of the urgency of adhering to Mosaic law, generally speaking, but what accounted for its enduring appeal was the drama of its narrative.
She guest starred twice in 1963 in NBC's medical drama about psychiatry, The Eleventh Hour, in the episodes " The Silence of Good Men " and " My Name is Judith, I'm Lost, You See.
Grayden starred in the short-lived FX war drama Over There in 2005, and had a recurring role in the fourth and fifth seasons of the HBO series Six Feet Under as Anita Miller, and the second season of the CBS series Joan of Arcadia as Judith Montgomery.
The two characters, Ann and Judith, are filled with less loathing than Wilhelm's women in We Too Are Drifting, but drama and loss still reign supreme.
Jones currently stars in the NBC drama series Awake as psychiatrist Dr. Judith Evans.
Dying Like Ophelia is a 2002 award winning six-minute drama, directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly, produced by Veni Vidi Vici Motion Pictures and based on an excerpt of the play, Lion In The Streets, by Judith Thompson, two-time winner of the Governor General Award.

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