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Just and thousands
Just outside the town, parallel to the Nevis Range Gondola, there is a large downhill mountain bike track which attracts thousands of visitors every year, including international competitors and fans.
In his autobiography, Just One More Thing ( 2006 ), Falk said that his selection for the film from thousands of other Off-Broadway actors was a " miracle " that " made my career " and that without it, he would not have gotten the other significant movie roles that he later played.
Just inside the gate was a large octagonal area, created at the time of Friedrichstadt's expansion in 1732-4 and bisected by Leipziger Straße ; this was one of several parade grounds for the thousands of soldiers garrisoned in Berlin at the height of the Kingdom of Prussia.
According to R. J. Rummel, " Just consider the Grand Custom in Dahomey: When a ruler died, hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of prisoners would be slain.
As Thomas Asbridge wrote, " Just as we can do nothing more than estimate the number of thousands who responded to the crusading ideal, so too, with the surviving evidence, we can gain only a limited insight into their motivation and intent.
In his first speech to the U. N. Security Council, President Obama said that " Just one nuclear weapon exploded in a city -- be it New York or Moscow, Tokyo or Beijing, London or Paris -- could kill hundreds of thousands of people ".
Just once, it was lit with thousands of flickering fireflies, captured in some distant town where fireflies still abounded and released as a grand ephemeral gesture of a present for the then First Lady.
" Robert Townslend of Game Informer stated, " Just another Japanese anime with a rocket and a panda, we have seen this done thousands of times now and it's gotten old and stale.
Just a few illustrative examples from the thousands of pranks filmed for the 3000 + shows include:
Just as the Statue of Liberty greeted hundreds of thousands of immigrants each year to New York City, the Aloha Tower greeted hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Honolulu.
Just outside the spinal cord, thousands of afferent neuronal cell bodies are aggregated in a swelling in the dorsal root known as the dorsal root ganglion.
Just after four on Tuesday morning and thirty-one hours after being shot, Huey Long, worshipped by tens of thousands of Louisianans and despised by tens of thousands more, thrashed briefly in his oxygen tent, took one last labored breath, and died.
Just as the passage of the National Industrial Recovery Act had led to a spontaneous explosion in union membership among coal miners in 1933, thousands of longshoremen now joined the fledgling ILA locals that reappeared on the West Coast.
Just as quickly as he had been promoted to general officer rank, he was reduced along with thousands of other officers to his permanent rank of captain, Infantry, with a temporary rank of major, Air Service.
Just a few months before Katrina, the FX docudrama Oil Storm depicted a Category 4 hurricane hitting New Orleans, killing thousands of people and forcing residents to evacuate and hide out in the Superdome, and speculated about a national economic meltdown caused by the decreased oil supply.

Just and day
Just like the balloon would go up and you could sit all day and wish it would spring a leak or blow to hell up and burn and nothing like that would happen.
Just before the end of flight day three at 59 hours, 19 minutes, 45 seconds after liftoff, while from the Earth and from the Moon, the spacecraft's velocity began increasing as it accelerated towards the Moon after entering the lunar sphere of influence.
Just outside the town is a large aluminium plant operated by Alcan and powered by the Lochaber hydroelectric scheme, in its day the biggest tunnelling project in the world.
2: 11 )... R. Katina also taught,Just as the seventh year is the Shmita year, so too does the world have one thousand years out of seven that are fallow ( mushmat ), as it is written, ‘ And the Lord alone shall be exalted in that day ’ ( Isa.
Just as the founder of the universe established two great lights in the firmament of heaven, the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night, so too He set two great dignities in the firmament of the universal church ..., the greater on to rule the day, that is, souls, and the lesser to rule the night, that is, bodies.
Just after sunrise on the day after the Sabbath three women, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome, come to anoint Jesus ' body, wondering how they can roll the rock away from the tomb ; but they find the rock already rolled aside and a young man in white inside ; he tells them that Jesus is risen, and that they should tell Peter and the disciples that he will meet them in Galilee, " just as he told you.
Just after sunrise on the day after the Sabbath two women, Mary Magdalene and " the other Mary ," came to look at the tomb.
Just after sunrise on the day after the Sabbath a number of women ( Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and others ) come to anoint Jesus ' body.
These words came as a surprise to many, including former premiership teammate Matthew Lloyd who said that Hird had " changed his whole persona in regards to how he's answering his questions ... Just in regards to saying, ' I'll coach one day.
The Horseshoe Falls, which are approximately wide, have also changed their shape through the process of erosion ; evolving from a small arch, to a horseshoe bend, to the present day gigantic inverted V. Just upstream from the falls ' current location, Goat Island splits the course of the Niagara River, resulting in the separation of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls to the west from the American and Bridal Veil Falls to the east.
Just over 58 % of the electorate voted in the independence referendum, which had to be postponed one day due to disruptions caused by Hurricane Felix in 1995.
Just as with the 1878 World's Fair in Paris, the electric grid of the city of Ponce was inaugurated on the first day of the Ponce Fair.
Just as in the commercial enterprises where there are, in a corporate setting, directors, managers and various staff that carry out the business of the day as part of business operations or undertake business project management, military also has its routines and projects.
Just as the seven day suspension was about to end, he received another suspension from Kuhn, this time for carrying a gun on a team flight, for at least the rest of the season.
Just before Christmas, the Empress sneaked out of the castle, crossed the icy river on foot and made her escape past the royal army to safety at Wallingford, leaving the castle garrison free to surrender the next day.
In the Roman Catholic Church, the feast day of Philip, along with that of James the Just, was traditionally observed on 1 May, the anniversary of the dedication of the church dedicated to them in Rome ( now called the Church of the Twelve Apostles ).
Just like Bernadotte's, this action began later than expected, towards 21: 00, with Davout's men tired after a day of marching and fighting.
Just as Israel was said to have literally experienced the curses spoken of in the Old Testament, dispensationalists believe that they will one day, literally, receive the blessings spoken of in the Old Testament.
Just nine days after he got married to his high school sweetheart and the Upland High School team statistician ( Jill ), on minor league opening day 1967 in Birmingham ( with the Birmingham A's ), a ball hit Fingers in the face, breaking his cheekbone, jaw, and knocking out some teeth.
Just hours later, Soyuz 2 began its descent and was back on earth by 8: 00am the next day.
" Later that same day Stevens uploaded the much-anticipated music video of " The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore.
On that same day, " The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore " had amassed over 70, 000 unique views on YouTube in a span of ten days.
The same day, April 25, Stevens released his latest collection of songs, The Spirit of ' 76, which contains the previously mentioned " Obama Budget Plan ," " God Save Arizona ," and " The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore.

Just and Portugal
Just as important, Thompson was, with Ken Coates, Mary Kaldor and others, an author of the 1980 Appeal for European Nuclear Disarmament, calling for a nuclear-free Europe from Poland to Portugal, which was the founding document of European Nuclear Disarmament.
Fátima, Portugal | Fátima Statue of Pope Pius XII, who consecrated Russia and the World: « Just as a few years ago We consecrated the entire human race to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( Roman Catholic ) | Virgin Mary, Mother of God, so today We consecrate and in a most special manner We entrust all the peoples of Russia to this Immaculate Heart ...»
This caused discontent among many noblemen and in particular the legitimate queen, the lady Maria of Portugal, Queen of Castile, and the legitimate prince Peter, known as Peter the Cruel and the Just.
Peter I (, pronounced ; 19 April 1320 – 18 January 1367 ), called the Just ( Portuguese: o Justiceiro ), was King of Portugal and the Algarve from 1357 until his death.
Just nine years later in 1497 on the orders of Manuel I of Portugal, four vessels under the command of navigator Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope, continuing to the eastern coast of Africa to Malindi to sail across the Indian Ocean to Calicut in south India-the capital of the local Zamorin rulers. The wealth of the Indies was now open for the Europeans to explore ; the Portuguese Empire was the earliest European seaborne empire to grow from the spice trade.
Just as Carlos could not unilaterally change the Constitutional Charter and grant Maria Pia succession rights, neither could Maria Pia ( even if she were rightful queen of Portugal ) unilaterally change the Constitution and grant succession rights to Rosario Poidimani above her daughter and grandsons.
Just one month later, in June 1811, the Allies were forced to abandon their siege by the approach of the reconstituted French Armies of Portugal and Andalusia.
*" EXPLORING THE CULTURAL PLEASURES OF NEWARK ; April in Portugal is Waiting Just Across the Hudson.
Just outside the town, within walking distance from the back of the cathedral, is the tiny 7th century São Pedro de Balsemão Chapel, a Visigothic chapel believed to be the oldest in Portugal ( and second oldest in Europe ).
Just behind the main building there is a mansion that serves as residence for the Prime Minister of Portugal.
Just 10 – 15 minutes from the provincial capital, and covering 56. 43 km², Portugal Cove-St. Philips is a rapidly growing community, and one of the largest municipalities in the Province.

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