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Page "romance" ¶ 555
from Brown Corpus
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Just and before
Just before coming to the mosque entrance I crossed the street, entered the Hippodrome, and walked ahead to the Obelisk of Theodosius, originally erected in Heliopolis in Egypt about 1,600 B.C. by Thutmose, who also built those now in New York, London and Rome at the Lateran.
Just before reaching it I came to a grey and brown stone building that looks somewhat like an Oriental pagoda, with Arabic lettering in gold and colored tile decorations -- the Fountain of Sultan Ahmet.
Just before leaving the arroyo where he was partially concealed, he did hear shots down at the house.
Just before game time, Robinson's pretty wife, Connie informed him that an addition to the family can be expected late next summer.
Just before Rieux enters the water, he is possessed by a " strange happiness ," a feeling that is shared by Tarrou.
Just before the commission, in a letter to sportswriter Tim Murnane, Spalding noted, " Our good old American game of baseball must have an American Dad.
Just before the end of flight day three at 59 hours, 19 minutes, 45 seconds after liftoff, while from the Earth and from the Moon, the spacecraft's velocity began increasing as it accelerated towards the Moon after entering the lunar sphere of influence.
Just over three hours before splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, the crew performed a final course correction burn, changing their velocity by.
Just before the geography of the scene shifts to a new location, Luke summarizes how the gospel has impacted that location.
Just then, Haman appears, to ask the King to hang Mordechai, but before he can make this request, King Ahasuerus asks Haman what should be done for the man that the king wishes to honor.
" Just before the axe falls, Wallace sees a vision of Murron in the crowd smiling at him.
Just before that, on March 8, 1979 Philips publicly demonstrated a prototype of an optical digital audio disc at a press conference called " Philips Introduce Compact Disc " in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Just weeks before the season opener, most of the better Spiders players were transferred to St. Louis, including three future Hall of Famers: Cy Young, Jesse Burkett and Bobby Wallace.
Just weeks before the season opener, most of the better Spiders players were transferred to St. Louis, including fellow pitcher Pete McBride and three future Hall of Famers: Young, Jesse Burkett, and Bobby Wallace.
Just before and after the execution of King Charles I on 30 January 1649, the Rump passed a number of acts of Parliament creating the legal basis for the republic.
The three Greek Orthodox chapels of St. James the Just, St. John the Baptist and of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, south of the rotunda and on the west side of the front courtyard originally formed the baptistery complex of the Constantinean church, the southern most chapel being the vestibule, the middle chapel being the actual baptistery and the north chapel being the chamber in which the patriarch chrismated the newly baptized before leading them into the rotunda north of this complex.
Just before such a device's batteries lose their power the device typically automatically backs-up its volatile content portion ( into nonvolatile ) and shuts off to protect its data.
Just before such a device's batteries lose their power the device typically automatically backs-up its volatile content portion ( into nonvolatile ) and shuts off to protect its data.
Just before moving into there, Thomas rented " Pelican House " opposite his regular drinking den, Brown's Hotel, for his parents who lived there from 1949 until 1953.
Just before her death, she and her fiancé, Robert Menchaca, were living in a recreation vehicle in Navarre, Florida.
If written by James the Just, the place and time of the writing of the epistle would be Jerusalem, where James resided before his martyrdom in 62.
Just as Paul expects Onesimus ( and, at a later time, himself ) to be freed literally from his yoke, as fellow servants of Christ, they expect to realize their status of brotherhood and thus equality with Christ ( before the Father ) in a literal, temporal fashion, upon Christ's return to earth.
Just weeks before his death Morgan said that he did not want to continue playing the role of Father Ted for fear of being typecast: " I don't want to be the next Clive Dunn and end up playing the same character for years.
Just before the move to the Heian-kyō, the Emperor had abolished universal conscription in 792, and soon local, private militaries came into being.

Just and Myra
`` Just for a couple of weeks, till Myra finds a place for them ''.

Just and left
`` Just befoh he left foh his academeh we wuh hevin dack-rihs on the vuhranduh, Major Roebuck an Ah, an Huhmun says ' May Ah hev one too '??
Just think of old Granther Stannard who pulled the teeth of Dark Younger ( her real name was Dorcas ), and because he bungled the job and left two protruding tusks she put such a hex on him that he thought his legs were made of glass.
Just inside the perforations, on the left side of the image, is the analog optical soundtrack, with two channels encoded using Dolby Analog SR | Dolby SR noise reduction that can be dematrixed into four channels using Dolby Pro Logic.
Just after that patrol he left the Navy, wrote his MD thesis on venereal diseases, and was granted a license to practice in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Just retired president Éamon de Valera, in his last public engagement of a fifty-six year political career, sits on the extreme left ( foreground ) of the picture.
Just before Christmas, the Empress left the castle unobserved, crossed the icy river on foot and made her escape to Wallingford.
Just like can have several left identities or several right identities, it is possible for an element to have several left inverses or several right inverses ( but note that their definition above uses a two-sided identity ).
Just two months later, her surviving son George and daughter-in-law Mary left on an extensive tour of the empire, leaving their young children in the care of Alexandra and Edward, who doted on their grandchildren.
Just a short distance away was Wadicourt which provided protection for the left flank.
Just before he had left Korea, Choi apparently had a disagreement with a wrestler named Hu, and the possibility of a future confrontation inspired him to train ; in his own words, " I would imagine that these were the techniques I would use to defend myself against the wrestler, Mr. Hu, if he did attempt to carry out his promise to tear me limb from limb when I eventually returned to Korea " ( Park, 1993, p. 242 ).
Just outside it to the north on the left bank of the Tiber was the Campus Martius, later crowded with buildings.
Just a few thousand years before the most recent single ancestor shared by all living humans was the time at which all humans who were then alive either left no descendants alive today or were common ancestors to all humans alive today.
Just prior to this enrollment had been shrinking, as many young Centralians and other residents of Lewis County had left to join the war effort.
Just as his journey began, Jim is left alone in the abandoned medical facility, and Selena, Hannah and Frank move into the room with the scientist as a horde of the infected breach the complex.
Just like his role model Heinrich Heine, once he had left for Paris, Tucholsky spent most of the rest of his life abroad, returning only occasionally to Germany.
Just prior to his death in 1781, Royall, Jr. left land to Harvard, the sale of which was intended for the " endowing of a Professor of Laws at said college, or a Professor of Physics and Anatomy ".
Just a year later, in August 2010, Dean Blundell Show co-host Jason Barr was released from his contract and left the station to pursue other opportunities.
Maria Theresa decided Gloriette should be designed to glorify Habsburg power and the Just War war that would be carried out of ' necessity ' and lead to peace, and thereby ordered to recycle " otherwise useless stone " which was left from the almost-demolition of Schloss Neugebäude.
Just as Sophie is left conflicted by her father's attitudes towards Poland's Jews, Stingo analyzes his own culpability derived from his family's slave-holding past, eventually deciding to write a book about Nat Turner – an obvious parallel to Styron's own controversial novel The Confessions of Nat Turner.
Just as the ministers left so too did the congregations, following their old pastors to sermons on the hillside.
Just before the show ended its run on ABC, Nolan left the series in a contract dispute.
Just before the band were about to board a plane to the United States for their important make-or-break US tour, Liam left the airport, claiming he had to find a house for his then-wife Patsy Kensit.
The original lower left panel known as The Just Judges was stolen in 1934.

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