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Justice and William
* Sir William Buell Richards ( Chief Justice ) – September 30, 1875
On March 5, 1868, the impeachment trial began in the Senate and lasted almost three months ; Reps. George S. Boutwell, Ben Butler and Thaddeus Stevens acted as managers ( prosecutors ) for the House and William M. Evarts, Benjamin R. Curtis and Attorney General Henry Stanberry served as Johnson's counsel ; Chief Justice Chase served as presiding judge.
* Doorly, William J. Prophet of Justice: Understanding the Book of Amos.
* 1849 – William R. Day, American diplomat and Justice of the Supreme Court ( d. 1923 )
* 1906 – William J. Brennan, American Supreme Court Justice ( d. 1997 )
* Rehnquist, William H. Grand Inquests: The Historic Impeachments of Justice Samuel Chase and President Andrew Johnson ( 1994 ).
The impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in 1999, William H. Rehnquist | Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist presiding
The other judges were John Toohey QC, a former Justice of the High Court of Australia who had worked on Aboriginal issues ( he replaced New Zealander Sir Edward Somers QC, who retired from the Inquiry in 2000 for personal reasons ), and Mr Justice William Hoyt QC, former Chief Justice of New Brunswick and a member of the Canadian Judicial Council.
Chief Justice William Rehnquist, writing for the majority, stated that " The incidental advancement of a religious mission, or the perceived endorsement of a religious message, is reasonably attributable to the individual aid recipients not the government, whose role ends with the disbursement of benefits.
Susan married William Bradford, who became Chief Justice of Pennsylvania and Attorney General under George Washington.
Of the ten Australians appointed since 1965, Lord Casey, Sir Paul Hasluck and Bill Hayden were former federal parliamentarians ; Sir John Kerr was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales ; Sir Ninian Stephen and Sir William Deane were appointed from the bench of the High Court ; Sir Zelman Cowen was a vice-chancellor of the University of Queensland and constitutional lawyer ; Peter Hollingworth was the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane ; and Major-General Michael Jeffery was a retired military officer and former Governor of Western Australia.
In 1793, William Godwin, who has often been cited as the first anarchist, wrote Political Justice, which some consider to be the first expression of anarchism.
The impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton in 1999, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist presiding.
* 1921 – U. S. President Warren G. Harding appoints former President William Howard Taft Chief Justice of the United States.
* 1921 – Former U. S. President William Howard Taft is sworn in as 10th Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, becoming the only person to ever be both President and Chief Justice.
Informal discussions did take place with Secretary of State William Seward through Supreme Court Justice John A. Campbell, an Alabamian who had not yet resigned ; Seward hinted that Fort Sumter would be evacuated, but nothing definite was said.
For Woodcock a more elaborate sketch of anarchism, although still without the name, was provided by William Godwin in his Enquiry Concerning Political Justice ( 1793 ).
Due to the prevalence of American television programs and motion pictures in which the police characters frequently read suspects their rights, it has become an expected element of arrest procedure — in the 2000 Dickerson decision, Chief Justice William Rehnquist wrote that Miranda warnings had " become embedded in routine police practice to the point where the warnings have become part of our national culture.
The case resulted from a petition to the Supreme Court by William Marbury, who had been appointed by President John Adams as Justice of the Peace in the District of Columbia but whose commission was not subsequently delivered.
He was granted a state funeral on 14 September, which was attended by over 1, 000 mourners including Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, Premier Neville Wran, Mervyn Wood, Justice Lionel Murphy and former NSW Labor Premier and former Governor-General Sir William McKell.
In November he replaced William Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings as Chief Justice of North Wales.

Justice and J
Justice Charles Gray leant heavily on the research of one of the expert witnesses, Richard J. Evans, who compared illegitimate distortion of the historical record practice by holocaust deniers with established historical methodologies.
J. L. Urban, statue of Lady Justice at court building in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Mordred, Arthur's final foe according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, illustrated by Henry Justice Ford | H. J. Ford for Andrew Lang's King Arthur: The Tales of the Round Table, 1902
Of the various U. S. states, California was the first to throw away the fiction of a warranty and to boldly assert the doctrine of strict liability in tort for defective products, in 1963 ( under the guidance of then-Associate Justice Roger J. Traynor ).
Jay's vision for social Justice, Arts and Music was promoted by many recording artists, including Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Raekwon, Jim Jones, M. O. P., Papoose, Everlast, DJ Muggs, Kid Capri, De La Soul, Mobb Deep, EPMD, Dead Prez, Biz Markie and Marley Marl.
Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. asserted that " if there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable.
Harding's Attorney General hired William J. Burns to run the Justice Dept.
On August 1, 1919, Palmer put 24-year-old J. Edgar Hoover in charge of a new division of the Justice Department's Bureau of Investigation, the General Intelligence Division.
Justice Stevens, J. wrote, in partial dissent:
On June 19, 1987 the Supreme Court, in a seven to two majority opinion written by Justice William J. Brennan, ruled that the Act constituted an unconstitutional infringement on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, based on the three-pronged Lemon test, which is:
* Michael J. Sandel, 1998, Liberalism and the Limits of Justice, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press ISBN 0521567416
In law reports, the Chief Justice of Ireland has the postnominal " CJ ", the President of the High Court the postnominal " P ", and all other judges " J ", e. g. " Smith J ".
When a judge of the High Court who is not present is being referred to they are described as " Mr ./ Mrs. Justice N ." In writing, the post-nominal letter " J " is used to denote a Judge ( male or female ) of the High Court: for example, Smith J.
", so that Justice Smith will be referred to as Smith J.
In New Zealand, judges of the High Court and above are referred to as " His / Her Honour Justice Surname " in speech, and " Surname J " in writing.
The " Mr " of the title " Mr Justice " was dropped on the appointment of Cartwright J to the High Court.
* In the DC Comics universe, the Martian Manhunter ( J ' onn J ' onzz ) ( 1955 ) is a superhero and a member of the Justice League, believed to be the last of the peaceful Green Martians.
In December, Ike Clanton went before Justice of the Peace J. B. Smith in Contention City and again filed murder charges against the Earps and Holliday.
Federal Bureau of Prisons head Frank Hubbard ( Stephen J. Cannell ) and Supreme Court Justice June McPherson ( Linda Thorson ) have arrived to witness the execution, which is a result of June sentencing Lester.
In response to an assertion by Minister for Justice P. J. Ruttledge that the Blueshirts had fascist leanings like the Italian Blackshirts and German Brownshirts, and that other European nations had taken similar actions against similar organizations, Costello stated:

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