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Kaiser and Wilhelm
From 1893 he studied Protestant theology at the Kaiser Wilhelm Universität of Straßburg.
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is the 2 < sup > nd </ sup > preaching venue of the Bishop of the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia | Regional Protestant Church ( EKBO ).
The Kurfürstendamm is home to some of Berlin's luxurious stores with the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at its eastern end on Breitscheidplatz.
Kaiser Wilhelm II and German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel were known for keeping dachshunds.
* Wadl and Hexl, Kaiser Wilhelm II's famous ferocious pair.
In 1924 it came under the auspices of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science.
Maurice Elvey's Nelson – England's Immortal Naval Hero ( 1919 ) has a symbolic sequence dissolving from a picture of Kaiser Wilhelm II to a peacock, and then to a battleship.
The exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II praised Mussolini for his foreign policy and diplomacy.
In 1888, the young and ambitious Kaiser Wilhelm II became emperor.
The young Kaiser Wilhelm sought aggressively to increasing Germany's influence in the world ( Weltpolitik ).
On July 27, 1900, during the Boxer Rebellion in China, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany gave the order to act ruthlessly towards the rebels: " Mercy will not be shown, prisoners will not be taken.
Leopold Jessner's 1926 production at the Berlin Staatstheater portrayed Claudius's court as a parody of the corrupt and fawning court of Kaiser Wilhelm.
But when, in early 1915, the Allies asked for Greek help in the Dardanelles campaign, offering Cyprus in exchange, their diverging views became apparent: Constantine had been educated in Germany, was married to Sophia of Prussia, sister of Kaiser Wilhelm, and was convinced of the Central Powers ' victory.
* 1900 – Kaiser Wilhelm II makes a speech comparing Germans to Huns ; for years afterwards, " Hun " would be a disparaging name for Germans.
* 1888 – Crown Prince Wilhelm becomes Kaiser Wilhelm II ; he will be the last Emperor of the German Empire.
Kaiser Wilhelm II funds the rebuilding of the town in Jugendstil style.
His father was cashiered from the Imperial German Army in 1908 — after repeatedly disparaging Kaiser Wilhelm II for his alleged homosexuality — and the Ribbentrop family were often short of money.
Fritz was a master of the subtle sell, and cultivated a close rapport with the Kaiser, Wilhelm II.
Kaiser Wilhelm II felt it was unthinkable for the Krupp firm to be run by a woman.
It branches off from the Breitscheidplatz near Bahnhof Zoo and the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and leads southwestward through the Charlottenburg district.
View to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, 1916 postcard
On June 20, 1895, the canal was officially opened by Kaiser Wilhelm II for transiting from Brunsbüttel to Holtenau.
The next day, a ceremony was held in Holtenau where Wilhelm II named it the Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal ( after Kaiser Wilhelm I ), and laid the final stone.

Kaiser and must
In Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelm was told Germany had lost, and must now surrender.
The Elector of Brandenburg manages to have Kohlhaas released, but since in the meantime Saxony has informed the Kaiser in Vienna, the ruling families in Berlin feel this threat to the authority of the aristocracy must be handled with severity.
To make 12 points, the bidder ( not the team — note this is the only type of bid in the game of Kaiser where the member of the team taking the trick makes a difference ) must take seven tricks, including the 5 of hearts, while forcing the opposing team to take the 3 of spades in the one remaining trick.
The Kaiser wants peace ... He even wants to influence Austria and to stop continuing further .” Bethmann Hollweg sabotaged Wilhelm ’ s proposal by informing Prince Tschirschky: “ You must most carefully avoid giving any impression that we want to hold Austria back We are concerned only to find a modus to enable the realisation of Austria-Hungary ’ s aim without at the same time unleashing a world war, and should this after all prove unavoidable, to improve as far as possible the conditions under which it is to be waged .” In passing on Wilhelm ’ s message, Bethmann Hollweg excluded the parts wherein the Emperor told the Austrians not to go to war.
In the footsteps of Bismarck, who manged to persuade the German people in 1870 that they have been too deeply humiliated by France not to draw the sword. So we now build dreadnoughts, and the Kaiser and his government never stop singing us their song of peace, which we must safeguard as if it were the Holy Grail. Therefore war.

Kaiser and know
The pilot of G. Kaiser is Junpei Todoroki ( voiced by Kōichi Tōchika ): a hot-blooded protagonist fighter who leads the resistance against the invaders and seeks to defeat Goldibus in order to avenge his family's death ( Junpei doesn't know that Shadow Red: a general in Goldibus ' army is actually his missing brainwashed father ).

Kaiser and .
A 12-year-old girl, Susan Elaine Smith, 9329 NE Schuyler St. was in serious condition Friday at Bess Kaiser Hospital, victim of a bicycle-auto collision in the Gateway Shopping Center, parking area, Deputy Sheriff W. H. Forsyth reported.
* Trillmich, Werner, Kaiser Konrad II.
The first public performance was given by Beethoven himself, Ignaz Schuppanzigh ( violin ) and Josef Linke ( cello ) at the Viennese hotel Zum römischen Kaiser on 11 April 1814, as his deafness continued to encroach upon his ability as a performer.
In Brazil, Kaiser is one of the breweries that sells bock beer, called Kaiser Bock.
Bessel functions also have useful properties for other problems, such as signal processing ( e. g., see FM synthesis, Kaiser window, or Bessel filter ).
The next big growth occurred with the advent of World War II, when large numbers of people moved to the Bay Area to work in the many war industries, such as the immense Kaiser Shipyards in nearby Richmond.
In the kind of constitutional monarchy established under the Constitution of the German Empire which Bismarck inspired, the Kaiser retained considerable actual executive power, and the Prime Minister needed no parliamentary vote of confidence and ruled solely by the imperial mandate.
The melody of the Deutschlandlied was originally adapted by Joseph Haydn in 1797 to provide music to the poem " Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser " (" God save Franz the Emperor ") by Lorenz Leopold Haschka.
The piece is Movement II ( Poco adagio ) of Opus 76 No. 3, a string quartet often called the " Emperor " or " Kaiser " quartet.
" Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser " became the official anthem of the emperor of the Austrian Empire and the subsequent Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of the Austrian monarchy in 1918.
In the latter part of the war, Germany was practically a military dictatorship, with the Supreme High Command ( German: OHL, " Oberste Heeresleitung ") and General Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg as commander-in-chief advising the Kaiser.
As the Kaiser had been forced to abdicate and the military relinquished executive power, it was the temporary " civilian government " that sued for peace-the signature on the document was of Matthias Erzberger, a civilian, who was later murdered for his alleged treason ; this led to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
Examples of ships are MV Buffalo Soldier, MV Green Ridge, pre-position tanker USNS Henry J. Kaiser, and tanker USNS Potomac ( T-AO-181 ).
Kaiser Permanente did not change its methods of evaluating whether or not new therapies were too " experimental " to be covered until it was successfully sued twice: once for delaying in vitro fertilization treatments for two years after the courts determined that scientific evidence of efficacy and safety had reached the " reasonable " stage ; and in another case where Kaiser refused to pay for liver transplantation in infants when it had already been shown to be effective in adults, on the basis that use in infants was still " experimental.
This tradition continued in many languages: in German it became " Kaiser "; in certain Slavic languages it became " Tsar "; in Hungarian it became " Császár ", and several more variants.
The various ( German ) kings such as the king of Bavaria, Saxony, Prussia e. g. elected one of their peers as " Kaiser " of the Germans before crowned by the pope.

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