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Karl and Verner
Key contributions were made by the Danish scholars Rasmus Rask and Karl Verner and the German scholar Jacob Grimm.
Verner's law, stated by Karl Verner in 1875, describes a historical sound change in the Proto-Germanic language whereby voiceless fricatives * f, * þ, * s, * h, * hʷ, when immediately following an unstressed syllable in the same word, underwent voicing and became respectively the fricatives * b, * d, * z, * g, * gʷ.
Karl Verner was the first scholar to note the factor governing the distribution of the two outcomes.
Karl ( Adolph ) Verner (; 7 March 1846 in Århus – 5 November 1896 in Copenhagen ) was a Danish linguist.
* Daniel Kilham Dodge's review of Verner Dahlerup's Nekrolog over Karl Verner, American Journal of Philology, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1897.
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Westergaard, and Karl Verner.
" Verner von Heidenstam however, one of his opponents in the feud, in his book Karolinerna instead " emphasized the heroic steadfastness of the Swedish people in the somber years of trial during the long-drawn-out campaigns of Karl XII " ( Scott ).
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The inflectional type is usually accepted to reach back into Proto-Indo-European times, with an exact correspondence of Sanskrit and Old Norse ylgr, both meaning " she-wolf ", first described by Karl Verner in 1877 ( see Verner's law ).
Karl Verner identified the principle that these instead become the voiced consonants * b, * d, * g, * gʷ if they were word-internal and immediately preceded by an unaccented vowel in PIE.
* Karl Verner
Pedersen studied at the University of Copenhagen with Karl Verner, Vilhelm Thomsen, and Hermann Möller.

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