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Key and contributions
Key highlights of his tenure as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Policy ( 2001 – 2005 ) include the expansion of NATO membership in 2004, the consolidation and reconfiguration of the Alliance ’ s command structure, the standing up of the NATO Response Force and the coordination of European military contributions to U. S .- and NATO-led operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.
Key theoretical contributions reconciling the relationship between masculist / feminist interpretation of gender studies include Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men by Dr Warren Farrell and James Sterba, and Gendering, Courtship and Pay Equality by Dr Rory Ridley-Duff.
He has also released numerous solo albums ( initially featuring other members of the Legendary Pink Dots, and including contributions from Steven Stapleton ), and has worked in various side projects, including The Tear Garden ( with cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy ), and Mimir ( with Phil Knight, Christoph Heemann, Jim O ' Rourke and others ).
* J. P. Hicks, T. Hewitt Key ( 1893 ), where a full list of his works and contributions is given.
He has received the Rosemary Delbridge Memorial Award from the National Consumer Council ( U. K .) for the person “ who has most influenced Parliament and government to act for the welfare of society .” He also received the Key to Tohoko University ( Japan ) for distinguished contributions to human rights in mental health.
For these and other contributions to those less fortunate, the Farrior Foundation was given the Key to the City of Richmond, VA by Richmond's Mayor Dwight C. Jones in June 2009.
Besides making the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to compose the words to the United States National Anthem, Pickersgill is also remembered for her humanitarian contributions to society, evident in her decades-long presidency of the Impartial Female Humane Society, which eventually evolved into the Pickersgill Retirement Community of Towson, Maryland.

Key and were
In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Eddy argues that given the absolute goodness and perfection of God, sin, disease, and death were not created by Him, and therefore cannot be truly real.
Key developments in early years of data warehousing were:
The classic film noirs The Maltese Falcon and The Glass Key ( 1942 ) were based on novels by Hammett ; Cain's novels provided the basis for Double Indemnity ( 1944 ), Mildred Pierce ( 1945 ), The Postman Always Rings Twice ( 1946 ), and Slightly Scarlet ( 1956 ; adapted from Love's Lovely Counterfeit ).
His great-grandparents were Philip Key and Susanna Barton Gardiner, both of whom were born in London and immigrated to Maryland in 1726.
Skinner and Key were there to negotiate the release of prisoners, one of whom was Dr. William Beanes, a resident of Upper Marlboro, Maryland who had been arrested after putting rowdy stragglers under citizen's arrest.
Skinner, Key, and Beanes were not allowed to return to their own sloop because they had become familiar with the strength and position of the British units and with the British intent to attack Baltimore.
Key concerns were the question of long-term safe disposal and storage of radioactive waste, the potential local and regional environmental consequences of the plant ’ s operation, the lack of financial clarity about the project, and issues of foreign technological dependence.
In 1599, the Church published the Indexes of Prohibited Books in which many grimoires were listed as forbidden, including several mediaeval ones like the Key of Solomon which were still popular.
In the late 19th century, several of these texts ( including the Abra-Melin text and the Key of Solomon ) were reclaimed by para-Masonic magical organisations such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis.
Key factors fostering this environment were: ( 1 ) The period of peace and stability which followed the unification of England and Scotland, ( 2 ) no trade barriers between England and Scotland, ( 3 ) the rule of law ( respecting the sanctity of contracts ), ( 4 ) a straightforward legal system which allowed the formation of joint-stock companies ( corporations ), and ( 5 ) a free market ( capitalism ).
They were married in Key Biscayne, Florida ; Lewis was 56.
Of his many literary adaptations, works including Jun ' ichirō Tanizaki's The Key ( Kagi ), Natsume Sōseki's The Heart ( Kokoro ) and I Am a Cat ( Wagahai wa neko de aru ), in which a teacher's cat critiques the foibles of the humans surrounding him, and Yukio Mishima's Conflagration ( Enjo ), in which a priest burns down his temple to save it from spiritual pollution, were brought to the screen.
Indigenous moral precepts of the Mongols were enshrined in oral wisdom sayings ( now collected in several volumes ), the anda ( blood-brother ) system and ancient texts such as the Chinggis-un Bilig ( Wisdom of Genghis ) and Oyun Tulkhuur ( Key of Intelligence ).
Good Trouble ( 1982 ) and Wheels Are Turnin ' ( 1984 ) were follow-up albums which also did well commercially, the former containing the hit singles " Keep the Fire Burnin '" ( U. S. # 7 ), " Sweet Time " ( U. S. # 26 ) and the un-ranked " The Key " and the latter containing the # 1 hit single " Can't Fight This Feeling " plus three more hits: " I Do ' Wanna Know " ( U. S. # 29 ), " One Lonely Night " ( U. S. # 19 ), " Live Every Moment " ( U. S. # 34 ) and the un-ranked " Break His Spell ".
At the Battle of Baltimore in 1814, the rockets fired on Fort McHenry by the rocket vessel HMS Erebus were the source of the rockets ' red glare described by Francis Scott Key in The Star-Spangled Banner.
Key realizations made during World War II, notably the fact that most small-arms engagements occurred within 100 yards ( 90 meters ), and that a high rate of fire was generally more effective than the slower but more accurate fire, ( such as provided by bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles ) were some of the key causes for the development of the assault rifle.
strips were originated for the British market in the 1960s ( some Gold Key material was also reprinted ), the most notable for Lady Penelope comic, which launched in January 1966.
Because Key and Skinner had heard details of the plans for the attack on Baltimore, they were held captive until after the battle, first aboard HMS Surprise and later back on HMS Minden.
On 1 September 2006, The Seekers were presented with the Key to the City by Melbourne's Lord Mayor, John So.
Key acts changed were the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 ( FISA ), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 ( ECPA ), the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 and Bank Secrecy Act ( BSA ), as well as the Immigration and Nationality Act.
Key products for 1981 were the solid modelling packages-Romulus ( ShapeData ) and Uni-Solid ( Unigraphics ) based on PADL-2 and the release of the surface modeler CATIA ( Dassault Systemes ).
He wrote " The Promised Key " the doctrine of Rastafari in Accara, Ghana and many other works which were burnt by the colonial government References :- Daily Gleaner Jamaica, The First Rasta by Helen Lee

Key and made
Grant then made a few more albums before dropping out of college to pursue a career in music — Never Alone, followed by a pair of live albums in 1981 ( In Concert and In Concert Volume Two ), both backed by an augmented edition of the DeGarmo & Key band.
French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari made reference to Lovecraft in A Thousand Plateaus and called the short story " Through the Gates of the Silver Key " one of his masterpieces.
* Key frame, a frame made by an animator from which other frames are derived
Key invention in the development of electronic spreadsheets was made by Rene K. Pardo and Remy Landau, who filed in 1971 on spreadsheet automatic natural order recalculation algorithm in 1970.
Figures published by the UK Government in February 2008, show Bideford College had made significant improvements in the Key Stage 3 exams taken by 14 year old students.
The Council Key III is made up of President James K. Larson, Council Commissioner Todd Dykton and Scout Executive James Lakeman.
The Council Key III is made up of President James K. Larson, Council Commissioner Albin Sporny III and Scout Executive Jim Lakeman.
* Lover's Key State Park, a park made up of four barrier islands, is located within the city and just north of Bonita Beach.
In addition to the Longboat Key Chamber of Commerce, and in concert with the Town of Longboat Key, these entities have made Longboat Key an exemplar of local government and citizen cooperation in participation and management for communities of its type.
Nevertheless, the purchase by the federal government of most of the land on Elliott Key ended those plans, and in 1968, Islandia was made a part of Biscayne National Monument ( which later became Biscayne National Park ).
The original elbow chairs in this room were made by Stephen Langley and were unusual in their use of a Greek Key design interspersed with flowers, dated to 1735. Today these large pieces of furniture are situated in the Green Velvet Room.
" No changes are being made to the status of the New Zealand flag ," Mr Key said.
Initially Key had planned Puppy to be a side project while he continued his work in Images, however, when Images in Vogue relocated to Toronto, Key made Skinny Puppy his full-time project.
However, margaritas in Mexico are generally made with Mexican limes ( Key limes ).
He appeared for director John Huston as gangster Johnny Rocco in Key Largo ( 1948 ), the last of five films he made with Humphrey Bogart and the only one in which Bogart did not play a supporting role.
He leaves on a trip to Germany at the end of '" The Freckle, the Key, and the Couple Who Weren't ", and returns in " Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps ", just as Jane is expressing her amazement that the many sexual encounters she has had while he was away have not made her pregnant (" I have shagged and shagged and shagged and all the little bastards missed !").
The settlers made a living by providing fish, fresh vegetables and charcoal to Key West.
The novella Stella, concerning the dangers faced by the captains of rescue tugs in the English Channel during WWII, was made into a film entitled The Key in 1958.
L. W. de Laurence in 1914 published " The Greater Key of Solomon ", directly based on Mathers ' edition, to which he made alterations in an attempt to advertise his mail-order business ( for example by inserting instructions like " after burning one-half teaspoonful of Temple Incense " along with ordering information for the incense ).
Masaaki Imai made the term famous in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan's Competitive Success.

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