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King's and Scholars
The House can list many famous OKS (" Old King's Scholars "), including Michael Foale, the astronaut, who can be said to have gone further ( at least vertically, and upwards ) than any other.
* King's Scholars: An academically select group, marked by black jumpers with white trimmings that have recently replaced their distinctive black gowns, they process wearing surplices during school services in the Cathedral.
King's Scholars are part of the Canterbury Cathedral Foundation and have a role in the Enthronement of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
One boarding house, College, is reserved for seventy King's Scholars, who attend Eton on scholarships provided by the original foundation and awarded by examination each year ; King's Scholars pay up to 90 % of full fees, depending on their means.
The name " King's Scholars " derives from the fact that the school was founded by King Henry VI in 1440 and was, therefore, granted royal favour.
Not all boys who pass the College election examination choose to become King's Scholars.
As stated above, King's Scholars wear a black gown over the top of their tailcoats, and occasionally a surplice in Chapel.
*< span id =" SixthFormSelect "> Sixth Form Select :</ span > an academically selected prefectorial group consisting, by custom, of the 10 senior King's Scholars and the 10 senior Oppidan Scholars.
The Foundation also includes the choristers, lay clerks, organists, King's Scholars, the Six Preachers and a range of other officers ; some of these posts are moribund, such as that of the cathedral barber.
The exciting possibilities afforded by this scenario, as well as the spectacular worship setting of the College's neo-Gothic Chapel, have enabled the College to attract a very high calibre of applicants for its Choral and Parry-Wood Organ Scholarships, and former Organ Scholars include Robert Sharpe ( Director of Music, York Minster ), Christopher Herrick ( International Concert Organist and former Organist, Westminster Abbey ), and David Trendell ( Director of Music, King's College London ), as well as the current Directors of Music at Rugby, Charterhouse, Sherborne, and Latymer Upper Schools.
The College of St. Peter carried on with forty " King's Scholars " financed from the royal purse.
The traditional and most important match of the year is played on St Andrew's Day, as the Collegers ( King's Scholars ) take on the Oppidans ( the rest of the school ).
Hubert Parry's I Was Glad was written as the entrance anthem for the coronation of Edward VII, and contains a bridge section partway through so that the King's or Queen's Scholars of Westminster School can exercise their right to be the first commoners to acclaim the sovereign, shouting their traditional " vivat " s as he or she enters the coronation theatre.
was founded in 1885 as an amalgamation of Chester Rovers and Old King's Scholars F. C.
Scholars assume that it was roughly the same size as the Globe and Fortune, its competitors ; at least in its early decades, its companies offered credible competition to the King's Men and Prince Henry's Men.
Scholars generally call this troupe the Red Bull company, as the actors called themselves when in London ; when touring, as they did frequently, they styled themselves the King's Players.
* Tug is the nickname for King's Scholars at Eton College.
The most senior members of school staff, the cathedral choristers, and the school's King's and Queen's Scholars are ex officio members of the cathedral foundation, while the school is required by statute to have the cathedral Dean and Chapter represented on its governing body.
Similarly, the cathedral foundation included provision for a choir school for ten cathedral choristers and tuition for forty King's Scholars.
Statues issued in the King's name by the Bishop of Lincoln, Henry Burghersh in May 1326 called for the provision of a common seal, to be kept in a box with three keys, one for the Provost and the other two to trusted Scholars, the seal depicts the Annunciation, with the figure of Adam de Brome kneeling below and the legend Sig. Comune Domus Scholarium Beate Marie Oxon.

King's and are
The King's Singers are credited with promoting interest in small-group a cappella performances in the 1960s.
In the play, he is at first an ally to Macbeth ( both are generals in the King's army ) and they are together when they meet the Three Witches.
There are a number of performing arts groups at Columbia dedicated to producing student theater, including the Columbia Players, King's Crown Shakespeare Troupe ( KCST ), Columbia Musical Theater Society ( CMTS ), NOMADS ( New and Original Material Authored and Directed by Students ), LateNite Theatre, Columbia University Performing Arts League ( CUPAL ), Black Theatre Ensemble ( BTE ), sketch comedy group Chowdah, and improvisational troupes Alfred and Fruit Paunch.
Also noteworthy are Cheryl Lynn's " Got to Be Real " ( 1978 ), Evelyn " Champagne " King's " Shame " ( 1978 ), Cher's " Take Me Home " ( 1979 ), Sister Sledge's " We Are Family " ( 1979 ), Geraldine Hunt's " Can't Fake the Feeling " ( 1980 ), and Walter Murphy's various attempts to bring classical music to the mainstream, most notably his hit " A Fifth of Beethoven " ( 1976 ).
Well known UK universities providing dental courses are the Universities of Glasgow, Cardiff, Queen's Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Dundee, Manchester, Sheffield and King's College London.
Amateur theatre companies productions are staged at the Bedlam Theatre, Church Hill Theatre, and the King's Theatre amongst others.
The so-called Queen's Chamber and King's Chamber are higher up within the pyramid structure.
In the north and south walls of the Queen's Chamber there are shafts, which unlike those in the King's Chamber that immediately slope upwards, are horizontal for around before sloping upwards.
* Statues of Vancouver are located in front of Vancouver City Hall, in King's Lynn and on top of the dome of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings.
The former " King's County " and " Queen's County " were exceptions ; these are now County Offaly and County Laois, respectively.
Among those who don't believe are a son of Alma who also shares the name Alma ( but he is usually differentiated as " Alma the Younger "), and King's Mosiah's own sons.
" King's other Bachman novels are available in the US in separate volumes.
Joshi argues that King's best-known works ( his supernatural novels ), are his worst, describing them as mostly bloated, illogical, maudlin and prone to deus ex machina endings.
Joshi cites two early non-supernatural novels — Rage ( 1977 ) and The Running Man ( 1982 )— as King's best, suggesting both are riveting and well-constructed suspense thrillers, with believable characters.
Both King's sons are published authors: Owen King published his first collection of stories, We're All in This Together: A Novella and Stories, in 2005.
The court took its name from the " Star Chamber " or " Starred Chamber " which was built in the reign of King Edward II specifically for the meetings of the King's Council, though the origins of the name of the room itself are unclear.
Beneath the founder's statue are the coats of arms of Edward III, the founder of King's Hall, and those of his five sons who survived to maturity, as well as William of Hatfield, whose shield is blank as he died as an infant, before being granted arms.
* 1254 – In England, an important step in the evolution of the Parliament and Peerage occurs, as lesser barons are replaced on the King's Council by elected representatives from shires and cities.
* In England, an important step in the evolution of the Parliament and Peerage occurs, as lesser barons are replaced on the King's Council by elected representatives from shires and cities.
In return, King Charles granted Rollo land between the Epte and the sea as well as Brittany and according to Dudo of St. Quentin, the hand of the King's daughter, Gisela, although this marriage and Gisela herself are unknown to Frankish sources.
There are numerous public houses in the centre of the town, including the Old Nags Head, the Queen's Head, the Punch House, the Griffin, the Gloucester, the Vinetree, the King's Head ( Wetherspoon ), the Three Horseshoes, the Green Dragon and the Gatehouse.
* The Coordinator, represented by the unmarked Rook, captures any opposing piece that is on either of the two squares found at a ) the intersection of its own file and the King's rank, and b ) the intersection of the King's file and its own rank ; these are found after the Coordinator has moved.

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