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Known and for
Known for his hitting brilliance, Ruth set career records for home runs ( 714 ), slugging percentage (. 690 ), runs batted in ( RBI ) ( 2, 217 ), and on-base plus slugging ( OPS ) ( 1. 164 ).
Known as Tractarians after their production of Tracts for the Times on theological issues, they advanced the case for the Church of England being essentially a part of the ' Western Church ', of which the Roman Catholic Church was the chief representative.
Known for his murals at the Harlem Hospital and the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Building.
Known for excommunicating noblemen who protected the Cathars, Castelnau excommunicated Raymond as an abettor of heresy following an allegedly fierce argument during which Raymond supposedly threatened Castelnau with violence.
Known for his surrealist films, he has developed his own unique cinematic style, which has been dubbed " Lynchian ", a style characterized by its dream imagery and meticulous sound design.
Known for its harshness, draconian has come to refer to similarly unforgiving rules or laws.
Known as The Hype, the band members created characters for themselves and wore elaborate costumes that prefigured the glam style of The Spiders From Mars.
Known as the " Dreadnoughts ", the team continued to play at the Essendon Cricket Ground until the expansion of the Jolimont Railway Yards into the East Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1922 meant that the " Same Olds " were looking for a new home.
Known for a distinct style that blends fantasy and baroque images, he is considered one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, and is widely revered.
Known to have been played as far back as prehistoric times, games are generally distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration.
Known as an Argive grip, it placed the handle at the edge of the shield, and was supported by a leather fastening ( for the forearm ) at the centre.
Known for recognizing inequality with marginalised groups including women and Māori using geography.
Known for his hedonistic lifestyle of " sex, drugs and rock ' n roll ," Brood was an enfant terrible and a cultural figure whose suicide, apparently caused by a failure to kick his drug and alcohol habit, only strengthened his controversial status.
Known as the Hackett Medical College for Women ( 夏葛女子醫學院 ), this College was located in Guangzhou, China, and was enabled by a large donation from Mr. Edward A. K.
John Lennon played harmonica on early Beatles ' hits as " Love Me Do ", " Please Please Me ", " I'll Get You " and " I Should Have Known Better ", in the later songs such as " Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
Known to have been used for 124 launches from 1958 to 1975, reaching up to 1158 kilometers altitude.
Known versions are KOMPILER 2 for IBM 701 and KOMPILER 3 for the IBM 704.
ARM originated as an acronym for " Amalgamation of Regional Militia ", though this is not a term in current usage by the time of the Known Space novels.
Known for his gravelly voice, white hair and stature, Marvin at first did supporting roles, mostly villains, soldiers and other hardboiled characters, but after winning an Academy Award for Best Actor for his dual roles in Cat Ballou ( 1965 ), he landed more heroic and sympathetic leading roles.
Known initially by the code name " EP " ( for " Electronic Paper "), it was introduced in 1982 as a competitor for VisiCalc.

Known and work
Dewey's most significant writings were " The Reflex Arc Concept in Psychology " ( 1896 ), a critique of a standard psychological concept and the basis of all his further work ; Democracy and Education ( 1916 ), his celebrated work on progressive education ; Human Nature and Conduct ( 1922 ), a study of the function of habit in human behavior ; The Public and its Problems ( 1927 ), a defense of democracy written in response to Walter Lippmann's The Phantom Public ( 1925 ); Experience and Nature ( 1925 ), Dewey's most " metaphysical " statement ; Art as Experience ( 1934 ), Dewey's major work on aesthetics ; A Common Faith ( 1934 ), a humanistic study of religion originally delivered as the Dwight H. Terry Lectureship at Yale ; Logic: The Theory of Inquiry ( 1938 ), a statement of Dewey's unusual conception of logic ; Freedom and Culture ( 1939 ), a political work examining the roots of fascism ; and Knowing and the Known ( 1949 ), a book written in conjunction with Arthur F. Bentley that systematically outlines the concept of trans-action, which is central to his other works.
Known as the Double Elephant folio after its double elephant paper size, it is often regarded as the greatest picture book ever produced and the finest aquatint work.
Known as " locals " to regulars, pubs are typically chosen for their proximity to work, the availability of a particular beer, as a place to smoke ( or avoid it ), hosting a darts team, having a pool table, or appealing to friends.
Seton was an early pioneer of the modern school of animal fiction writing, his most popular work being Wild Animals I Have Known ( 1898 ), which contains the story of his killing of the wolf Lobo.
Some commercial dishwashers work similar to a commercial car wash, with a pulley system that pulls the rack through a small chamber ( Known widely as a " rack conveyor " systems ).
* Known as the " Hub of the Upper Cumberlands ," approximately 25, 000 people travel to Cookeville daily to work, shop, or attend school.
Known as " the Apostle of the Four Lakes Region " because of his pioneering missionary work in the area, Inama established the first Catholic church in Dane County in Roxbury.
Known as the Maesta ( 1308 – 11 ), the image represents the pair as the center of a densely populated court in the central part of a complexly carpentered work that lifts the court upon a predella ( pedestal of altarpiece ) of narrative scenes and standing figures of prophets and saints.
Known to be engaged in a testy relationship with General Secretary Jiang Zemin, under whom he served, Zhu provided a novel pragmatism and strong work ethic in the government and party leadership increasingly infested by corruption, and as a result gained great popularity with the Chinese public.
Known primarily for his Steel Guitar work, the Gibson guitar company called Perkins " the world's most influential Dobro player ", and even began producing an " Al Perkins Signature " Dobro in 2001-designed and autographed by Perkins.
** Known for his work on Sobolev spaces
Name of the work, year of first edition, publisher ( in Paris if not otherwise noted ) / kind of work / Known translations ( year of first edition in that language )
Known as The Singing Bobby, he became a local celebrity before starting to work the UK variety circuit, where he played 19 seasons in the northern English seaside resort of Blackpool.
Known to work in Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X / Darwin Operating Systems.
Known for his controversial political and socially charged viewpoints, Goad's work has been described as " compelling ", " brutally honest " and " original " by author Chuck Palahniuk.
Known for its eclectic band of employees and the subsequent interdisciplinary quality of their work, the New York Times reported in 1999 that the firm was composed of " architects, designers, editors, model builders, historians, childhood specialists, one poet, one painter and one astrophysicist.
Known as Abu Ahmed al-Imaraati during the preparations, the 9 / 11 Commission noted: " He appears to have played a unique role among the muscle hijackers because of his work with one of the plot's financial facilitators, Mustafa al-Hawsawi.
Known for his enduring economic modelling of the firm, including the long-and short-run cost curves, his work is still used today.
Known throughout his life as " Charlie ", Dunning, a 17-year-old iron worker, followed a friend's advice and traveled to Canada to work as a farm hand.

Known and head
Known by his enemies as " Pope " Dwight, he wielded both the temporal sword ( as head of Connecticut's Federalist Party ), and spiritual sword ( as nominal head of the state's Congregational Church ).
Known as a cosh, or blackjack, they are described as being made of a sock filled with sand, or a sock containing a bar of hard soap in the toe end, that were swung against the head of the victim with great but usually non-lethal force.
Known simply as the Electronic Program Guide, or the EPG for short, the software was designed to be run within the head end facility of each participating cable system on a single, custom-modified consumer-grade computer supplied by United Video.
Known as the " Red Admiral ", he was made head of state, as President of the Supreme Revolutionary Council, by the military leadership on June 15, 1975.
Known as the " Father of Basketball Coaching ," he served as the head basketball coach at Baker University ( 1905 – 1908 ), the University of Kansas ( 1907 – 1909, 1919 – 1956 ), Haskell Institute — now Haskell Indian Nations University ( 1908 – 1909 ), and Warrensburg Teachers College — now the University of Central Missouri ( 1912 – 1919 ), compiling a career college basketball record of 746 – 264.
Known as the " true " Caucasians, Armenoids were relatively tall, usually with medium to dark brown or black hair, light to medium skin colour, large round eyes that were usually brown ; a round, brachycephalic head shape with a straight backing ( planocciput ) ( see Cephalic index ), high cheekbones and non-prominent chins.

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