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Known and simply
Known for having raucous shows expressing an extraordinary amount of energy, Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr stood dumbfounded backstage as Orbison performed completely still and simply sang through fourteen encores.
Known to Oxford scholars as " Bodley " or simply " the Bod ", under the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 it is one of six legal deposit libraries for works published in the United Kingdom and under Irish Law it is entitled to request a copy of each book published in the Republic of Ireland.
Known simply as the 40 mm, it was adopted by some 17 different nations just before World War II and is still in use today in some applications such as on coastguard frigates.
Known as " Ultrakurzwellen-Landefunkfeuer " ( LFF ), or simply " Leitstrahl " ( guiding beam ), little money was available to develop a network of stations.
Known previously as Newington ( Newington Butts and Newington Causeway are two of the principal roads of the area ), in the medieval period it was simply a part of rural Surrey, of the manor of Walworth.
Known simply as " Trolley ", it communicates through the uses of its whistle and bell and occasionally moves backwards and forwards to get the other characters ' attention or to show that he is getting impatient, and a musical melody is usually heard every time the Trolley moves through its tracks.
Known simply as Thomas Pakenham, he is a writer and historian.
Known professionally as simply Melanie, she is best known for her hits " Brand New Key ", " Ruby Tuesday ", " What Have They Done To My Song Ma " and " Lay Down ( Candles in the Rain )".
Known to most French people simply by her first name, Laguiller is committed to the cause of the Communist revolution.
* Known simply as North Fourth Street ( 210 North 4th Street, San Jose ), this four-story facility houses the Global Studies Institute, Governmental & External Affairs, International and Extended Studies, the Mineta Transportation Institute, the Processed Foods Institute, and the SJSU Research Foundation.
Known always as Louis B. Mayer and often simply as " L. B.
Known as " speaker points " or simply " speaks ", its goal is to provide a numerical evaluation of the debaters ' speaking skills.
Known among water users simply as the Acequia, various legal entities embody the community associations, or acequia associations, that govern members ' water usage, depending on local precedents and traditions.
Known simply as the Panda 4x4, this model was the first small, transverse-engined production car to have a 4WD system.
Known simply as Monitor, it is the first real-world example of a system using an extremely simple kernel along with a variety of user-selected programs that built up the system as a whole.
Known simply as Ballston since its opening, in December 1995 the Metro board voted unanimously to rename the station Ballston – MU, with the " MU " standing for the adjacent Marymount University.
Known originally as simply Virginia Square, in July 1985 the Metro board voted unanimously to rename the station Virginia Square-GMU.
Known simply as in Japan, this was SNK's first major breakthrough US release and became something of a classic.
Known approaches for event based accounting simply show the method for automation.
Known locally simply as " The Brook ", it has been branded with the name " The House of Pain ", due to its reputation as a difficult venue for visiting teams.
Known in Canada as simply " tribunals ", these are quasi-judicial adjudicative bodies, which means that they adjudicate ( hear evidence and render decisions ) like courts, but are not necessarily presided over by judges.
Known originally as the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum and later simply as the Strong Museum, it became the Strong National Museum of Play in 2006, after completing renovations and an expansion that nearly doubled its size to.
Known as the Saints or simply as ' Pats ' the club quickly climbed up the junior and intermediate ranks of Irish football and by the end of the 1940s were established as the top non-League of Ireland side in the country.
* Miss Sue Chi-Ho: Known to her friends as Chi-Chi Sue or simply Chi-Chi, she is on loan from the CIA.

Known and Electronic
Known initially by the code name " EP " ( for " Electronic Paper "), it was introduced in 1982 as a competitor for VisiCalc.
Known as the Defense Calculator while in development in the IBM Poughkeepsie Laboratory, this machine was formally unveiled April 7, 1953 as the IBM 701 Electronic Data Processing Machine.
Known as the Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator, it was used as a caculating device with some success, but served even better as a recruiting tool.
Electronic Warfare Operator ( Known as " Bears " from being primarily posted to a base near Cabarlah ( Koala ), QLD ") and

Known and Program
Known as SU for short, Student Union sponsors large-scale campus programs including WILD ( a semesterly concert in the quad ), free copies of the New York Times, USA Today, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch through The Collegiate Readership Program ; it contributes to the Assembly Series, a weekly lecture series produced by the University ; it also funds the campus television station, WUTV and the radio station, KWUR.
Known alternatively as the " Northern Program ," " The Carmel Plan ," " The Massada Plan ,” and the " Musa Dagh Plan ,” it was envisioned as a bastion against Nazi incursions and to hold out against them for at least three to four months.
Known as Junior and Dude ( pronounced " dood '- ee "), the pair was rechristened Homer ( Haynes ) and Jethro ( Burns ) when WNOX Program Director Lowell Blanchard forgot their nicknames during a 1936 broadcast.
Known as the 30 / 90 / 120-Hour Program, the new

Known and Guide
Known as the Guide by Midbus and the Quantam by Corbeil.
Known as the Grand Guide by Mid Bus and the Grand Quantam by Corbeil.
Known as the Super Guide by Mid Bus and the Super Quantam by Corbeil.

Known and for
Known for his hitting brilliance, Ruth set career records for home runs ( 714 ), slugging percentage (. 690 ), runs batted in ( RBI ) ( 2, 217 ), and on-base plus slugging ( OPS ) ( 1. 164 ).
Known as Tractarians after their production of Tracts for the Times on theological issues, they advanced the case for the Church of England being essentially a part of the ' Western Church ', of which the Roman Catholic Church was the chief representative.
Known for his murals at the Harlem Hospital and the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Building.
Known for excommunicating noblemen who protected the Cathars, Castelnau excommunicated Raymond as an abettor of heresy following an allegedly fierce argument during which Raymond supposedly threatened Castelnau with violence.
Known for his surrealist films, he has developed his own unique cinematic style, which has been dubbed " Lynchian ", a style characterized by its dream imagery and meticulous sound design.
Known for its harshness, draconian has come to refer to similarly unforgiving rules or laws.
Known as The Hype, the band members created characters for themselves and wore elaborate costumes that prefigured the glam style of The Spiders From Mars.
Known as the " Dreadnoughts ", the team continued to play at the Essendon Cricket Ground until the expansion of the Jolimont Railway Yards into the East Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1922 meant that the " Same Olds " were looking for a new home.
Known for a distinct style that blends fantasy and baroque images, he is considered one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century, and is widely revered.
Known to have been played as far back as prehistoric times, games are generally distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration.
Known as an Argive grip, it placed the handle at the edge of the shield, and was supported by a leather fastening ( for the forearm ) at the centre.
Known for recognizing inequality with marginalised groups including women and Māori using geography.
Known for his hedonistic lifestyle of " sex, drugs and rock ' n roll ," Brood was an enfant terrible and a cultural figure whose suicide, apparently caused by a failure to kick his drug and alcohol habit, only strengthened his controversial status.
Known as the Hackett Medical College for Women ( 夏葛女子醫學院 ), this College was located in Guangzhou, China, and was enabled by a large donation from Mr. Edward A. K.
John Lennon played harmonica on early Beatles ' hits as " Love Me Do ", " Please Please Me ", " I'll Get You " and " I Should Have Known Better ", in the later songs such as " Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
Known to have been used for 124 launches from 1958 to 1975, reaching up to 1158 kilometers altitude.
Known versions are KOMPILER 2 for IBM 701 and KOMPILER 3 for the IBM 704.
ARM originated as an acronym for " Amalgamation of Regional Militia ", though this is not a term in current usage by the time of the Known Space novels.
Known for his gravelly voice, white hair and stature, Marvin at first did supporting roles, mostly villains, soldiers and other hardboiled characters, but after winning an Academy Award for Best Actor for his dual roles in Cat Ballou ( 1965 ), he landed more heroic and sympathetic leading roles.

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